Hello betas!

I have just recently become active on this site after spending a long time lurking I have a one shot that is ready to be looked at, and I am also working on a chaptered story. I could use some help with grammar (I'm struggling with past tense), and also some tips on Brittish language and expressions.

Here is my one shot:

User name: FearlessFlyer
Story: Snape's Son
Genre: General
Ships: Harry/Ginny, but this is not primarily a relationship story
Rating and Warnings: 1st/2nd, no warnings
Word Count: 2145
One Shot or Chaptered: One Shot
Expected Beta Time: Hopefully within a week
Permanent: I'd like to talk about it
Summary: Severus Snape's life was a mystery except to the very few that knew him well. Having a child was just one of his many secrets. This story is about Liam Snape and the family who raised him.

Thank you for your consideration!