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    Lily — Available for One-Shots Only


    I may come across as harsh. I don't think I am, no one I beta for thinks I am, but, I do give my opinion and I generally don't sugarcoat.

    As anyone will tell you, I leave a lot of comments on the work I do, all of which I mean genuinely.

    This MAY mean that you will be insulted by my criticism, even though every single one of my betaees has assured me otherwise :P

    I do NOT accept Student/Teacher Romances, no matter what.

    I will, however, accept all ratings and warnings other than the obvious one that goes along with the ship I do not accept. While I do ship Romione and Nevilluna and Scily very, very strongly, that does NOT mean I won’t accept a Dramione or Scorose. I will happily accept all ships, including SSP as long as they aren’t ?surprise surprise? Student-Teacher Romance.

    I also go along with whatever genre floats your boat, guys. I will be the first to admit that my sense of Humour is very odd, so I may not be the best beta to help you with a funny story, and I don’t often read Alternate Universe , so you may not want to have me do that. But I certainly will if you want me to.

    I tend to use Microsoft Word 2010 (but I can convert if need be) and Track Changes (Believe me, if you’ve never used them, they’re awesome). But if you need me to convert/use something different, I won’t have a problem with that.

    At the moment I am available for three oneshots and NO chaptered fics. So go ahead and ask.

    Stories that I have beta-ed/am currently betaing:

    All Was Well...In The End by iLuna17

    The Rope by welshdevondragon [not on archives anymore]

    Or Forever Hold Your Peace by pottergirl33

    Snape's Son by FearlessFlyer

    Second Guesses by Acacia Carter [chapter 13 only]

    Cold by ithinkrabis2people

    Ascendio by iLuna17

    Your Anatomy by Lovelle

    Constant Craving by Envy_I_May_Be

    Unabsolved by AidaLuthien

    Let the Land Shake by welshdevondragon [first chapter of first version only]

    [untitled] by minnabird

    Restless by the owl (not on archives)

    Honey Come Home by theloonyhermione (not on archives)

    The Dying of the Light by minnabird

    At the End of the Tunnel by Ginny Weasley Potter

    Yellow Hat by iLuna17

    and various drabbles!

    (I'm sure there are some I'm forgetting, so I may edit more in later. If I've betaed a story of yours and it's not up on this list a PM is lovely )

    Thank you for reading through this mess, and feel free to request using THIS handy-dandy form.

    UserName/Preferred Name:
    Rating and Warnings:
    Word Count:
    One Shot or Chaptered:
    What I especially need help with:
    PM or email:
    Color Changes or Track Changes:
    Lily xxx
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