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Thread: Mod-appreciation week

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    Mod-appreciation week

    Hello, everyone! I was wondering if we could start an offical mod-appreciation week for our fantastic MNFF moderators. If so, when? What could the members do? I just wanted to get the opinions of some other members and a few mods.

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    Personally I love this idea

    Seriously though, the best way everyone can show their appreciation is just to be here, participate in the challenges and activities we run and use a beta when you submit your stories to give us fewer headaches in the queue!

    No need to do anything special for us.

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    I really do like this idea. And I know the mods are usually modest (heh heh play on words) and don't feel like they need any kind of appreciation, but you guys do soo much that you really do deserve a little something in return! Maybe something on a smaller scale like on mod appreciation week we take a collection of mod-written stories, mod-made banners, etc. and have the members vote on the best mod story, mod banner, mod drabble, etc. That might be a nice way to appreciate the mods own works of art.

    Just a random thought that came into my mind.

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    It's true, you guys put up with so much stuff from us, and you usually do it for years. Now, a few of the mods have changed, but back when I first registered, the mods that were there had been moderating for years, and still kept moderating for a few years after that.

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    But you mods do so much to make sure to

    a) give us a lot of help when our stories need work (and I know I have gotten some amazing help from mgle_teacher when my fics are constantly (my grammar stinks and I am very sorry for that) rejected for some dumb mistake that gives you mods headaches

    b) even have the forums! They are so cool and give us a lot of help with stories and just writing and life in general, and though I am new I feel I have improved because of the help the mods give people

    c) give us a chance to write without going full-blown story with drabbles (i love those)

    d) everything else that I forgot about

    I'M ALL FOR THE APPRECIATION WEEK! We appreciate our teachers, police officers, veterans, so why not our awesome mugglenet mods? But to do what the mod above me said, that really is what appreciating the moderators is all about. USING the awesome help they give us. The mods are epic with a boatload of awesome sauce! (I just am obsessed with awesome sauce right now)

    And I agree with Emma! Even if it's just making you guys a banner or having everyone review one of your fics or even (hahaha it's crazy!) make US run the boards for a week cleaning up the double posts (sorry), the personal info, and stuff, you guys deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!
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