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    Name: TheCursedQuill
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Untitled
    Warnings/Rating: 1st-2nd years ; no warnings.
    Word Count: 458

    Victoire was excited about going back home when she first boarded the train, but the feeling was short lived as her stomach tied into knots. Home meant she’d see Teddy, and though that was the reason she was excited to be home, it was also the reason why she felt nervous. She shouldn’t be nervous about seeing Teddy again… no, there was no reason to be nervous to see her boyfriend. Yet that knot wouldn’t go away no matter how many times she tried to tell herself everything would be okay.

    She didn’t understand what was wrong. His letters reassured her he was fine, but his writing wasn’t the same. There was no excitement or longing anymore. They weren’t long winded or detailed. Since after the Christmas holidays, his letters started to become short and infrequent. At first she was scared and thought maybe something had happened while he was at work for the Ministry, but when she wrote to Uncle Harry he said Teddy was doing a marvellous job at his Auror training.

    She racked her brain about what happened over Christmas, but all she could remember were the fun family dinners and the amazing, intimate nights. No fighting, no distance, no sign that Teddy would suddenly lose interest in her.

    The knot tightened when that thought crossed her mind. No, of course Teddy was still interested in her. He just needed to see her and she would run up to him and in their embrace all those nostalgic feeling would melt away.

    She stepped off the train, trying to look calm and cheerful, and spotted her parents beside the Weasley family. They waved her over and she wasn’t just trying to be happy anymore as she smiled and made her way over to them. She hugged them both and went to say hi to Teddy. But Teddy wasn’t there. Her stomach dropped. She stood on her tiptoes to try to find him over the crowd, but he was no where to be found. Her mum and dad looked at each other with worried faces, and that only caused Victoire to frown.

    “Where’s Teddy?” she asked quietly.

    “He had to meet with someone today for work,” Fleur replied mechanically. Her face was too pained for Victoire to take that as the truth though. Her mother was trying to protect her from something… from heartbreak. Was he meeting with another girl?

    She shook the thought out of her head and raised her chin into the air. She loved him; but if he didn’t love her, then that was his mistake.

    “We should leave. I’ve really missed home.” She walked passed her parents, heading towards the barrier, her chin falling with each step and tears swelling in her eyes.

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    Russia Snow
    Sorry! I've been terribly distracted by exam results >.>

    Locking incredibly late, thankyou all for entering! Results soon =) xxxxx

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    Russia Snow

    First Place: The Cursed Quill (15 points)
    Second Place: psijupiter (10 points)
    Third Place: the opaleye and ron lover (5 points each)

    Participation Points:
    Gryffindor: 6
    Hufflepuff: 4
    Ravenclaw: 2
    Slytherin: 8

    Overall Points:
    Gryffindor: 26
    Hufflepuff: 4
    Ravenclaw: 12
    Slytherin: 13

    ~Madam Russia xxxxx

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