I was trying to write this a few months ago, and the first five chapters were on archives with the title "Dying For It" before I removed them. I recently tried to start writing it again, but to no avail. I'll probably give it another go if no-one else wants it but if you do then please, please take it from me

Here's a form thingy with longer explanation to follow.

Characters involved: Vampire leader, Muggle-born canon DA member, other ex-DA members (i.e by DH have left Hogwarts) and possibly Remus Lupin as well as OCs.
Mood of plot bunny: Morally grey verging to black
Plot line:

We know Voldemort wanted werewolves on his side so, since vampires do exist in Potterverse, he'd probably want the vampires as well, therefore my basic plot line was vampires and how they affected the second war.

In my story I started with a vampire named Liz. She's trying to stay on the wagon i.e not bite and kill people but ends up biting and turning a Muggle-born into a vampire in autumn 1997. This Muggle-born, either 6th/ 7th year should have been at Hogwarts but wasn't because of Voldemort's takeover, however he was in the DA. I used Justin Finch Fletchley but any other DA member would do. She calls her ex, the vampire leader, to help her sort it out, changes her mind and makes a bet. She will keep (for now, I'll just say Justin) from biting people. If she doesn't then she goes to live with the vampire leader, who I named Mordred (not his real name- real name Joseph Cohen, turned into a vampire sometime in the early 18th century while living in Venice, but British). He is leader of the British vampire community and maintained a neutral status during the First War. Now it seems that Voldie has won this is more difficult. And he's still in love with Liz.

So. Justin is good at staying off the wagon- they nick blood from blood banks (morally dubious in itself but its better than killing people- so they say). However he is friends with ex-DA, now Order members. I think I had Alicia Spinnet being his ex-girlfriend and introducing him to the Weasley twins, Lee Jordan, Angelina Johnson. As a vampire, it would be far better for the Order if he were to be living with the vampire leader. He could spy/ give a more accurate idea of where the vampires sympathies lie. But this means killing someone. He is persuaded by someone- possibly Audrey or someone else, whose lost relatives in the war, and is on a vendetta therefore doesn't mind manipulating him and Liz. You could have Lee/ Forge point out this is morally conflicted.

So Justin either pretends to or actually does but either way lies to LIz and they end up at Mordred's for the duration of the war. That's as far as I got.

I also had a subplot involving Liz's brother, also a vampire, and Justin's cousin, a Muggle but that didn't really work out.

You can take as much or as little of this as you want. Feel free to rearrange names and genders/ have gay or straight relationships I don't mind. Just please take it off me.

A quick note about my vampire rules, because I thought about them a lot:

There are Muggle vampires and wizarding vampires- though the wizarding ones, like Mordred for example, are in charge. Vampires cover their tracks and are tolerated by the Ministry.

They can come out during the day, though in bright sunlight often wear sunglasses. They have to eat and drink and sleep. They can't turn into bats or fly. They can't move at super-speed or glamour people.

They do have acute senses- good hearing (they can hear heartbeats) and eyesight. They are immortal, in the sense they do not age or succumb to disease. A stake will kill them, as will drowning, fire or their body being destroyed.

Vampires drink human blood. They can survive on vampire blood/ blood bank blood but it's not quite the same. The need for blood is however like a drug addiction and can be broken, though it's difficult and an addict is never really cured, so it takes constant work.

Also- I envisioned this as a Professor rated fic, with the relationship between death and sex etc being explored. A vampire is more likely to want to bite someone if they are sexually attracted to them. However since the vampire/ sex motif has only been around for a few hundred years and it was Byron being called a vampire which started that anyway, feel free to ignore that if you choose.

I think that's it. Oh, and about Liz. I had her being turned into a vampire in a Jazz Club in the late 1950s. Partly because I'm obsessed with the late 50s/ early 60s and because it's a club I've been to (though it's no longer just a Jazz Club as it was then). Liz is a very intelligent, proud, headstrong and stubborn girl. If she wasn't a vampire then she would have been mates with Germaine Greer/ writing feminist literary criticism throughout the sixties. But you can change that if you want.

Feel free just to take the premise of a Second War Vampire, or just cherry pick the bits you like. Just a few restrictions:

Vampires do not sparkle.

A vampire in love with a non-vampire can only lead to a disaster. Although within the time frame it would be out of place anyway, please do not mention Twilight.

The fur vs fangs trope. Please don't use it. I had the vampires and Remus Lupin- style werewolves supporting each other.

That's all. Like I said, if no-one takes this then, in a few months, when I have time, I'll probably write it but I'd much rather not. So please take it and I promise to read and review it


(Also if you read all of that in one go, give yourself a medal)