We've all seen them, and we were all basically there at one point — brand new baby authors. All current SPEWers have at least one work on the archive, so we all knew how it felt to get that first validation e-mail, that first review. Consequently, we also all probably know how it feels for something to go un-reviewed for long periods of time. Either we wondered whether the story was no good and no one wanted to leave a mean review or if no one was reading it at all.

My questions for you:

How often do you review newer authors or previously unpublished ones? Has this number changed since you joined?

Do you ever leave them SPEW quality reviews?

Do you impart your own authorial experiences, or do you simply stick to the content?

In what ways to newer authors respond to concrit differently than more seasoned / frequently published authors on MNFF? Has anyone ever taken offence to concrit you've offered?

If that author published further stories here on MNFF, did you revisit their author page?

In this discussion, I would ask that you please not mention any names (forum, archive, RL, titles, or otherwise) and simply refer to the subject as 'the author', 'the story', or simple pronouns if applicable. Please add at least one topic question (TQs) of your own and answer at least two of them (even your own, if you so wish).