Username: hermione_granger4life
Name: Emma
Age: 21
Graphics program of choice: I'm a GIMPer (:
How long you have been designing: Since around 2006. Seriously? Maybe two years. It's kicked in recently more though.
Specialties: I like simple things. I love taking pictures from a photoshoot where they look somewhat similar and rearranging them and placing them together. I also really LOVE colorization.
Favourite FanFic Category: Dark angsty romance!
OTP: Draco/OC and Dramione (:

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Deathly Hallows

Ginny Weasley Blend
Dramione-We'll be Together Again (500x550)
Severus Snape (800x476)
Harry/Hermione (483x763)
Draco and Hermione-Love you forever (600x400)

Tutorial Attempts:
These are going to be my attemps at recreating tutorials from this BA thread. (I hope no one minds, it's just me practicing.) I added my own spin to things but tried to keep the main parts the same.

Original version by Sainyn Swiftfoot

My horrible attempt at remaking it my way

Basically I just kept the color instead of washing everything out with the white. I kept the people in the same position, but changed the text on it. I used about ten-twelve different gradients. I went back in with some brushes to add some more texture and a little more of the purple color Sainyn Swiftfoot.

I may update this with a few more later. Most recent ones listed at the top. Like I said, I need lots of help on some blending and on using textures!! Any help would be appreciated so request away (: