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Thread: Death Eater Tasks?

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    Death Eater Tasks?

    For one of my stories that I'm working on it involves a lot of death eater stuff. I was just wondering what kinds of things would the Dark Lord require his subjects to do kind of to prove their loyalty? Or what types of tasks would he send them on?

    The only thing I could think of would be to ask them to kill someone, I was going to use that one but I needed a few more ideas since there are multiple death eaters I need to have tasks for.


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    I imagine they slowly work their way up before they get to the 'Death Eater' status, we are told that Greyback is 'allowed' to wear their robes, so obviously there's quite a bit to get through before then.

    Recruiting more members, intimidating people, spreading propaganda, kidnapping and attacking people, placing them under the imperious curse, spying etc. are probably the sort of tasks that they're given. I think in the Mafia the final act is killing someone, and I think that'd be fair for it to be the same in HP.


    Edit: I guess Muggle-baiting would be included there as well.

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    Is this set during the first or second war? I think there would be slightly different focuses depending on which one.

    However, I think some things would also stay the same. Voldemort would need people to get the Giants and Dementors on their side. Similar to what Dumbledore had to do with Hagrid.

    Tasks to try to infiltrate the Ministry, get close to some of the higher power witches and wizards, maybe like Umbridge, to make sure they'd be on their side. Although with Umbridge, she'd do anything anyone tells her if they say its for the Ministry.

    He'd probably have a lot of spying going on. He'd want to know what every witch and wizard was doing. Who was supporting him and who wasn't. If they weren't, why and could they be swayed? If they couldn't then they'd be killed.

    I think during the first war,he'd really be focusing on "purifying" the Wizarding World, having the DE's cause havoc around Muggle England, kidnap lots of muggles and torture them. Not personally, this is what I think he'd have the DE's do.

    But the second war I think he was alot more focused on regaining all of the supporters he once had. Obviously he had his DE's, but he needed more than just a handful of wizards if he were to take over the world. SO I think the jobs would be more or less spying on people and trying to get people on their side.

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    I think he would send DE to try and recruit giants and Dementors for sure.

    I also think he would have spies in the Ministry. Spiesí loyalty to him would be unknown and these people would probably report back as to what Ministry employees are saying about him. I also see him having a second set of people in the Ministry who might be suspected DE, sort of like Lucius Malfoy. These people would try to subtly recruit others to support Voldemort. And if powerful Ministry employees werenít doing what Voldemort wanted I see these DEís threatening them and their families to get them to bend to Voldemortís wishes.

    I think he would send DEís out into the wizarding public and have they try to recruit other wizards that would be useful to him, like wand markers, potion makers, professors etc.. Anyone that had a skill that would be useful to Voldemort and if these people didnít agree to help I imagine the DEís intimidating them, threatening their families, hexing them. I donít think DEís would kill anyone right away. It would either be after they refused to corporate or if Voldemort knew they were working against him. I donít think they would go around killing random people.

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    Thanks everyone! All of that really helped. Sorry I forgot to mention this was during the second war.

    I think I'll try to include a lot more of the recruiting efforts into the tasks, along with some of the other things you all mentioned. Thanks again for all your help!


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