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Thread: Alternative to PI test?

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    Alternative to PI test?

    I think I read somewhere a few months or so ago that the mods were planning on setting up an alternative system to entry to the Beta Guild, given that PI is no longer accepting new betas. I know some betas I've tried who are not in the beta guild are as good as some in the beta guild and think it would be nice for that to be recognised.

    I know this would be rather complicated/ take a lot of time but I was just wondering if something was in the works or not.

    Thank you! Alex
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    Actually, Alex, PI is closed down for good. That being said, Hannah / coolh5000 is in the works of putting together a committee of MNFF's best betas to formulate a new test (with which I'm going to be helping as much as I can). Right now, though, with QSQs underway, it's slightly backburnered, but it's something that pretty much can't be ignored or dismissed as 'well, it was a good idea'. But rest assured that the plans to do so are still completely underway. It's just going to take a lot of work.
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    This is pretty much top of my to-do list when I return from sunning myself on a cornish beach. I'm hoping to take advantage of the two weeks before qsq nominations close to get a kick start. I've already got a few ideas on how it's going to work - it's just a case of implementing them. I've felt for a long time that mnff needed a way to recognise its best betas so I am definitely enthusiastic about this project and won't be forgetting about it

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    Hey, on the subject of a Beta Test, I had emailed PI about a month before they said they were going to stop their services about having a mentor for those accredited to keep our knowledge up-to-date.

    I was wondering if maybe we could do something like this since PI obviously won't be! Maybe not a mentor, but a monthly test, or an optional test similar to the test you would first take. It would ensure that those in the Beta Guild are always on top of their game. I've been in the Guild for a while now and feel sometimes that I'm questioning myself and my grammar is getting a little rusty.

    Just a thought!


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