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    I'll play

    The first two are ones that I did for VV's Fall NEWT DADA class. The last one is my favorite that I wrote for the Monthly Drabble Challenge: Dumbledore that I won second place for. And the one about Narcissa was the first drabble that I ever did.

    Author: StaceyLC
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Shamed
    Words: Er... no idea. I have WordPerfect, not Word. But I remember that it was under 500.
    Warnings: none, except the usual Pureblood mania

    “Don’t be ridiculous.”

    Her father’s words stung Bellatrix. He was supposed to be proud of her! She was going to be doing what they had always talked about doing – ridding the Wizarding world of the filth that was infesting it.

    “What do you mean, Papa?” she asked. Although her words were innocent, her voice and eyes betrayed the anger inside her.

    Her father looked up from the Daily Prophet article he was reading. “That band is just common riffraff. It would not do well for a daughter of the Black family to be seen with such… lowly… company.”

    “They are not,” she challenged him. “You’ve heard what they’ve done. The Prophet reports on them everyday. You’ve seen it with your own two eyes.” She was referring, of course, to the Mark. His mark. It had hung above the house of a Mudblood family not half a mile from them.

    “I saw Grindelwald do it, too, and there are still half-bloods and filth in our world,” her father spat. “This one will be no different. He will fall, and you will bring us shame.”

    “He will not fall,” Bellatrix hissed, and her eyes flashed dangerously. Her father narrowed his eyes at her, as if seeing her for the first time

    “Rudolphus,” he said, finally. “He joined them, too, didn’t he?”

    Bellatrix remained silent.
    “Ah,” he nodded. “I should have guessed. Did we raise a daughter who cannot think for herself? Perhaps the match between you two was a mistake.”

    “Rudolphus and I are more concerned about the salvation of our race than you, it would seem!” Bellatirix shrieked. “How dare you denounce our union? I will be a Lestrange, and when the Dark Lord is victorious-”

    “Have you not thought of your mother in this?” her father interrupted. “Or your sister? Lucius Malfoy was hesistant to come forward with his intentions for Narcissa because of Andromeda’s behavior. She almost ruined us! We don’t need you and your… Dark Lord destroying us further!”

    With this Bellatrix brandished her wand. “Enough! I will not tolerate it!”

    Her father stood up to his full height, glowering down upon her. “Already they’ve changed you. Already you are in too deep. How long have you hid this from us?” he demanded.

    Bellatrix laughed, rolling up her sleeve and displaying the mark on her forearm. “Long enough. You will see,” she continued, eyes shining. “He will be the greatest wizard the world will ever seen. He has already gone farther than anyone, even Grindelwald, has dared to go. He will save us. And you will come crawling to me for forgiveness on that day. And I may not be willing to give it. It is you who has shamed us. I am willing to fight, to do whatever it takes to preserve the purity of our race, while you do nothing but sit back and let it be destroyed!”

    She turned then and stormed out of the room. Her father followed her, and when she arrived at the front door and swung it open, she turned and added, “I wonder, Papa, what you will think of Narcissa when she marries a Death Eater, since you apparently think so little of me.”

    And with that same strange gleam in her eye, she raised her head haughtily and left, slamming the door behind her.

    Author: StaceyLC
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Trapped
    Word Count: under 500
    Warnings: none

    I had another nightmare last night.

    It’s been almost three months since the last one. Maybe that means I’m getting better. I’ve stopped yelling at Mum and Dad at least. Little, unimportant things will set me off, though. Things that remind me of it. Like storms. I used to love thunderstorms; they used to help me study. They were soothing. But now they just remind me of chaos. They remind me of being in the dark and not knowing what’s lurking around the corner. They make me feel like I’m trapped somewhere and I can’t get out.

    I can’t go to cemeteries anymore. Or museums. I don’t like the statues. They stare at you with their empty eyes and it reminds me of nothingness. I was one of those statues in my nightmare. I don’t know what I will do when I get back to Hogwarts. Maybe I will be able to put it behind me by then.
    I’ve been burying myself in my studies. I signed up for every OWL level course that was offered for next year, and I’m glad I did. Having all that work to do will help me take my mind off it, and hopefully keep me as far away from the Hospital Wing as possible.

    I wonder if Harry is going through much of the same thing. He was there at the end, after all, and from what he and Ron told me he almost lost his life. Is this what it’s like to be Harry Potter? If it is, I don’t know how he can stand it. Or maybe this is what it is to be Harry Potter’s best friend. And if that’s true, I don’t know if I will be able to stand it.

    I have that feeling of being trapped again. I’ve developed claustrophobia. Mum always wonders what’s wrong with me when we take trips and we have to use the Underground. I think the tunnels bother me more than the closeness of everything. They remind me of pipes.

    I don’t like the cold and I don’t like stone. I’m beginning to wonder if I like anything anymore. Madam Pomfrey suggested that I start using this journal because it will help me cope to get my feelings and fears out. I don’t like it anymore. It reminds me of the diary. And a diary is where everything started.

    I am going to burn this tomorrow. I think that will help me cope more than anything, because I will be burning my fears. I’ll be burning my feelings. And they will rise up in the smoke and be free, instead of trapped within these pages. And they don’t want to be trapped anymore.

    Author: StaceyLC
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: It's Not Easy
    Word Count: 300 something
    Warnings: None

    You think it’s easy, don’t you? Being wealthy, being powerful, being a Malfoy.

    Being pure.

    It’s not easy to stand there regally, looking and acting like nothing more than a porcelain doll your husband purchased. It’s not easy to hate Mudbloods and half-bloods and blood-traitors. Although, after years and years of it being beaten into your head by your parents and their parents and their friends, it does come naturally. It’s not easy having to tell your son he can’t play with other the other children because he’s a Malfoy and “Father thinks those children are filthy”, and then listen to him cry and tell you he hates you. It’s not easy to teach your son right, when his father comes home with tails of deceit and talk of wizard purification. It’s not easy to stand against the wall and be undressed by Death Eater eyes.

    It’s not easy to love your husband, who’s once bright, beautiful eyes have gone stone cold and his life consumed by serving another.

    It’s not easy to love your son, who’s turning out to be just like his Father.

    It’s not easy being a Death Eater’s wife.

    But you do it. And you smile, and you look pretty, and buy beautiful clothes to let the world know just how happy, powerful, and wealthy you are because you’re a pureblood. Because you’re a Malfoy. Then you gawk and sneer and hate everyone and everything in the world around you that isn’t pure, until you forget.

    You forget what it was like to play with Muggle children before mother took you away. You forget what it was like to wear shorts and get dirty before father threatened to beat neatness into you and your sisters. You forget what it was to love and laugh openly, to smile freely. To live.

    It’s not easy being pure. What is easy, however, is forgetting you were ever anything else.

    Author: StaceyLC
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Haunted
    Word Count: Er... I want to say 300 something
    Warnings: None

    He stared at the boy sitting across from him and couldn’t help but feel a sense of responsibility for his current state. He was pale - paler than usual - and his dark hair was matted and unkempt. But his eyes… his eyes were what frightened Albus Dumbledore the most.

    They were cold and haunted. Distant. Uncaring. Dumbledore didn’t want to look into those eyes, but he knew he had to. Those eyes were once wide and awestruck as their owner took his first steps into Hogwarts castle. They were once trusting and held so much life.

    But no longer.

    On the same token, Albus used to look upon him with trust as well. He was one of the more brilliant students to come out of Hogwarts. Unfortunately, it seemed intelligence wasn’t enough to keep people from making The Wrong Turn.

    That’s how Albus described it. The Wrong Turn. Turning to the dark side, as it were. To Voldemort.

    Taking the Dark Mark.

    As Albus looked upon this haunted human being sitting before him, he tried to convince himself that he should have seen it coming. The boy’s eyes may have been trusting; the boy himself may at one time or another may have been happy and eager. But he had also been angry, and bitter, and the subject of much torment from his fellows. He had allowed himself to find powerful and dangerous friends. No doubt these friends were responsible for the boy’s decision and current state.

    Albus began to chastise himself. Why had he not done something? Perhaps he should have taken more of a stand against the ones who had bullied him; docked more points, or given out more detentions. He should have tried to get more involved in the boys life. He should have done something as soon as he saw the warning signs that this promising young boy was delving too deeply into dangerous territory.

    And, unfortunately, the answer was that he hadn’t noticed. He never saw the warning signs. He never tried to talk to him, find out why he was so angry. And he had only stepped in twice during the bullying occasions, and that was only because of the seriousness of the situations. Albus had been too busy fighting the battle outside, rather than paying attention to the soldiers of Voldemort that were being created on the inside.

    And now this boy… no, this young man… was paying for it. And he had come to Albus for help. Fortunately, Albus knew why.

    But he mustn’t push the him away. He had to be careful, if he was to bring him back; if he was to save him.

    So, this time, Albus cleared his throat, steepled his fingers, and stared into those cold, haunted, dark eyes, and asked:

    “What can I do for you, Severus?”

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    This is a very cool idea.

    Black till the End by kehribar
    A Photograph by Mind Games

    Author: solemnlyswear_x
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: When I Was Twelve
    Word length: 100 [This was for the HHWP 100 word drabble challenge.]
    When I was twelve years old, I used to joke that a Boggart wouldn’t turn into anything in my presence.

    “That’s because nothing scares me,” I boasted, attempting to impress my classmates.

    When I was seventeen years old, I used to joke that there was only one thing that scared me: N.E.W.T.s.

    I am twenty-two years old, and I don’t joke at all. Grindelwald has seized complete power, and there seems to be no stopping him. He is threatening to eradicate “the Mudbloods who dare to live in this pure-blood world.”

    I am a Muggle-born, and now, everything scares me.
    Author: solemnlyswear_x
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Not Tonight
    Word length: 328
    Footsteps echoed softly throughout the room no matter how hard Andromeda tried to muffle them. She would have moved slower, but she needed to pack her things and leave. It was the second of July, barely the summer holidays, but Andromeda couldn’t stay until September in this house. She needed to get out.

    “Meda?” A voice shot through the darkness, stopping Andromeda dead in her tracks. She glanced at the bed where the voice had come from. It was Narcissa; Bellatrix was still fast asleep.

    “Yes, Narcissa. It’s me. Go back to sleep.”

    “Why are you standing up? Why aren’t you asleep?”

    “I’m-” Andromeda faltered. What could she tell her sister? That she was running away because the pressure to be a ‘good, pureblooded daughter’ was already too much at twelve? That she couldn’t risk becoming the person that she knew her older sister already was?

    Bellatrix. She thought of her sister, her crazy Bella, who at fourteen was hanging out with the wrong crowd at Hogwarts. The Malfoys, the Lestranges, the Goyles. They were all part of the pureblooded crowd, the crowd that would lead to trouble.

    She thought of herself, about to be a second year, but old enough to know she didn’t want to be a part of what Bella and her friends were involved with. Old enough to know how to run away. She could ride the Knight Bus to her friend Mary Cooper’s house. Mary would let her stay until they could go back to school.

    “Meda,” Narcissa persisted, “how come you’ve got your suitcase? Are you running away?”

    She thought of Narcissa, not quite nine. Small and delicate, with light blonde ringlets that framed her face. Narcissa who followed her around whenever she came home, hoping to find one sister that would play with her.

    “No, Cissy,” Andromeda said quietly, reaching her hand out to stroke her sister’s soft hair. “I’m not running away.”

    And she wouldn’t leave.

    At least not tonight.
    Author: solemnlyswear_x
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Someone Else
    Word length: 332
    Warnings: Character death mentioned.
    Whenever he sees a Dementor, the world seems to collapse on top of him.

    He is pressed together, squeezed until he can’t breathe. He breaks out in a cold sweat, which prickles as it drips down the back of his neck slowly. And then every time, without fail, the tremors start. They come slowly at first, but then more violently, as if he is shaking the happiness out of himself.

    The sadness manages to stay. The horrible memory clings to his brain, refusing to be thrown from him. He doesn’t expect anything different, though.

    This is what Dementors do, he thinks to himself. Suck happiness away, leaving only pain.

    This one memory that is adamant about not leaving his mind, no matter how hard he shudders, is the day he remembers everything about. The day he tries in vain to forget. It is this day that the Dementors force him to relive.

    It is just one scene, replaying over and over again, as if a broken film is running in his mind. His father’s shouting, his mother’s pleading, and then, the unmistakable flash of green light, so bright that it blinds him. And as quickly as it starts, it stops.

    And then it begins again. Each time somehow more painful to watch than the last.

    He desperately hopes that they will catch Sirius Black soon. He is not sure how many more times he can stand to take the long way out of the castle, just to avoid the Dementor standing at the front entrance.

    He is not sure how many more times he can stand to watch his mother die.

    Once, he thinks bitterly, was more than enough.

    Until they catch Black, however, he will pass the foul creatures constantly. The world will keep crushing him, and the happiness won’t return. The lights around him won’t be as brilliant, and he won’t ever feel warm.

    And until then, whenever Theodore Nott sees a Dementor, he will wish he is someone else.

    Super awesome banner by Ari / A.H.

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    *Out of the many that I've written, these are some of my favourites -- and a few of them are past place-holders, too!*

    Author: megan_lupin
    House: Gryffindor
    Warnings: None
    Words: 402
    Originally Written For: "Perseverance" Weekly Drabble

    For Remus

    “You know, don’t you?” said James, grasping Sirius on the arm as he started to walk off.

    “Know what?” he asked.

    “Remus's secret. I know you know what he’s hiding.”

    “Why? Do you know?”


    “We’re never going to get this!” exclaimed Sirius, throwing one of the advanced Transfiguration books across the common room, where it slammed into the wall. “It’s been six months, and the first part isn’t even working right.”

    James removed his glasses and rubbed his eyes, exhaling a sigh of frustration as he did so. Sirius was right, in a way. They had been working on the transformations for six months, and they were no closer to achieving their goal than they were when they started. He glanced over at Peter for a moment, and the smaller boy was just sitting in one of the chairs, looking back and forth between Sirius and James. Then he got up and went to pick the book up, replacing it on the table.

    “But we need to keep trying,” he said. “For Remus.”


    Another six months passed, and before they realized it, two years had passed. They were getting closer, but it still wasn’t close enough.

    “Two years, James,” said Sirius. “We’ve been trying to get this for two years.”

    “But we’re almost there,” replied James, flipping through pages in another of the Transfiguration books scattered on his bed. “According to this chapter, we should be able to transform in a few months.”

    “Is it worth it anymore, though?”

    “Yes, it is,” James answered, looking up from the book as Peter entered the dormitory. “We need to do it for Remus.”


    When 15-year-old Remus Lupin walked into the Gryffindor Common Room, it was to see a black dog, a stag, and a brown rat chasing each other around the scarlet chairs. The look of shock and confusion on his face only intensified when the animals disappeared to be replaced by his three friends, all of whom were doubled over, laughing.

    “James? Sirius? Peter?” he asked. They all jumped as they heard his voice. “What’s going on?”

    “Well,” said James, and after seeing that the common room was empty, continued. “We found out about your secret, and we decided to do something.”

    “We became Animagi,” said Peter. “After a few years of work, we finally achieved it.”

    “But why?” muttered Remus.

    “For you,” said Sirius. “We did it for you.”

    Author: megan_lupin
    House: Gryffindor
    Warnings: None
    Words: 458
    Originally Written For: "Remus Lupin" Monthly Drabble

    The Night (24 Hours)

    It had been the same as last night, and nothing about the day had given him any clue that, in less than 24 hours, everything that was would no longer be. Of course, a part of him knew that things had been different; they had grown apart in the past few months. The stress they had all been under for the past couple years had finally reached the point of affecting them. He could not really blame it on any of them, though. After all, he knew it had been bound to happen sometime.

    He had spent the night alone, not being on an assignment for the first time in weeks. The entire house was quiet, and he was simply reclining on the sofa, a new book in his hands. His mind could not pay much attention to the story, however; it was far too exhausted, and within a few hours, he had abandoned the book and fallen asleep.

    An urgent knock on his front door woke him in the morning. He jerked awake and, glancing at the nearest clock, stumbled up and towards the door, pulling it open as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. The figure standing on his front porch, however, was someone he thought he would never see standing outside his home.

    "What is it, Albus?" the man asked, addressing his visitor.

    The visitor, Albus, said nothing. He simply looked at the younger man, and it was in that moment, when Albus's eyes met those of the man, that the man knew. His visitor did not have to speak, did not have to show anything more, for the man to understand. What he had feared would happen for the past few years had finally occured.

    "No," he whispered.

    "James and Lily," said Albus. "On Halloween."

    At those words, the man backed away from the door and his visitor. His entire body was trembling as he stumbled back, his head shaking "no" as he collapsed on the nearest chair.

    The visitor had still not entered the man's house. But he did when the man spoke.

    "What else are you not saying?"

    Albus approached the man then and, standing right next to the suffering man, he told him the whole story.


    His entire world had come crashing down on that night. Everything that he had known, that he had had, was no longer. His friends were either dead or gone, and the joy he had felt with them had now been tainted. Within 24 hours, it had all disappeared. Within one night, he had lost everything. It was the night that he could never forget.

    Author: megan_lupin
    House: Gryffindor
    Warnings: None
    Words: 337
    Originally Written For: "Eulogies" Weekly Drabble

    Friends, Brothers

    No one noticed the thin and tired man as he walked down the dirt path. If people had been watching, they would have seen his limping gait and hunched shoulders, his drawn face and shuffling walk. But they did not, because no one was watching.

    The man finally made it to his destination at the path’s end and, reaching into his pocket, withdrew a wand.

    “Hello, James, Lily,” he muttered, his eyes becoming slightly misty as he looked at the two graves in front of him. Some tears sought to fall from the man’s eyes, but he blinked them away.

    As dark clouds shifted across the night sky, the man waved his wand, muttering a few incantations as he did so. Once the bright moon was revealed, its light shone down on a newly created headstone that had just joined the previous two.

    Putting away his wand, the man sat next to the new headstone. He placed a hand on the grave to his right, his fingers tracing the name James Potter, and his other hand to the new grave, tracing over Sirius Black with his trembling fingers.

    “We were friends,” the man sighed. “Hell, we were more than that . . . we were brothers. Until one left, taking everything with him. But we remained brothers, James.” And as the man stood, he turned back once more.

    “Thank you for being my friend, brother.”

    The man walked away, leaving behind the trio of graves, and Remus Lupin never looked back. If he had, he would have seen the moon’s light shine on the newest grave, the words upon the marble stone becoming visible.

    True friendships never really die
    And family isn’t defined by blood
    It’s made strong by bonds that won’t break
    Tempered and tested by trials and pain
    What we are is brothers, and as such we remain
    Loyal to one another until the end
    And no matter what happens between this moment and then
    I shall be always thankful to have had such friends.

    Author: megan_lupin
    House: Gryffindor
    Warnings: None
    Words: 600
    Originally Written For: SBBC Diggory Drabble Contest

    For Her Son

    The large manor was completely empty, save for only a few of the house-elves, but they didn’t really count, when one thought about it. Narcissa sat on the edge of her bed, staring out of the opened window as the torrents of rain fell from the sky. The rain was a lot like the tears that were making their tracks down her pale cheeks as she thought about her son.

    He can’t do this, she thought. He’s not ready . . . He’s just too young. But deep inside her, she knew that there was not anything she could do to stop it, at least, not anymore. It was already too late, to be honest, and Narcissa knew that. Draco had already made the decision to join, helped along, no doubt, by her sister.

    “Cissy, it’s time to go. Draco's ready.”

    Speak of the devil, Narcissa thought as she hastily wiped the tears from her eyes and turned to face Bellatrix in the doorway. “I’ve been ready,” she said.

    And, holding herself together, there wasn’t any sign that she had been crying as Narcissa Disapparated to the Dark Lord.


    She stood with the other Death Eaters, gazing upon the scene of her son kneeling before the Dark Lord. As she watched her only child receive the Dark Mark, Narcissa's mind flew back to the first time she’d argued with her husband over this.

    “He is not a child, Narcissa!”

    “Our son, Lucius! Our only son!”

    “This is the right thing to do. He is a Malfoy. He will become a Death Eater.”

    Well, you have your wish, Lucius.
    She’d fought with him at first, but in the end, it didn’t matter. Bellatrix took over the argument for Lucius soon afterwards, and Draco had made a decision himself. He thought he was ready for this. But he’s not. . . . I know he’s not.

    “You will kill Dumbledore, Malfoy.”

    What? He can’t be serious, thought Narcissa as the Dark Lord spoke. She looked around, and saw only her sister remaining of the Death Eaters. Draco will be killed if he tries to murder Dumbledore. . . . He’s condemning my son to death!

    Now why would the Dark Lord choose to condemn Draco to death?
    another voice argued back.

    Narcissa didn’t need a lot of time to arrive at the answer. After all, it was the only one that made any sense. Lucius. The Dark Lord’s angry at my husband, so he’s using the opportunity to take it out on Draco! He’s only wanting to punish Lucius; Draco's just his tool to do so!

    And what are you going to do about it, Narcissa?

    She thought on that last question for awhile. Bella, Draco, and Narcissa had returned home from the meeting, and each had gone their separate ways. Draco was busy in his room, and Bella was somewhere in the house, but her sister’s whereabouts weren’t her chief concern at the moment . . . Saving her son’s life was. Hours passed as she sat in her living room, going over any possible solution.

    Lucius would have done something, she thought. But that isn’t even possible. And then, the idea came to her. There was one person she trusted to tell this to; there was one person who Lucius counted as trustworthy, and one person who would be willing to help Draco . . . in some way.

    Severus will help . . . He’ll know, and he’ll help me . . . and help my son.

    With that, Narcissa grabbed her cloak and made ready to leave.

    Author: megan_lupin
    House: Gryffindor
    Warnings: None
    Words: 548
    Originally Written For: "Pandora" Mythology O.W.L

    Forbidden Knowledge

    He was walking through the long aisles of books that littered the Hogwarts library, not looking for anything in particular, when suddenly, a single book caught his eye. It was thick and bound in dark red leather, but there was no title on the book. But the young, thirteen-year-old student didn’t need a title to tell him what the book was. He knew of this book – the only untitled piece in the library – and he knew that it belonged in the Restricted Section.

    The Restricted Section, he thought. For the past two years, he’d wanted to be free to explore the knowledge held within that part of the library, but the old librarian would never let anyone into the section. Madam Scroll haunted that part of the room like an evil spectre, and the only way for a student to get anything from it was for her herself to remove it.

    But this book hasn’t been put back, the boy thought, and he was overcome with the intense urge to read it. The knowledge it contained was of the utmost forbidden kind – at least, that was what the rumours said about it. No one had ever actually read the untitled book, as far as he knew. Taking a quick glance around to be sure that there weren’t any teachers present, he grabbed the book and stuffed it into his bag, leaving the library as he did so.

    Not wanting to go back to his dormitory, however, he reached the nearest empty classroom and entered inside, shutting the door behind him. He walked to a far corner of the room and removed the book, opening to the first page. The contents of the first page alone were some of the darkest forms of magic ever known, and as the boy continued flipping through the pages, the magic just became darker and darker and, in some cases, the magic was down as just pure theory – things never before attempted even at a testing sort of stage.

    The boy was so immersed in the book that he didn’t hear the classroom’s door open, and he didn’t notice that another person had entered until a tall figure stood above him, covering the boy in his shadow. Looking up, the boy met the gaze of Albus Dumbledore.

    “Yes, sir?” the boy asked.

    “What are you doing alone in this classroom, Tom?”


    “What are you reading?”

    At that, the boy knew it would be pointless to lie, to try and hide the book, but he didn’t give it over to Dumbledore, either. “I found it on a table in the library, sir,” he said, and Dumbledore reached down to take the book. After Dumbledore looked at the book, he turned his gaze back to Tom.

    “This book is meant for the Restricted Section, Tom,” he said. “You should not have taken it.”

    “I’m sorry, sir,” the boy answered, though Dumbledore saw the truth behind the boy’s words. Yet, the boy was young, and no harm had come from him reading this book . . .


    Tom Riddle left the classroom shortly after Dumbledore, and he followed the teacher, catching up with him just in time to see Dumbledore set fire to the untitled book.

    But the knowledge it contained had already been released.

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    Author: Dill
    House: Ravenclaw
    Warnings: Character Death
    Words: 253

    James slammed the door shut behind him as he faced the most notorious wizard of his time. His blood raced and his heart pounded, but his face was strangely calm. He held his head high, looking Voldemort straight in his horrible, red eyes. He was going to die here- he knew it.

    It didn’t matter, though. He was going to fight for Lily’s life, for Harry’s. He could run away now, but James knew that if he did, he would live the rest of his life as a coward, unable to look at his own reflection because he knew that he’d see a man who fled when his family was in danger.

    He was ready.

    Raising his wand, he yelled, “Petrificus Totalus!”

    Voldemort merely flicked his wand and the spell went flying away. He was toying with James.

    Anger bubbled somewhere deep down inside of him. “Relashio!” he shouted with passion.

    It knocked Voldemort off of his feet. Sneering, the wizard jumped gracefully to his feet, ready to kill him.

    “This is as easy as I thought it would be,” he taunted. “The best you can do is to knock me off of my feet, apparently too proud to use an Unforgivable Curse.”

    James stood as if he was made of stone, unmoving and silent.

    “Enough of this delay,” Voldemort continued.

    Avada Kedavra!

    James attempted to dodge the curse, but he could not. As the flash of green light surrounded him, he thought of Lily and Harry and how much he loved them.

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    So many drabbles to choose from! Here are a few:

    Author Name: Gemma Hawk
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Isn't it beautiful?
    Word count: 240
    Warnings: None

    Isn’t beautiful? I think so. Isn’t it wonderful how it blackens when our Lord calls to us? I think so. Isn’t it a symbol of our bond to the Dark Lord? I think so.

    I like it. I like how when I see it, I think of him, of my master. I know that he is out there. I know that I will be reunited with him- Voldemort.

    His name rolls off my tongue into the empty silence of my cell, bouncing off the walls and echoing back to me.

    Voldemort, Voldemort, Voldemort.

    The Dark Mark makes me think of him, of how much he trusts me. Me, his only friend. The only one who understood him. Some say that he never had any friends. But he does! He has me.

    The day I got it, the day that I joined him, is the best day of my life. I supported him- I still do! My faith has never faltered.

    I didn’t get a trial before they sent me to Azkaban. I don’t care. I am guilty and proud. I don’t regret anything. I love the memories of the deeds that I did for him. I love the hope of the deeds yet to come.

    I am glad that the Dark Mark will never go away. I don’t want it to. I want it to stay with me forever, to speak of the glory of his name- Voldemort.

    Isn’t it beautiful?
    Name: Gemma Hawk
    Title: White
    House: Gryffindor
    Word Count: 198
    Warnings: None

    White. Hospitals are white, clean and orderly. That was why she loved St. Mungo’s. Everything happened the way it should, no mistakes were made, and everything was in perfect order. White symbolized purity and cleanliness. Her exact priorities.

    She had been a healer here for more than thirty years. She had the feeling that she would always be a healer here, but she didn’t mind. She didn’t mind that there was almost no pay. Money was for the corrupt and greedy. She prided herself on being neither.

    She healed people, she helped people. They came in messy and left clean. She always knew how to fix them. It was her job- to fix people. To make them perfect again.

    She didn’t like colors- they influenced opinions, and opinions made imperfections. In a world of cleanliness imperfections were unacceptable. She only liked white. White was pure, simple and unbiased. There were no problems with white, white was perfect.

    St. Mungo’s was where she was happy. It was where she healed those that needed it; it was where she lived in her white haven of cleanliness.

    White. Hospitals are white, clean and orderly. That was why she loved St. Mungo’s.
    Author Name: Gemma Hawk
    House: Gryffindor
    Word Count: 248
    Title: Firenze
    Warnings: None

    He could never understand Firenze. Always mingling with the humans that one was. It was most disturbing to an elderly centaur such as himself. In his day respectable centaurs didn’t just run off to teach young humans! It was just irresponsible.

    Thank goodness he wasn’t immediately related to Firenze. Firenze’s poor mother had of course been heart broken when her son left the herd.

    He would of course never do such a thing. Not only because of his age, but because it was just irresponsible and unreasonable to leave the herd! If he had done such a thing when he was younger he would have been stomped on by the herd.

    But now, with these young ones, they let Firenze go! Without proper punishment! It was hardly enough just to throw Firenze out of the herd with only a kick in the chest. What was the world coming to?

    And not to mention all those insolent students always wandering into the forest! There was no peace to be had anymore! No wonder the younger generations of centaurs were all so untraditional. Their minds had been poisoned by the humans. Yes indeed!

    Hagrid had, of course, been good friend of theirs. He was kind and treated the centaurs with respect. But even he had crossed the line! Those humans were growing too arrogant, the lot of them!

    Why in the world would Firenze want to mingle with them- and teach them! It was insane!

    He could never understand Firenze.
    Author Name: Gemma Hawk
    House: Gryffindor
    Word Count: 471
    Title: Numb
    Warnings: None

    He has never felt as numb as he does now. Numb down to his very core, his heart. He cannot give explanations, his brain isn’t working properly. His only though is failure. The words ‘I am a failure’ go through his head again and again, but they do not touch him. He accepts them without understanding their true meaning, the real power of those words.

    He doesn’t feel, he is past that point now. He can only think of failure. He though that he could do it- but he was obviously wrong. He has failed. He though that he could live up to the expectations of those around him. The expectations of the other Death Eaters, the Dark Lord, his mother- he is certain that she never doubted him for a moment. He is her son, after all. Her life, pride and joy. He is her everything, especially with his father in Azkaban. He has let her down now.

    Pansy believed in him too. Pansy always believed in him. Pansy is his girlfriend- well, was. He might not be alive long enough to call her his girlfriend again. He is as good as dead. Is Pansy disappointed? Perhaps. But not so much disappointed as shocked. He has always given the impression of having control, being on the top of things- being ready. Pansy has never known him as a failure. He has never known himself as a failure. Until now. Until he failed to kill Dumbledore.

    The thought strikes him like a slap across the face. He failed to kill Dumbledore. Snape had to do it for him. He though that he could do it- he was wrong. He thinks about Dumbledore, about Snape, about his life that will never be the same.

    He can’t torture the Golden Trio anymore- they have the upper hand now. He failed, he has no more chances. But Potter? Potter still has chance. Potter can still fulfill his destiny. It pains Draco to think of Potter being better. Potter has always been better. Potter has had better friendships, greater expectations for himself and even- though this thought pained Draco more than anything- Quidditch. Draco, who has spent half of his life on a broom, lost game after game to Potter.

    His life will never be the same. He will never be able to hold his head high again; he will never be able to smirk smugly, not now that he has failed. He will never be able to see Pansy’s smile again. He will never again see the proud eyes of his father- Lucius has nothing to be proud of now.

    All is lost. He has failed. He doesn’t believe that there is a light at the end of this tunnel of numbness and despair. And because of that, he will never find the light.
    You'll love it.

    Banner and avatar by me

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    guiding ray of sunlight
    Author: Guiding Ray of Sunlight
    House: Gryffindor~
    Warnings: errr...angst?
    Words: 447
    Title: Addiction

    "Imperio!" As the words left the professor's mouth, that first time, I felt an abnormal calm come over me, and I felt as if all my troubles were inexistent.

    Jump around like a monkey, came a calm commanding voice in my mind.

    Sure, I’ll do that, my mind urged. I like this calm state. I won't break it!

    Then, the calm is gone. My troubles, my commanding father – they exist again.

    "Why-?" I begin asking the professor.

    I don't want troubles! I like being care-free! Jump!

    I feel my legs lift and I begin bouncing up and down. Hoots pour out of my submissive mouth. The oblivion returns.

    Suddenly, I am snapped back into the reality of the classroom, the harsh angles of the professor’s glasses glinting in the light.

    "I will not do it to you again. If you become addicted to the feeling, the effects can be devastating. I am here to prevent dark effects, not cause them. Next student!"

    I was shoved aside as another student took my place.


    Thought my professor thought he had solved the problem, he had not. For years, I walked around, craving the feeling of selflessness, and could not find it.

    Until the Dark Lord approached me. My fellow Slytherins had told him that I would be a loyal follower, no matter who was father was- and because of who he was. So he decided to test me. He told me to cast the Imperius curse on a prisoner he had there. He told me to tell the man to jump off the bridge we were standing on. As soon as the spell hit the man, I felt my own worries slip away as I went into his mind. I felt his troubles, but they weren't mine. A smile split my face as I ended his suffering. Then the feeling was gone and I looked upon my new master with hungry eyes.

    "You will get more," He assured me as he branded his mark into my arm.

    Now I stand over the infamous auror Frank Longbottom, and his wife. I quickly raise my wand in order to get rid of my own suffering. I need to get away. I feel a weight leave my chest as the spell settles over the couple. I command them to torture each other. NO! their minds protest simultaneously. And my calm is gone as I am banished from their soul.

    A craze comes over me. I needed to get away. And they won't let me? Well, that is just too bad for those- those- those- "Crucio!" I scream franticly. My companions cackle evilly as they join in with spells of their own.

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    Ok, if anyone has any last minute drabbles they want to add, go ahead and do that quick please, I'm going to close the thread and get the little plot started tonight or tomorrow morning!

    *rubs hands together in anticipation*

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