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Thread: The Eternal Glory Thread!

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    The Eternal Glory Thread!

    No, the theme is not The Scheme, I got an idea judging the Scrapbook challenge so your drabble challenge is a bit different this time around. Don't worry we'll get back to the normal routine after this, but this time there is no theme!

    For this challenge I want everyone to either pick a theme of their choice to drabble about or even fish up an old Drabble that they're really fond of. I want to see your best drabbling here.

    Also, if there's a drabble by someone else that you really, really enjoyed reading make a new post with a link to the thread it's in and it's title etc so I can find it(old challenges can be found in Hermione's corner). Everybody, authors, mods, and newbies are all encouraged to post.

    Please use the same form as usual:



    I'll let you know what this is for later on

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    I will post one of my own drabbles later, but I had to put this link in here ASAP!

    It is called Love, I by mugglemathdork,(about the 6th post down) and it makes me cry no matter how many times I read it!

    edit 2: I had to add some more nominations.....
    He cannot see and Who will lift them up by coppercurls (3rd post down)


    Ok, I picked a few to share:
    This first one seems wierd, but it's written in the POV of the Womping Willow in PoA. This was part of the pairing up drabble challenge several months ago, and the only one to have ever won anything. (the other drabble was Ron's POV written by mugglemathdork.)
    Author: Loralie
    Warnings: none
    Words: 323
    I am so bored. Maybe that’s because I am a board! HAHAHA. I crack my self up. No, I don’t want any cracks, but I do laugh myself silly! That’s it, I laugh myself silly. Oh Merlin, I am bored. I was put here to guard the entrance to that old shack, but I’m so good that no one has dared come near me in ages. That flying car got me some attention, but that HURT.

    I’m bored.

    What’s this? Someone’s coming? Oh, it’s that big black dog again! And he’s dragging something with bright red fur (or is it hair?) with him. I haven’t seen him in years! He used to get past me all the time, him and his friends...but not this time!


    Shoot! I missed! And now I’m frozen. I hate being frozen.

    But here come some more! That smart girl and the boy who crashed the car into me…I’ll get them!


    I got them! I got th-

    I’m frozen again. That stupid cat, how’d he know what buttons to push? It must’ve been that dog who told it! And now those kids are in the passage too. I am in so much trouble! I’ll be lucky if I’m not kindling after this!

    OOO, Another chance. It’s that new teacher from the school. Wait- I recognize him! He was the boy they planted me for. Long time no see!!

    And I’m frozen again. I hate this. Three times in one night?! I wish I could just go on vacation. But NO, I’m rooted to the spot!!

    Another teacher? What, are they having a party or something? You know- if I was allowed to let people in today, I wish someone would have let me know! Swinging all these branches around gets tiring. That’s one good thing about that car hitting me last year- I got a good trim and lost a few pounds!

    I’m frozen. Again. I hate this job.
    ok, and the next two are darker, have no titles, and are my personal favorites. word count 287 and 383 respectively.
    Tears filled her sparkling green eyes, as she looked at him incredulously.
    “What did you just say to me?”
    “Don’t pretend you didn’t hear me, mudblood. I said I don’t want to see you anymore.”
    Where did this come from? They had been so happy! He had never cared about her blood before, and now all of a sudden she was a mudblood? He turned and started to walk away.

    “Severus, please. What happened? Why are you angry with me? And since when do you call me a mudblood?” She was getting angry now. “And who are YOU to call ME a mudblood? Your blood is just as dirty as mine!”

    He whirled around and grabbed her by the arm. “Don’t you ever say that again, do you hear me?” he growled at her, his black eyes hard, without the sparkle they normally had when he was with her. He had never treated her like this. She finally let those tears fall.

    “It’s those new friends of yours isn’t it? They convinced you I wasn’t good enough. Did you tell them about your father? Do they know about him?” she yelled at him through her tears.

    “I told you to shut up about that. No, they don’t know, and they aren’t going to either. Because they’re right. My Muggle father and my Muggle grandparents, do you know what they did? They disowned me and my mother. We were on our own. When my father died, I got nothing from him, NOTHING! So yes, my new friends helped me realize that Muggles are weak, and I don’t ever want to be weak. Face it Lily, we are over.”

    Severus Snape walked off, leaving a broken heart behind him.
    Evera Watkins saw it all happen, but no one ever asked her about it. She saw them come at him with wands blazing, but no one wanted her opinion. She saw the looks of betrayal in their eyes. They had followed him; they had done his bidding, only to realize everything he had them fight for was a lie.
    He told them that to be a true wizard you had to be Pure. Pure of blood, pure in magic. Anyone else was a traitor, a stain on their society and had to be destroyed. So they did. They killed, and tortured, and all because he said so. Some did it for the power, which was true. Some did it for the joy they found in causing pain to others, and that was true too. But most did it because they believed in him. They thought he was right, that he would make their world better, more pure. That was the lie.
    Evera Watkins saw it all, and no one paid any attention. Evera Watkins was a Mudblood. A half-breed. But, she was half witch. And that half gave her enormous power. She had the power to see the past, present, and future at will. She was the most powerful Seer in ten generations. She told them about the lies, but they didn’t care. They didn’t want the likes of her soiling their clothes. So she let the realization that their precious Dark Lord was a mudblood come to them slowly.
    She told the few who were not in his inner circle first. They were farthest from him, thus easier to sway. She dropped hints in magazines and newspapers. Eventually, one of them came to stop her from spreading those awful lies about his master, and that is when she showed him. She showed him her vision, forced him to see for himself, and then gave it to him and made him show the others.
    Evera Watkins saw it. She made the Deatheaters turn against Lord Voldemort, and no one ever knew her part in it. She went on, teaching at the school, consulting on a magical case or two. But she was mudblood, and no one who ever saw her vision would ever admit her help. After all, they were better than she was.

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    Sly Severus
    This is a cool idea, MithrilQuill.

    Here are a few of mine:

    Author: Sly Severus
    House: Slytherin
    Warnings: None
    Words: 264
    Title: Survival

    Coldness and dampness seeped through her thin and tattered robes. It didn’t matter. She had grown accustomed to the cold. After only a few months in Azkaban, she had grown accustomed to almost everything. She was used to vile treatment; it was nothing new to her.

    Dementors, however, were a different story. They were the one thing in her prison that she could not bear. She knew she would never grow accustomed to them. And she could feel them coming.

    Her cell became even colder. She began to tremble. Soon her thoughts were no longer coherent.

    There she was on the floor, at the end of her master’s torture curse.

    There she was locked in the basement of Lestrange manor.

    There she was watching her sister leave Black Manor forever.

    Tears began to stream down her cheeks. She cried out in pain and grief. But her cries went unanswered, they always did. Her worst memories continued to dance before her eyes as the monster outside her cell took away the tiny bit of happiness she managed to cling to.

    After what seemed like a century her thoughts began to return to her. She felt as though she was in charge of her mind again. Cautiously, she opened her eyes only to see the black robed creature walking away.

    She breathed a sigh of relief. She has survived another attack and she still knew who she was. The Dementors had failed to destroy her, yet again.

    They can torture me forever, she thought. I won’t be destroyed. I can’t be destroyed. I am Bellatrix Black.
    Author: Sly Severus
    House: Slytherin
    Warnings: None
    Words: 450
    Title: Mouse

    Shame filled him as he led her into the small dilapidated home. She deserved better. She was used to better. How would he ever be able to provide her with the lifestyle she was accustomed to? He would never have the power and money that her family had.

    She looked around the house as they entered. Her face conveyed no emotion, but he was certain that she was sickened, at the very least disappointed. This was not the life she was meant to lead and he was certain that, deep down, she knew it.

    Finally, Andromeda smiled and wrapped her arms around him. “Our house,” she exclaimed, “I’m so excited.”

    Glancing at the moth eaten curtains, uneven floors and chipped walls, Ted could not imagine what she was excited about. Anyone in her family would have run screaming from this house. Of course, Andromeda had little in common with anyone in her family.

    All the sudden Andromeda gasped and jumped about a mile.

    “What’s wrong?”

    She pointed a shaky finger towards the kitchen door. “I saw a mouse.”

    Ted backed away from her and let out an aggravated sigh.

    “I’m sorry, Andy,” he began. “I know this isn’t the life you’re used to. You deserve so much better than this. If you want to go back to your family, I’ll understand, hell, I’ll take you to their doorstep. I don’t deserve you. I can’t take care of you. They can.”

    Again, Andromeda wrapped her arms around his shoulders, pulling him close. “You can take care of me. We have a home, Ted. It might not be the mansion that I grew up in, but it’s already more of a home to me than that place was. Why can’t you see that you can offer me things that my family never could? Ted you can give me love and that’s something my parents never managed. I want to stay here, with you.”

    Ted hugged her tightly.

    “I wish you would stop acting like I made a mistake by choosing to be with you. I got enough of that from Bella. I love you, and that’s all that matters.”

    “I love you, too,” he replied as he kissed her softly on the forehead.

    He lowered his lips to hers before she spoke again. “Uh...Ted?”

    “Yes, my love?”

    “Could you kill the mouse first? It’s making me a tad uneasy.”

    Relief flooded Ted’s body as he laughed. He kissed Andromeda once more and wondered into the kitchen to attack the offending rodent. He might not be able to give Andromeda the life she was used to, but damn it, he would do whatever he could for her, which started with killing the mouse.
    Author: Sly Severus
    House: Slytherin
    Warnings: None
    Words: 303
    Title: What Was Expected

    It was long past midnight and she sat alone in the Slytherin Common Room, staring at the parchment. Tears burned her eyes. She could finally release the grief she had been feeling since the owl arrived at her table during breakfast that morning.

    She was just about to take a sip of pumpkin juice when it was confirmed that her life was over. Her dreams were over; they had simply been discarded. Her chance to do anything with her life was gone. There was nothing left for her, but to do as she was told and marry the man her parents had selected.

    The tears streamed freely down her face. Why was she acting so foolish? She knew this day was coming. She knew her parents would never consent to her having a career instead of a marriage. It just wasn’t the way things were done in her family. She was born into life that was already designed for her. She was given a role to play and she was never to step outside the role.

    “You are being ungrateful,” she said aloud.

    It was true. Her life came with hardships, but there were many advantages. She had the best of everything. Her blood was pure, money was no obstacle and it never would be. What more could she want?

    A life. She wanted a life. She wanted to make a decision for herself. She wanted to have a career. She didn’t want to be locked away in a gloomy old mansion, only to be put on display at dinner parties.

    She shook her head. It didn’t matter. In a few days she would leave Hogwarts forever. She would begin her life as Mrs. Lucius Malfoy because that was what was expected of her. Narcissa Black always did what was expected of her.
    Author: Sly Severus
    House: Slytherin
    Warnings: None
    Words: 371
    Title: A Simple Dream

    Bellatrix Black sat alone in the Slytherin common room, flipping through the various leaflets that had been left regarding future careers. It was late, but this was the only chance she would have to read without prying eyes. If her friends saw her reading these they wouldn’t understand. She was a Black. She was not meant to work. She was meant to do nothing more than take the Mark and shoot out pureblood babies. No one saw her as good enough to do anything better.

    She wanted the Mark. She knew it was her destiny. But sometimes she couldn’t help but wonder if she could be more. She wanted to serve the Dark Lord, but did that mean she could have nothing else in her life, besides a snotty pureblood husband. Why couldn’t she have a career? She was smart enough. She had been at the top of her year for the last five years.

    She was reading through a leaflet with a crossed bone-and-emblem symbol on it, the sign of St. Mungo’s. Healing had its appeal. It required intelligence, which she clearly demonstrated. It also required discipline, which she had in spades. And she knew it would increase her usefulness to the Dark Lord. Surely, he would appreciate having some around who could nurse his servants back to health after a battle.

    She was still immersed in the leaflet when she heard footsteps on the dormitory stairs. She glanced up just in time to see Rodolphus Lestrange enter the room.

    “What are you doing up?” he asked, plopping down beside her, as she hid the leaflets from view.

    “I couldn’t sleep,” she told him.

    He rested his hand on her leg. “Is something wrong?”

    “No,” she told him. She could never confide her thoughts in Rodolphus Lestrange. He was polite enough, but she knew he thought women were good for nothing but keeping a clean house and raising children. He would never understand.

    “It’s late,” he told her. “You should try to sleep.” He extended his hand. “Let me walk you back upstairs.”

    She nodded and accepted his hand, but not before she slipped the leaflet into her robes. She was going to have future. She was sure of it.
    And...My recomendations:

    Small Green Dress by AstroFire

    Relief by Cheslin

    Tea and Approval by Masked One


    Master of Puppets by Eponine

    *grins* I hope there wasn't a limit on this. Sorry, if I have gone over it.

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    Ron x Hermione
    This is a great idea!

    Here's a few of mine as well...

    Name: Ron x Hermione
    House: Hufflepuff
    Warnings: None, but there is hilarity ahead on the last.

    “Ouch!” Ron laughed at Hermione’s attempts to throw a snowball, but that one had hit its target--- his face.

    Hermione aimed again, but missed. Ron ran over to her, grabbing her from behind and whipping her around to face him, dropping the snow out of her hand.

    “I love you, Hermione,” he told her as they stared into each other’s eyes.

    “I love you too, Ron,” she said right back.

    He looked cautiously at her at first, then leant in for a kiss.

    “Hey! Get back inside you two!” Harry laughed, “They're about to start the feast!” Ron and Hermione ignored him. He rolled his eyes and walked back inside. The two broke apart, grabbing each other by the hand, and ran inside.

    ~ * ~

    After the feast, Hermione and Ron went up to the Gryffindor Common Room.

    “Hermione, slow down!” he said incredulously, amazed at how fast she was pulling him up the steps to the portrait of the Fat Lady.

    “Fi-Fizzing Whiz-Whizbee,” Hermione panted, pulling Ron through the portrait hole once the Fat Lady had opened it.

    “What are you doing?” he asked slyly, grabbing her hand and pulling her back to him.

    Hermione just put a finger to his lips.

    “Shh… You’ll see,” she said, letting go of his hand and planting a kiss on his cheek.

    Ron felt his ears going red at the two lone first-years sitting in a corner of the room, watching, but he didn’t care. He had to hurriedly get Hermione’s present out of his hiding place.

    He ran up to his dorm and grabbed it out from under his bed. Okay, it wasn’t the best of hiding places, but it had worked, and no one had found it.

    He shook the package as he fingered the delicate wrapping that had taken him nearly an hour to finish. He wanted it to be perfect; all of it perfect, and just for her.

    “Merry Christmas, Hermione,” he told her as she unwrapped the beautiful gift.

    “OH, RON!” Hermione squealed in delight, putting the book in the air. “It‘s beautiful! How did you come up with the idea for this?”

    “I know you like S-P-E-W, so I thought that you would just need something to organize all of your stuff in.” he said sheepishly. It was a binder for holding all of her group membership badges, documents, and any rules to the organization.

    She smiled at the thought of him not calling her club “spew,” and pushed her present towards him.

    He picked it up the gift and opened it. It was a Broom Servicing Kit. He had been needing one for his old broom for a while now.

    Ron thanked her and said, “Merry Christmas, Hermione.”

    “Merry Christmas Ron.”

    And they indulged in one final kiss under the lights of the Christmas tree in their common room. They had another week until the next term started, and they were going to spend it together.
    "Sirius! It's good to see you, son!" cried Mr. Potter as the boy walked through the door.

    "You too, Mr. Potter." Sirius told the man, smiling.

    Mrs. Potter poked her out of the kitchen to see who had run. "Oh, hello, Sirius! James is upstairs. You'll stay for dinner, I presume?"

    Sirius nodded and then proceeded on up the stairs to fins his best friend sitting upside down in a lounge chair, pushing his hair back into different styles, apparently trying to figure out which one was to his best taste.

    "Having fun, Prongs?"

    "Sirius!" he yelled, flipping off the chair in surprise.

    "Boys! Dinner is ready!" James mother yelled from the kitchen.

    The two laughed as they made their way down the stairs.

    "Sirius, I need to talk to you. Would you come here a moment?" called Mr. Potter from his study.

    James didn't even give Sirius a strange look. His parents and Sirius were as good as friends as Sirius and himself. This wasn't odd in the slightest to Sirius either; he loved to talk to a loving parent.

    His parents... well, they weren’t exactly what you would call good parents. His Mum; she seemed like the type of evil woman that would plant herself in a portrait after her death and put a permanent sticking charm on the back, just so people would know that she had once wreaked havoc on other people’s lives.

    His father. Well, he never really saw much of his father. Both of his parents were too busy brooding over Young Regulus to even remember to feed him, Sirius.

    Sirius considered Mr. and Mrs. Potter as good as a mother and father, they loved him at least.

    And they thought him a son.

    He was there at their home as much as James, and they enjoyed sharing the home witht he boy.

    “Yes, sir?” Sirius asked, walking into the next room.

    “I want to thank you for being such a good friend to my James. I’m glad that you two found each other in school. Goodness knows where I’d be if you hadn’t.”

    Sirius gave him an inquiring look before asking, “Why?”

    Mr. Potter stared at him for moment before answering.

    “Sirius. I consider you a son. You’re just a good of a kid as James, and you inspire me. You inspire me to go on with my life.

    “How do I do that?” Sirius asked questioningly.

    “Sirius- you don’t care about all of the terrible things - your family - has done, if I may say so. Half of them are in Azkaban, the other half are on the run, dead, or evil in their own way. You? You, Sirius, are… a light in the darkness. A light... in the Black.”

    Sirius stood still for a moment, considering all of the things he had just said.

    “Thank you, sir. I’m glad to have met you too. I...” he paused. “You’re more of a father to me in one day than my real father ever has been.” he looked up at him. He hadn’t realized that he had been staring at his shoes.

    Mr. Potter smiled at him. “I’m glad that hear that.”

    As the two men stood up to leave, Sirius embraced the man in a tight hug. It wasn’t a hig, as if between friends - it was a hug between father and son.
    They stalked past each other every day, neither one having the courage to tell the other how they felt.

    She had just finished sacking that hag, Trelawney. Trelawney had been worthless to the school, and had too much knowledge for the Ministry’s liking. She had been ordered to fire her from the beginning, but didn’t want to appear too suspicious towards Dumbledore.


    She didn’t know what to think of him.

    She knew that she had to hate him; it was basically her job to get rid of him. But when she got a look at that long, silvery hair, and heard that deep, soft voice, she had to scold herself.

    ”You’re supposed to be trying to get him sacked!” she screamed inwardly, walking past the stone gargoyle next to the opening to Dumbledore’s office.

    She dreamed of that every night...going up there, his office, just one time...

    “STOP IT!” she nagged again, closing her eyes.

    She had to stop thinking of the old man that way.

    She rounded the corner to go on to the staff’s dormitories when she almost ran into him.

    “Dumbledore.” she said tartly, stepping back.

    He stopped at the sight of her. “Dolores. You can call me Albus.”

    “Well, Dumbledore,” she argued, “It’s not in the Ministry’s best interest for me to get friendly with this staff. I’m just here to keep you all up to standard in teaching here.”

    “I don’t approve of you firing my teachers, Dolores.”

    “Well, as you can see, Dumbledore-” she pulled out a handsome scroll of parchment with the Ministry’s seal. Dumbledore knew what it was.

    “Please, I don’t need to hear this again-”

    “Ministry of Magic’s Decree Number forty-seven.” she ignored him. Dolores Jane Umbridge, High Inquisitor of Hogwarts- that’s me-” she added, “Now has the privilege of hiring or firing new and old staff for Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, signed Cornelius Fudge, yadda, yadda, yadda...” she sighed and looked up at him.

    “Yes, I know, Dolores,” he replied harshly. “I’m tired of you harassing my students and staff.”

    “Yes, well-”

    “I wish that you’d harass me.” he said slyly.

    She didn’t take the hint.

    “Well, I’m not supposed to evaluate you until later in the year; not until after I’ve made all of the other arrangements with the rest of the...other teachers. It is my job to find out if the faculty here are up to standard.”

    He took a step closer to her.

    “I find you very...fiery, Dolores. I don’t think that you are living well among us here at Hogwarts. I want your stay to be pleasurable.”

    ”I would if I could spend it with you,” she told herself.

    She scolded herself mentally again and replied, “Well, I can assure you, it’s quite fine.”

    “Well, I can tell that most of my students, except for the Slytherins, I see; forgive me - dislike - you.”

    “If you haven’t noticed, I don’t care what the other people here at this place think of me! I will have order, Dumbledore!” she screamed at him.

    “Oh, I’ll give you order...” he said, taking another step and leaning in to kiss the woman.

    She kissed him back.

    They broke apart at the sound of students coming around the corner, heading back to their own dormitories.

    The two tried to look angry at each other, which was usually what others saw.

    The kids walked on by, hardly even noticing them there.

    Umbridge straightened her shirt, trying to look superior.

    “Albus,” she said matter-of-factly.

    “Dolores,” he said gruffly.

    Silence followed for the longest time.

    “So...six o’clock, my office?” he asked hopefully.

    She turned to look at him slowly.

    Anything of Viv's. Her drabbles are crazily good.
    Small Green Dress, AstroFire. And anything else, for that matter.
    Anything of Onbegrepen's.


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    Here is 3 of mine:

    Author: GinnyPotter
    House: Hufflepuff
    Warnings: None
    Words: 307
    Title: The Secret Within

    "Now Ginny, whatever you do, do not put on the ring." Mrs. Wealsey said sternly. She was going to Diagon Ally with Ron, Harry, Fred, George, Bill, and his pregnant wife, Fleur. They were picking out supplies for Fluer's baby Girl, and Ginny didn't want to go because she didn't want to spend the day with Baby diapers, when she could be playing with Arnold, her pink Pygmy Puff.

    "But -"

    "No buts’ young Lady. If you do, you will be sorry." Mrs. Weasley gathered everyone up to the fire, and they all grabbed some flew powder. As everyone started to spin in the Emerald flames one at a time, they said bye to Ginny. Mrs. Wealsey was the last to go, and quickly reminded her as she started to spin. "Remember" She said quickly with a wink. "Not a touch of skin on that ring."

    "Yep." Ginny called, and started to play with Arnold. After a while, her thoughts shifted to the ring.

    "Hmm....I wonder what would happen if I put it on." Ginny said out loud. Arnold squeaked. "Nothing really bad is going to happen, Arnold. Mum was probably just trying to scare me. Now, where is it? I must try it on."

    After looking in her room, Harry and Ron’s Room, in the Kitchen, and in the Den, she finally found it sitting in a box sitting on a bench in the Garden. The box was ruby Red, and surprisingly, it had snakes on it.

    Ginny took out the ring, and slipped it on her finger. Suddenly, she saw snakes coming out of the box! Strange, that wasn’t supposed to happen. The snakes started to slither up the arms, and soon she was choking.

    “I guess I should have listened to Mum.” Ginny mumbled as the snakes got even closer.

    Arnold squeaked even more.
    Author: GinnyPotter
    House Hufflepuff
    Warnings: Well, Someone kills someone else.
    Words: Uh...erm...621. Wendilen wanted them to be 100-800 words. I went a little higher than I usually do.
    Title There's nothing I wouldn't do anymore.

    “Lily! Come on! Give me a chance! I’m not a Conceited, Smart-Alec, Teasing git that you think I am-

    “That’s an understatement.” Sirius smirked, watching James bounce on his toes to see where Lily went. He leaned over to Remus, and whispered, “I wonder when James will realize that Lily is going to the Yule Ball with Matt. You know, the guy from Hufflepuff. Do you think we should wack him on the head and tell him?”

    Remus swallowed his bite of Mash Potatoes. “Well,” he said, taking another bite. “Maybe we should tell him in the Common Room. That way, if he gets mad, only the Gryffindors will think he’s a maniac. Actually, I think they already think that he is. What do you think Peter?”

    “Think what?” Peter asked quizzically. Obviously, he hadn’t been listening.

    “Moony, he doesn’t know how to think, or even, what to think. So, I will think for him.” Sirius said happily, and put his hands on Peter’s head.

    “Ahh! Peter thinks, with me as his assistance, that we should not tell him. Peter thinks we shouldn’t tell him because James doesn’t wear deodorant, and his armpits sweat a lot, making them smell. If he raises his arms and waves them around because he is mad or upset, the smell will drift everywhere, and people would faint.” Sirius said proudly.

    “So, lets tell him.”


    “What?! He asked my girl, and she said yes? Oh, I am going to curse him into next week! Where is that wretch!?! I want to kill him!” James shouted the next day, after Sirius and Remus told him. As they had planned, James was very mad. He ran out of the Common Room in search of Matt, and Remus and Sirius fallowed.

    “This isn’t good.” They said at the same time, as they heard voices shouting, “FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!”

    “How dare you ask Lily to the Ball! I was going to ask her first. She’s my girl!” They heard James say over the roar of noise.

    “Oh gosh, it’s good Lily isn’t here, but I think something bad will happen.” They heard a Fifth Year tell her friend as they watched the fight.

    “Oh yeah, she would go out with you? That’s hard to believe. One day, I saw her upset, because she didn’t have anyone to go to the Ball too. I was nice enough to ask her, and she agreed. So back off!” Matt retorted.

    “I love her!” James said, his eyes blacking with rage. “I have asked her out many times before you! Why does she deny me, but not you? I love her!”

    “She doesn’t love you back. In fact, she’s my Girlfriend! Not yours! She will never love you!” Matt screamed. Everyone went silent. James pointed his wand at Matt’s heart. “Say it again, I dare you. Say it again, and watch what happens.”

    “You wouldn’t kill me, would you? Your too much of a loser to accomplish that.” Matt drawled at James.

    “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to get Lily to my girl.” James growled, and kept his wand steadier.

    “James, No!” Remus and Sirius shouted, as Matt said, almost daringly, “Lily…is…my…girl. My Girlfriend. She doesn’t love you. Get it through you think skull, would you. Maybe if you weren’t such a-” But he never got to finish.

    “Avada Kadavra!”

    A green light shot out of James wand, and hit Matt in the Chest. A surprised look passed over him, and Matt finally fell to the ground, dead.

    “Lily is mine, forever.” James growled, and ran away. He was going to ask her to the Ball.

    Sirius and Remus stared at each other. “So.” said the Fifth Year. “Think we should tell Lily?”
    Author: GinnyPotter
    House: Hufflepuff
    Warnings: None
    Words: I think 437
    Title: A snowball Fight with a twist

    "Alright girls....and guys...who wants to play an old fashion snowball fight?" I heard Oliver say happily as we ran outside, and into the freezing, cold air. Everyone agreed, even the adults, and we all started to pick our teams. Oh wait, I think that I'm going to fast for you. Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

    Now, as you can tell so far, Oliver Wood has asked for a snowball fight, we all agreed, and we decided to pick our teams. Pretty amazing, huh? Yeah, I think so too.

    You may ask, why would me, Lavender Brown, Professor McGonagall, Professor Lupin, Loony Lovegood, Oliver Wood, and Andromeda Tonks be playing a snowball fight on Christmas Eve? Well, we were just really bored, of course! Plus, you may not know, but Adults actually love to play with snow! Anyways, now you have to still listen to the story you know, so pay attention!

    "Ok, me and Loony are Captains. Loony, please do not use your Crumpled-Horned Snorcacks on the other team please." I said proudly, and watched Luna, or whatever her name is, walk up to where I was standing.

    "Oh, don't worry Lavender." Loony said dreamily, not even looking at me, "I left them with Daddy, they are sick, you know. And they don't fancy snow very much. It makes them cold." I just looked at her, and snickered.

    “I pick Professor Lupin!” I say triumphantly, and Professor Lupin comes up to where I’m standing, looks at me, and walks to the right side of the field. That must mean our team is going to be there.

    “Professor McGonagall?” Luna says quietly, and McGonagall walks to the left side of the field. I was sure that I heard her grown.

    “Oliver, come up here!” I say next. Oliver stands next to Lupin.

    “Andromeda, since you are the last one, will you be on my team?” she nods, and walk over near McGonagall.

    “Ok guys, lets start the game!” Oliver yelled, put on a smirk like Bellatrix Lestrange would be proud of, and threw a pile of snow at my head. Of course, it hit me, and when it did, I thought of a great idea.

    I ran inside the house that we were visiting, and brought out a broomstick. Quickly, so the other team wouldn’t see, my team piled snow onto the broom, and spun it around like a pinwheel. The snow went flying to the other team, and my team laughed as McGonagall swallowed some of the snow.

    That game just got weirder and weirder.

    Keribar's "I'll get rid of You."
    Onbegrepen's "The last goodbye"


    PS: Will edit with more soon!

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    One Particular Harbor

    Small Green Dress by Astrofire
    Christmas Surprise by Cwiddy
    Not Another Black Housewife by Sly Severus
    Christmas without Him By Sly Severus
    The Grey Lady by Gmariam

    And Drabbles by myself:

    Author: Cheshlin
    House: Slytherin
    Warnings: none
    Words: 354
    Title: Relief

    Andromeda looked into the eyes of the toddler in front of her. The healers had finally figured out why her daughter’s eyes and hair kept changing color. Her daughter was an Animagi. Relief swept through her as she realized there was nothing wrong with her beautiful little girl.

    Ted walked over and wrapped his arms around both his girls. Andromeda saw relief in his eyes also. “Everything is ok, Andi! All our worry was for nothing. Our little girl just has some rare abilities. I am so thankful!”

    Little Nymphdora looked at her parents in confusion. Her hair turned blue and her eyes pink. She started making funny faces in an obvious show to make her parents laugh. They both looked at each other and broke out in full laughs.

    Gathering her daughter up off the exam table, Andromeda thanked the Healer and followed Ted from the room.

    “I guess we will just have to get used to a daughter that has a flare for outrageous hair colors. I hope she gets bored of changing her eyes to such bright colors. It just isn’t natural!” Andromeda hugged her daughter close before letting her down to walk.

    “She will definitely keep others guessing. Just imagine what your parents and sister’s would say to such a display. Sometimes I think we are better off since they won’t have anything to do with you. They would try to tame her dramatic flare, since it is not something your family would normally do. I think we should encourage it,” Ted said in a thoughtful manner.

    “Nymphadora will be a hit when she finally goes off to school. The other kids will be asking for all sorts of faces and colors. Knowing the way she likes to be the center of attention, she will show off every time,” answered Andromeda.

    “I’m sure she will. I just hope she grows out of the tripping stage. I know that she is still young, but she’s been walking for over a year and she still trips over her own feet all the time,” Ted laughed

    “I’m sure she will,” Andromeda laughed back.
    Author: Cheshlin
    House: Slytherin
    Warnings: none
    Words: 457
    Title: Father and Son Day (This was written for my Myth class, but is one of my all times favorites. )

    Sirius was creeping around the corner, trying to keep his eyes and ears open for the sound of someone else moving. When he was sure that no one was in the adjoining hallway, he started backing towards one of his favorite hiding places. There was a cabinet that had just enough space in it for the six year old boy to climb into and close the door. The doors didn’t have a latch, and the gap between the doors were just enough for him to watch what was going on in the room if he put his eye right up against it.

    Because he was backing up, he didn’t see the tall dark figure come out of the shadows. Just as he was about to turn and quickly climb into his hiding spot, hands reached out and grabbed him, pulling him off his feet.

    Screaming in fright, Sirius started to kick and punch, but the strong hands managed to block most of blows. Then Sirius started to laugh as the fingers started to tickle him.

    “Gotcha that time! I bet you didn’t think I knew where you were headed, did you?” The man’s deep voice laughed at the young boy.

    Sirius was finally able to turn and hug the man that held him. “How did you figure out where I have been hiding? Mother hasn’t been able to figure out and she is home much more often then you. It comes in handy when she wants me to clean my room. You won’t tell her will you? Even Regulus hasn’t figured that spot out!”

    “I am a mighty hunter! You can’t hide from me.” Orion Black smiled at his son and then swung him up to his shoulders. “I won’t share your hiding place with your mother, but you need to keep your room clean.”

    After spinning his son around a few times, they both ended up on the floor. “Want to fly into town with me? Your mother is taking a nap since Regulus kept her up most the night with his fever. I have a few things to pick up from Diagon Alley.”

    “I would love to go with you! Can we stop by Florean Fortesque’s for some ice cream? Please!” Sirius begged.

    “If you behave yourself while I’m getting my errands done, I’ll take you for ice cream, deal?” Orion held his hand out for Sirius to shake.

    “Deal!” Sirius shook his father’s hand.

    “Go grab your cloak while I grab my broomstick. Maybe we can even stop by Quality Quidditch Supplies and check out the newest brooms.” Orion winked at his son.

    “Could we?? That would be awesome! Thanks father.” Sirius scampered up the stairs as fast as his legs would carry him.

    Banner by Grangergirl from Slytherin

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    I wrote this one for Halloween, but did not enter it so I'm glad I can enter it now!

    Author: Gmariam
    House: Ravenclaw
    Warnings: None
    Words: 500
    Title: Original, Indeed
    Remus Lupin gazed at the two fifth year students standing in front of him. He was trying very hard not to laugh; it had been a great prank, after all. Yet he was a teacher now, and needed to enforce school discipline. He was suddenly reminded of his days as a prefect, and how difficult it had been to keep his friends in line.

    “Fred. George.” Remus cleared his throat in an effort to hide his smile. “While I appreciate the intricate planning that went into this prank - ” he ran his hands through his hair, now a violent shade of electric blue, “ - you realize that I must still give you a detention.”

    The twins shrugged, obviously not caring about detention after the hilarious uproar that had ensued in the Great Hall when dozens of students and teachers had begun spontaneously sporting a new hair color.

    “And take ten points from Gryffindor,” added Lupin. The twins looked at him in disbelief.

    “That’s all?” asked George incredulously.

    “A detention and ten points?” repeated Fred.

    “I must admit that while blue isn’t my color,” began Remus, “I thought Professor Snape looked lovely in that particular shade of green.”

    Fred snorted, and George kicked him silent.

    “I assume you had planned on delivering the antidote as well?” asked Lupin, watching their reaction.

    “How do you know about the antidote?” asked George, narrowing his eyes.

    Remus reached into his desk and pulled a small vial from the top drawer. It was filled with a clear amber liquid. Without answering, he unstopped the vial and swallowed the contents. Within moments his hair returned to its more traditional brown color, and he smiled at the look of surprise on the twins’ faces.

    “It was not as original as you think, gentlemen,” he announced. “That wasn’t the first time Hogwarts has found itself on the wrong end of a Shading Solution in the Great Hall on Halloween.” He waited for the impact of his words to sink in.

    The twins’ eyes went wide.

    “You didn’t - ” breathed Fred.

    “No way!” chortled George.

    Remus stepped around the desk and led them toward the door with a smile. “I don’t think Professor Snape liked his green hair back then, either,” he replied with a wink.

    “Wicked,” said Fred.

    “Off with the antidote now, please,” ordered Lupin. “We had to deliver it to each Head of House with a full apology, so I would suggest you do the same. Immediately. You will serve your detention this weekend.”

    “Yes, sir!” they replied, and dashed off, grinning. Remus shook his head; it was remarkable how much the Weasley twins reminded him of James and Sirius. He was suddenly struck by an amusing thought, and before they turned the corner, Remus raised his wand and sent a quick Color Change Charm down the corridor toward the twins.

    Remus laughed to himself as Fred and George walked away, their red hair now a deep shade of purple. Original, indeed.
    I wrote this one for the October Quibbler in Ravenclaw, also about Halloween:

    Name: Gmariam
    House: Ravenclaw
    Warnings: None
    Words: 470
    Title: Hang Halloween!
    Dear Editor –
    I’ve had it. I am tired of becoming an object of ridicule once a year. I am tired of seeing Muggles decorate their homes with spider webs and graves, of watching them dress up as witches and wizards, ghosts and goblins. I am offended, and I wholeheartedly move for the immediate cessation of that abominable holiday known as Halloween.

    The Muggles have it all wrong: Halloween isn’t about dressing up and eating candy and playing tricks. It used to be a solemn holiday, a day marking the thinning of the veil between our world and the next. It used to be a time for reinforcing the boundaries and protections that separated our worlds, and for setting store for the coming winter months. It was a time of quiet celebration, not of debauchery and mockery.

    When did we become such laughing stocks? Why do Muggles delight in their pointed hats and warts? Why do they insist on black cloaks and wispy brooms? I myself am free of warts, prefer a beret as my head covering of choice, wear colorful robes and wouldn’t be caught dead with a Comet 260. Wizarding folk have become a source of amusement and merriment for the Muggles, and it is high time we stood up for our image.

    The Ministry of Magic must end its shameless encouragement of this disgusting Muggle holiday. Every witch and wizard knows the Ministry has promoted Halloween as a cover-up for the truth, going so far as to invest thousands in costume shops and haunted houses across the country in an effort to steer the Muggles away from the wizarding community. The Ministry sits back year after year as horrible pranks are played each October on unsuspecting witches and wizards; last year my lovely home was debased with a combination of rotten eggs and toilet paper. As the Minister for Magic sits on his throne, counting the Galleons raked in from the Muggle obsession with candy, pumpkins, and something called silly string, the ordinary witch or wizard is left struggling with an image of themselves that is embarrassing and unhealthy.

    I believe the Ministry should end its support of this baseless holiday. If the Ministry will not relent, then they must allow us to at least protect ourselves on this dark night and cast spells that will keep the Muggles and their insulting costumes away from our homes. We must not allow the Muggles to continue dressing as our most famous witches and wizards. We must not allow them to deface our history and our traditions. We must reclaim our image, our magic.

    I once again move for the immediate end to the holiday known as Halloween, and hope all good witches and wizards will join me in calling for a restoration of wizarding values.

    Ima Pickletoad
    I hope to add some recommendations as well, I just have to track them down!

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    Here's one of mine!

    Author: helgaandgodric
    House: Ravenclaw
    Warnings: Dramione shipping
    Words: 498
    Title: Crisis Averted

    Tears welled up in Hermione’s eyes, making the amber flecks shine. “You insufferable prat!” she screamed. Locks of bushy brown hair framed her face, falling out of their place in her messy bun. The tears began to fall, cascading down her face and onto navy blue robes. Her hands, one clenched into a fist, the other tightly holding a piece of parchment, shook as if an earthquake had taken hold of them.

    Draco stood in the doorway of the well furnished study, looking in with grey, troubled eyes. “Hermione, I don’t understand-” he began as he tried to walk into the study. But his progress and his sentence were cut off by a warding spell coming from Hermione’s outstretched and trembling hands. Apparently her anger was enough to counter the shaking hands.

    “Don’t you come near me,” she cried. Now her hands were steady, but her voice was not. The tears were still coming, thick as ever, and it was obvious that her vision was impaired by the tears. “You cheat, you cheating,” but her tirade was cut off as she broke into sobs. Collapsing on the floor, her wards were broken down as she was too emotional to continue holding up her hands.

    In an instant Draco was by her side trying to make clear of her comments and distress. “Cheating? Why would I cheat on you?” he asked, incredulous. “You were the brightest student in our class, you’re educating the minds of tomorrow, every year you earn hundreds of galleons for charities, and you can trick me into telling you what’s bothering me.” He lent in to kiss a tear but she swatted him away. Unfazed, Draco finished his explanation. “To top it all of, you’re gorgeous, Hermione. You’re gorgeous without having to put a ton of goop on your face or having what Mother called ‘Procedures.’ You, my dear, are the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

    Finally, Hermione’s sobs subsided as she looked up at Draco with soft brown eyes. “Really, Draco?” she asked with more than a hint of mistrust. At his careful nod, she asked another question. “Then why is this receipt for a room at the new resort Fusion?”

    Now it was Draco’s turn to have a hint of mistrust in his voice. “You seriously don’t understand, Hermione?” Her sorrowful eyes were enough to answer the question, and he hurried to answer. “It’s your surprise birthday present!”

    Hermione’s cheeks turned pink, and her mouth formed an ‘oh.’ She let Draco help her up, and was just about to apologize when, from the doorway came a small voice. “Mummy? Daddy? What’s going on?”

    Smiling first at Draco and then at the little girl with boisterous blond curls and brown eyes, Hermione said, “Daddy and I just had a little tiff, Charlotte. Why don’t you go back to bed? We’ll be in to say goodnight in a few minutes.” Crisis averted, Hermione thought to herself before stealing a kiss from her husband.

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    My Drabbles

    Author: Cwiddy
    House: Hufflepuff
    Warnings: small amount of violence
    Words: 496
    Title: The Bite

    Here is a drabble I wrote on Fenrir Greyback:

    The Bite

    He remembered when it first occurred. It was difficult to forget receiving the bite of a werewolf. Because of those circumstances, Fenrir Greyback was the monster he had become.

    Fenrir’s nightmare began after his ninth birthday. At school all the boys had been discussing how haunted graveyards were and Fenrir kept denying that ghosts stayed around the graves. He and his friends decided to go to the graveyard that Saturday night and spend the night there. If they saw none, then they would believe Fenrir. That is what the boys told him. They had no intention of showing up until morning to laugh at him alone in the graveyard. Fenrir had always been different and the boys often laughed behind his back. Little did they know that he was half wizard, but his muggle father insisted that he attend muggle school until he could start Hogwarts after his 11th birthday.

    Saturday night came and Fenrir headed out to the graveyard by sneaking out his window to the roof and down the drain pipe to the back porch. He had done this many times, even though his mother had warned him about going out after dark, especially on the full moon. He was actually glad to see the full moon shining out into the night, knowing there would be plenty of light to see any potential ghosts.

    He arrived at the graveyard and waited. The boys in his class never did show up. Right before dawn, he heard a noise in the forest next to the cemetery. He jumped up from his seat next to the gate. The next thing he knew a giant wolf jumped out of the woods and ran straight at him. He bit Fenrir’s leg tossing him to the ground, then moved up to rip out his throat. Just then a car sped by and the noise scared the monster back to the woods. Fenrir sat there bleeding from his leg and neck. The pain that ran through is body was excruciating. He felt himself transforming, realizing only then that the monster was a werewolf. The boys from school showed up an hour latter to be devoured by a wolf that was standing at the gate.

    When he transformed back to human form he found himself covered in blood and recognized some of the shreds of clothing laying around him as what the boys had worn the day before. He ran towards home, but met his mother on the front porch. She took one look at him and said “Monster get away from here and never return!” Then she turned back towards the house slamming the door shut. Not knowing what to do, he turned towards the forest, where he met up with the werewolf who had bit him. Swearing vengeance on all children for the life he was forced to lead because of their cruelty towards those who were different, he embraced his differences and the life style of a feral werewolf.
    Author: Cwiddy
    House: Hufflepuff
    Warnings: none
    Words: 489
    Title: Christmas Surprise

    Here is one I wrote around Christmas time:

    Christmas Surprise

    Nymphadora Tonks was walking down Diagon Alley, contemplating what she had already bought for Christmas and what else or who else she needed to shop for when she ran into Remus Lupin who was hurrying out of a Jewelry store.

    “Wotcher Remus!” said Tonks with a smile once she caught her balance.

    Remus helped her right herself and hid a package up his sleeve.

    “Hello!! I was not expecting to meet you today,” he said!

    “Well, It’s 2 days until Christmas and I’d better get the rest of my Christmas shopping done. Sometimes I wish I was more organized like Mom always was, having most the shopping done before Thanksgiving!”

    “Andromeda was very organized, Sirius was always talking about how she bragged to him about having her shopping done before Thanksgiving every year,” said Remus. “Hello Minerva!” said Remus turning towards the next store.

    “Hello Remus. Out finishing your Christmas shopping today, too?” said Minerva McGonagall?

    “Why yes, I just bought my final gift,” stated Remus.

    “Really Remus? May I ask what you were doing in the jewelry store just now?” asked Tonks.

    “Never mind young lady! All will be revealed in good time!” said Remus laughing.

    Just then a young man and lady walked past and shouted out “Merry Christmas!” as they stood in the gently falling snow.

    “Merry Christmas Oliver and Lavender” said Minerva McGonagall as she waved goodbye to Remus and Tonks.

    “Who was that Remus?” asked Tonks.

    “Oliver Wood and Lavender Brown, they were students of mine at Hogwarts. I believe the student I will always remember most is Luna Lovegood though.” Said Remus.

    “Any relation to the editor of the Quibbler?” asked Tonks.

    “She is his daughter. He’s shared his love of myths, legends, and unbelievable truths with her, too!” said Remus.

    “Ok, enough about the Lovegoods, what do you have up your sleeve?” asked Tonks?

    “Nothing!! I have to get going though, have one more stop at Knockturn Alley, a mission for the Order, someone was there claiming to have a few personal possessions of Bellatrix Lestrange. I need to investigate and found out if there is any truth to the claims…and make sure that none of the possessions are of any danger to anyone who may buy them,” said Remus.

    “Ok, I’ll join you, I know more about my cousin then most people,” said Tonks.

    “Oh no you don’t, go finish shopping, this is my mission and you don’t need to be going to Knockturn Alley!” said Remus.

    “I’m an Auror Remus! I go there frequently for work! You don’t have to treat me like I’m a child!” said Tonks as she stomped off towards the ice-cream parlor.

    “I’ll make it up to you Nymphadora come Christmas morning, for now, I have to get to work,” mumbled Remus to himself as he pulled the ring box out of his pocket and placed it in a more secure location, close to his heart.

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    Masked One
    Author: Masked One
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Ambition
    Word Count: 202
    Rating: PG
    Warnings: None
    Notes: This was written for a Slytherin in-house challenge ages and ages ago. The prompt was “A Thirst To Prove Yourself.”

    Luna is not ambitious.

    She doesn’t thirst for power, hunger for recognition, strive for glory. Luna doesn’t care if she’s ever rich, and she hates the very thought of politics. Brown-nosing isn’t her thing, nor is secret revenge. She doesn’t plot her advances.

    No, Luna is not ambitious, but she has an ambition.

    Luna will beat Bellatrix.

    Not because she wants her name in the papers tomorrow. Not because Bellatrix is the fiercest of the Death Eaters. No. Luna will beat her because Bellatrix killed Neville, and now he’s not here to do it. She’ll beat her because Tonks is in the hospital, and Hermione’s fighting Nott, and Ron’s down. She’ll beat her because Bellatrix is raising her wand, and it’s pointing at Harry.

    Luna doesn’t want to be the-woman-who-saved-the-boy-who-lived. Luna just wants Harry to be home tomorrow, pacing in front of the infirmary and ranting quietly that healing takes so long, and won’t his friends be ok?

    Luna is not ambitious. But it doesn’t take ambition to say a single spell, and satisfaction isn’t any less for being unlooked for.

    Luna is not ambitious, but in a moment she outshines many who are.
    Author: Masked One
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Dragon Crazy
    Word Count: 400
    Warnings: None
    Notes: This was for a Slytherin in-house writing relay. The prompt was Charlie’s first day on the job.

    “You’ll be sleepin’ up there.” Roger jerked his head at the stairs. “Second door on the right. Bathroom’s at the end of the hall. Hot water’s first come, first serve. Food’s in the kitchen – hot and plentiful earlier, colder and scarcer later. We got a cook. Housecleaning’s our problem, so keep your stuff neat.”

    I nodded and headed towards the stairs, thinking I was going to drop off my stuff, but- “Where’re you going? Levitate them up, quick, and let’s be on our way.”

    Shrugging, I complied and followed him out the door. The dragons were kept in pens – smaller than a natural habitat, but big enough for comfort. Not, I soon learned, big enough for the natural decomposition of manure.

    “You worked with dragons before?” Roger asked me, standing at the edge of a pale blue wall of magic.

    “Not while they weren’t restrained.” And that was pushing it. I’d run errands for a team once and been allowed to watch, when they had a dragon at Hogwarts. ‘Dragon-crazy’, they’d called me, with amused smiles. I got the impression they’d been that way themselves once.

    “Right,” he said. “Then listen up. Don’t go through the magic – it stops them from sensing you as much as keeps them from coming out. Pile’s up that way. Summon the manure out, then banish it up there. We turn the pile every few days. I’ll put you on that tomorrow.”

    He waited a beat, presumably to see if I had questions, and strode off. “I’ll be treating the scale rot on the Welsh Green female if you need me.”

    …and of course, I know just where that is, I thought, sarcastic.

    Trying different variations of Accio Dragon Poop kept me amused for half an hour, but the repetitive spell casting quickly grew tiresome. By the third pen, I’d started casting silently – and wondering why I’d gotten myself into this.

    ‘Dragon crazy.’ I’d always put the emphasis on the first word – ‘dragon’ always stood out in my mind under any circumstances. Now, ‘crazy’ seemed the more apt. Crazy to be up here practicing basic magic moving piles of manure for almost no pay. Crazy to be wandering around between blue magical walls, unable to see the dragons.

    Crazy to be contemplating just peeping inside.

    Ok, I admitted to myself with a wry smile, banishing a particularly fresh batch with haste, dragon crazy it is.

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