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Thread: I got me some Neville Fever! WEEKLY CHALLENGE! ~RESULTS~

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    Russia Snow

    I got me some Neville Fever! WEEKLY CHALLENGE! ~RESULTS~

    Doctors offices have been overwhelmed.

    Hospitals can't cope.

    Scientists are baffled.

    Who knows if it can be cured?


    After the release of DH Pt.2, I'm thinking that pretty much everyone who has been to the cinema/movie theatre has been struck down by this mystery illness.

    Your challenge this week is to give in to the symptoms of Neville Fever and allow Neville to take over as your muse.

    You may write any time/event and include any other characters. The only requirement is that you have Neville as your primary character.

    Your drabble must be 500 words or less and you have until 10pm BST on July 30th to complete your drabble.

    (Please use a beta! SPAG will be taken into account when judging)

    Form for your drabble:

    PHP Code:
    B]Word Count:[/B]
    B]Reason why Neville is so awesome:[/B]
    Madam Carmerta Edit: I would normally scowl at the use of the 'a' word, but Neville is awesome.
    Madam Russia Edit: But I love the 'a' word! (And I love annoying you... =P)


    The usual 15 points for first place, 10 for second, and 5 for third (depending on how many entries we get, and the quality of said drabbles)

    There will also be 5 points for participation (providing you follow the rules. If you write a 200 word drabble about Draco, then no.)

    (Thanks for putting the points in! I knew I forgot something >.>)

    ~The Barmaids xxxxx
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