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Thread: Plot bunnies needs a home!

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    1. This plot bunny is 'from a teacher's point of view'. This could be anything you want, from Minerva's thoughts about Harry or even Draco to how Longbottm views Harry's kids or an OC.

    2. Next Generation: What would happen if Umbridge had a daughter, and her father was a Death Eater? And she somehow landed a teaching job at Hogwarts? Would she be evil, or nice? If she was evil. . . (this is where I hope whoever adopts it is going) what would she turn the school into? Would it be under lock-down like Snape's regime? Would Harry's kids step up to the plate, or would an OC be the hero here? It does not even have to be Umbridge's kid, it could be a child of two well known and evil death eaters! Very open ended. . . . kind of.

    3. "Deathly Hallows Missing Moment" What do Ron, Hermione, Luna, Ginny, Neville, etc. etc. think and feel as soon as they see either their best friend, love, or hero lying dead on the ground? How do they react instantly? Minnie McGonnagal would be a good POV for this. Good one-shot.

    4. "Deathly Hallows Missing Moment" The Chamber of Secrets. Hermione's worst thoughts and fears. What are they?

    Please just adopt one?

    My favorite is the first!

    Please!?!?!?! I LOVE the first one. . . it would make for an amazing heartfelt one shot!!!!!1 Could someone just adopts one?????
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