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    I think it would be cool if there would be some way the public could view the queue and so this would eliminate people asking about how soon their story is being reviewed and how far into the queue their story is.

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    Since the queue doesn't move at a set speed, I doubt that would make a difference. Even if you can view the queue and can see that your story is at the top of the list for the category it's in, you could still wait another week if the moderator has internet problems or goes on a holiday and no one else has time to take care of it. Or it could be at the very bottom, and you get ready for a long wait, and the moderator decides that it's a slow Sunday, and clears the whole category out in an afternoon.

    Also – and this may be frustrating to hear – having a rough idea of when your story might be modded doesn't make time go by faster, so I don't exactly see how getting a look at the queue would help you.

    Of course, if you feel that waits are too long and things are moving too slowly at the moment (this goes out to anyone), you could always apply to be a moderator and help speed things up.
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    Is there a requirement for how long someone's been an active participant on the boards before petitioning to be a mod? Just curious since I haven't been here long but I do have the time now to help out.

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