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Thread: The Great Russia Snow Drabble Competitiion

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    The Great Russia Snow Drabble Competitiion


    It's one of your barmaids' birthdays and yes, I know she's your favourite, so for the next seven days, I'd like you all to honour her by writing drabbles. (RS Edit: Ahhh! This is so amazing, thankyou so much!)

    In keeping with TTB tradition, this is a competition and thus I must set a prompt.

    Russia Snow, you may be aware, does not like canon much. She loves:

    Non-canon pairings
    Cedric Diggory

    (not necessarily in that order)

    So ... your challenge is to combine these three elements into a drabble for her.

    There will be participation points of 2 per drabble (so you could enter a few drabbles and rack up the points - but a maximum of five). Then there will be Russia's prize of 15 points for the drabble she likes the best (plus 10 and 5 for second and third place respectively).

    Be aware of something. Russia is British. She hates words like pants for trousers and gotten is a forbidden word. She likes Humour but not Humor. Her characters don't have Moms. She's a Brit-picker - just sayin'.

    Use this form for entries

    PHP Code:
    B]Present you would owl Russia:[/B]
    All MNFF guidelines are to be followed.

    EDIT: OOOP's forgot to say, all drabbles must be between 300-500 words.

    Competition will close on Thursday 13th July at 6PM -BST.

    Madam Carmerta
    AKA the greatest barmaid/friend in the WORLD! (RS Edit)
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