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Thread: The Great Russia Snow Drabble Competitiion

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    The Great Russia Snow Drabble Competitiion


    It's one of your barmaids' birthdays and yes, I know she's your favourite, so for the next seven days, I'd like you all to honour her by writing drabbles. (RS Edit: Ahhh! This is so amazing, thankyou so much!)

    In keeping with TTB tradition, this is a competition and thus I must set a prompt.

    Russia Snow, you may be aware, does not like canon much. She loves:

    Non-canon pairings
    Cedric Diggory

    (not necessarily in that order)

    So ... your challenge is to combine these three elements into a drabble for her.

    There will be participation points of 2 per drabble (so you could enter a few drabbles and rack up the points - but a maximum of five). Then there will be Russia's prize of 15 points for the drabble she likes the best (plus 10 and 5 for second and third place respectively).

    Be aware of something. Russia is British. She hates words like pants for trousers and gotten is a forbidden word. She likes Humour but not Humor. Her characters don't have Moms. She's a Brit-picker - just sayin'.

    Use this form for entries

    PHP Code:
    B]Present you would owl Russia:[/B]
    All MNFF guidelines are to be followed.

    EDIT: OOOP's forgot to say, all drabbles must be between 300-500 words.

    Competition will close on Thursday 13th July at 6PM -BST.

    Madam Carmerta
    AKA the greatest barmaid/friend in the WORLD! (RS Edit)
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    Name: welshdevondragon/ Alex
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Baby Names
    Ratings/Warnings: Slash (no sexual situations though). Not sure whether it counts but possibly mild profanity. I'd still say 1st-2nd years though.
    Present*you*would*owl*Russia: Taylor Swift concert tickets? RS Edit: Good choice!
    A/N:* All three in 300-500 words? Or, in my case, 489. Well, I tried. Sort of. If the brief mention of Theo Nott/ OC count as a non-canon pairing and Cedric just has to be mentioned in passing.

    This drabble kind of links together my two series of stories, but since one is very far from finished you’ll have a long time to wait before you know why Theo Nott called his daughter Vivien.

    So- necessary background information:

    Lucy is Draco’s Squib sister, given up for adoption as soon as the Malfoys realised she was a Squib. Draco and Lucy meet when they are nineteen- though this story happens in 2012. Daniel is Lucy’s Muggle husband, though she’d probably introduce him as her partner.

    Although I doubt it, I hope it makes some sort of sense to someone whose never read any Lucy Carter-Malfoy stories (I don’t think Russia has but oh well).

    Oh, and Angela Carter is brilliant but would rather shock Daniel’s parents who are nice but old-fashioned conservative people. Don't get put off by the pensioner sex- it's pretty brief- 'Wise Children' is a fantastic book.

    Wow. Sorry for the long author’s note. Since I’m going away tomorrow I don’t really have time to have this beta-ed so whilst I have checked it for typos etc there’s probably quite a few comma errors. I apologise.

    And happy birthday Russia! RS Edit: Hehe, thanks!

    “Have you thought about names?” Asteria said, eyeing my barely visible bump.

    I glanced at Daniel. Apart from deciding on a double-barrelled surname, we hadn’t discussed names. He had very fixed ideas on names and since he hadn’t mentioned the subject, he must think I wouldn’t like them. We couldn’t agree to name one each, unless we had twins. I might not live long enough to have another.

    As well as Draco, Asteria, Daniel and I, Theo Nott and his husband Paris were present. I think Asteria liked having Theo and Paris around because she thought it was rather fashionable to know gay parents. Theo’s three month old daughter was adorable, even if she had just woken up and was making annoyed noises in his arms.

    I knew the story behind Scorpius’ name, so turned to Paris, as Theo was busy humming his daughter to sleep.

    “How did you decide who should name Vivien?”

    Paris just shrugged. He was very pretty but possibly one of the dimmest people I’d ever met.

    “Theo chose it. Theo, love, why did we call her Vivien?”

    Theo didn’t answer, just standing up and walking away with his now crying daughter. I suddenly felt bad, as if I’d touched a nerve, although it was unintentional. Asteria’s wicked smile proved me right, but I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of asking about it.

    “That’s an Arthurian name,” Daniel said, breaking the awkward silence. “I’ve always liked those. How about Cedric?”

    “You can’t call him Cedric,” Draco said smoothly. “There’s quite a good chance that child will be magical, and if he goes to Hogwarts then everyone will think he’s named after Cedric Diggory.”

    There was a short silence. I didn’t like the idea of naming my child after someone famous, even if said person was famous for being one of the first to suffer in the Second War.

    “Well, if it’s a girl,” Daniel said, “I’d like to call her Angela, after my grandmother.” He paused as if expecting me to disagree, but then frowned.

    “Lucy, why are you smiling?”

    “Her surname will be Carter-Marlowe?”

    “Yes?” he said, still confused.

    “I’m fine calling our daughter Angela Carter-Marlowe. Angela Carter’s a brilliant writer, but I think if we named our daughter that, your mother will insist on reading a book by her. She’d be rather shocked.”

    Angela Carter wasn’t too famous and I’d make an exception for her.

    “Oh, hell.” Daniel groaned.

    “I think it will do your mother good to be shocked. ‘Wise Children’ just has pensioner sex and uses the word ‘cum’ rather a lot––”

    “I’m not letting my mother read an Angela Carter novel.”

    “I think it’s a lovely name,” Draco said. He obviously had no idea what we were talking about, but was siding with me like any good brother should.

    “That’s decided then.” I grinned. Daniel groaned, whilst Paris glanced from Daniel to me in confusion.
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    Name: Minna
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Life After the Graveyard
    Ratings/Warnings: 3rd-5th; mild profanity
    Present you would owl Russia: Me Oh, but that's slightly selfish, isn't it? How about a life-size Cedric Diggory cardboard cutout? (RS Edit: Another good choice )
    A/N: Hoping Rush is tickled by this. =) It's cut down considerably, though. D=

    In the gloom the storm had cast over the day, Cedric could see a sign announcing that the building he’d come from was a “sheep & wool centre.” Last he remembered – before the sheep centre, anyway – was the graveyard, and that eerie voice, and a lot of green light. Having found himself here, however, he had been fortunate enough to meet a helpful Muggle girl who had offered to drive him into town, where he hoped to find someplace with a Floo connection.

    “So, sheep,” he said, feeling like an idiot. “And rain.”

    The girl laughed as she started the car. “Welcome to Cumbria.”

    They sat in silence as she pulled out of the car park, the rain drumming on the windscreen. After a moment, she asked, “What’s your name?”

    “Cedric.” He paused, and laughed, amused that in all his bewilderment he had never thought to wonder what her name was. “Yours?”

    “Lucy.” She concentrated on the road for a minute or so, then asked, “What the hell are you wearing, anyway?”

    Cedric looked down at his robes, completely stumped. He ought to have taken Muggle Studies. It had never occurred to him how useful that subject would become. What lie could he tell a Muggle?

    Lucy smiled, glancing over at him with mischief in her eyes. “I suppose that’s another thing you don’t know about?”

    “You could say that,” Cedric said, relieved.

    She didn’t speak again, and he spent the rest of the short car ride looking out the window at the rain-blurred world. When she parked, he hesitated, not sure about how to get out. He ran his hand along the inside of the car’s door, flushing at how completely ignorant he must look. Lucy reached across him, her arm brushing against his chest, and he was too distracted by noticing for the first time how pretty she was to see how she managed to get the door open.

    He scrambled out of the car, thanking her profusely over his shoulder and wondering why in Merlin’s name he was acting so embarrassingly idiotic today. It was just the tiredness, he thought. He’d had a long and bewildering day; all he needed was to get back to Hogwarts and get some sleep.

    “Hey, Cedric.”

    He stopped short and looked back at Lucy, smiling beguilingly from inside the car, black curls falling into her face.

    “Yeah?” he asked.

    “Come have lunch with me. It seems like you could use it. My treat.”

    “I can get home from here,” he said. “Thanks, but I don’t want to impose on you anymore.”

    Lucy shook her head impatiently. “God, boys are thick sometimes. I meant, come have lunch with me, and yes, it’s a date.”

    A thousand responses flew through Cedric’s head: I have a girlfriend. I’m a wizard and you can’t know that. I have to get back to Hogwarts. I have to find out if Harry’s all right.

    Instead, he said, “Yeah, sure.”
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    Name: TM_WandStick/Toni
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: I Keep Telling Myself
    Ratings/Warnings: 3rd/5th Yrs - mild profanity
    Present you would owl Russia: A box of M&Ms. With Cedric's face on them (he is delicious).
    A/N: I took a leaf out of Carole's book here. Sorry for the unbeta'dness.


    The midmorning sun filtered through the leaves of the maple trees down to the peaceful cemetery below. The neat grey tombstones were dotted here and there with bunches of flowers and wreaths. With a small pop, a man appeared outside the cemetery gates. After a moment’s hesitation, he walked inside. He made his way across the grass to a medium-sized stone adorned with a wreath.

    “Hey, Cedric,” Oliver said quietly. He sat down on the grass in front of the tombstone and wrapped his arms around his knees. “I’m back again. Did you think I wouldn’t come this year?” Oliver smiled grimly to himself. “You must think you’ll never be rid of me,” he muttered. “Even after you died, I keep coming to bother you.” He sighed and then leaned back, lying across the grass with his arms crossed behind his head, his eyes closed.

    “I was made Keeper,” he said, not bothering to open his eyes. “For Puddlemere United, you know. Dad was awfully proud.” Oliver’s voice trembled slightly, but he took a deep breath and continued in a stronger tone. “You’re family’s doing okay. I think they’re coming tomorrow.” He paused. “I’m doing okay, too. At least I think I am. Sometimes I think we’re all just pretending, just going through the motions. I’m afraid if I make a sudden movement everything will shatter into a million pieces.” Oliver sighed again, then opened his eyes and looked up at the patches of blue peeping through the trees.

    “But most of the time I think things really might be getting better. I keep telling myself that you want me to move on. And I have Quidditch to keep me busy.” Oliver sat up, resuming his former position. A moment passed in silence.

    “I’ve met someone,” he said eventually, looking at the grass. “His name is Evan Blakely. He’s one of the Chasers on my team. He’s... he’s amazing, Cedric, he really is. He’s a bloody good flier, too. You would like him, I know it.” Oliver stopped suddenly, and then looked at the tombstone where Cedric’s name was carved in neat grey letters. “I’m not sure where it’s going yet,” he said slowly. “But I think... I think I’d really like to try to make this one work. I think I’m ready to move on.” Oliver smiled sadly.

    “I tell myself you would want me to be happy. Every day I have to tell myself, every hour. I really am trying, Cedric. I hope you know that.” He stood up, wiping the grass off of his trousers. He looked at Cedric’s name for another moment, and then pulled his wand out and conjured a single white rose to lie at the base of the gravestone.

    “I’ll be back, sometime,” Oliver said, before turning on his heel and Disapparating.

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    Name: TheCursedQuill
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Lies
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd year/samesex pairing
    Present you would owl Russia: Tickets to The Magical World of Harry Potter where I'd have Tay Swift sing Harry and the Potters songs. Oh yeah
    A/N I think I'm late... shhhhh EQ Edit: You weren't late.

    “Cedric, I can’t keep doing this.”

    His voice was pained. Cedric knew how he felt all too well; the confusion, the guilt, the betrayal… it made him want to vomit until he couldn’t feel anymore emotions at all. He sighed deeply, interlocking fingers with Oliver Wood.

    He knew this was wrong -- the late night snogging, hiding in broom cupboards between classes, the secret meetings in the Quidditch change rooms -- but he didn’t want to give it up.

    “I can’t keep pretending to hate you on the field, or look like I hardly know you when I walk down the corridor. I want this to be real,” Oliver said, gently touching Cedric’s face.

    “So do I,” Cedric whispered before he laid his lips on his. They had barely touched before Oliver pushed him away gently.

    “Cedric.” He took a breath. “I want us to be open. With our friends and our family. About our relationship.” He said it in a choppy way, carefully thinking each word before they came out.

    Cedric was taken aback. That’s not what he thought Oliver had meant. They had never talked about being open before; apparently only one of them was enjoying the thrill of sneaking around. And not only was the hidden love fun, it was what worked best with Cedric’s situation. He was, after all, publicly in a relationship with Bailey Bracken after being set up by his father. His dad had high expectations of him, and he just wanted to make him happy – to make him believe he was the child he thought his son was. He didn’t like being with Bailey. But it worked.

    Cedric stared at Oliver, trying to think of something to say. He didn’t want to lose him. But he also couldn’t tell anyone about him. His mum, his dad, his friends, he’d lose them all if they knew.

    “That’s a big decision,” he finally let out. Oliver nodded slowly, looking away from him. They stood in silence for a few moments before Oliver said, “D’you think maybe one day…?”

    Cedric didn’t show how he wanted to let his face fall. Oliver wanted a decision. Maybe not today, but one day, Cedric would have to choose between Oliver and his image. He felt deep in his gut it could never be Oliver; no matter how far he fell in love with him, he would never be brave enough to let the world know. To let his dad know.

    “Yes.” Cedric smiled, bringing Oliver closer to him. “One day.”
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    I'm closing this, but adding my own drabble for Russia.

    Name: Equinox Chick
    House: Hufflepuff
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd. SSP. Mild Profanity
    Present you would owl Russia: Hotbloke.
    A/N: I am rather amused that this is the third drabble featuring this pairing. Ah, Drowning, not Waving, one day I'll write the sequel.

    “Oy, Wood!” called Dermot Sedgewick from the far side of the changing room. “Hurry up in that bloody shower. You’ve work to do.”

    Oliver groaned inwardly. As third reserve for Puddlemere United, it was his job after practise to clean all the goggles. The fact that Sedgewick, as second reserve, had been promoted to polishing Quaffles only added to his irritation because he disliked him intensely.

    Sedgewick had been an arrogant git of a Hufflepuff when Oliver had first joined the Gryffindor team. He’d never let up with the taunts to his opposite number and encouraged his Beaters to do the same. In Oliver’s first match, Paul Ryfold had made sure his Bludger found its mark; Oliver had woken up in the hospital wing with only Madam Pomfrey for company.

    His shoulders were aching from the intense practise and what he really wanted to do was go back to his grotty flat and soak in a hot bath letting his thoughts drift.

    No, he thought. I can’t think of him. He’s made his choice.

    With a heavy sigh, Oliver dressed and then set about collecting the dirty goggles. Cleaning spells were discouraged in case they scratched the glass, so Oliver levitated a batch into a bucket of hot soapy water, and stirred with his wand.

    “Do you want some help?” said a voice from the door.

    Oliver looked up, hardly able to believe his eyes and ears. “What are you doing here?”

    “Needed to see you,” Cedric mumbled.

    As Cedric lifted his head and stared, Oliver was appalled at the change in him. The last time they’d met up, Cedric had been a laughing hunk of a boy, declaring stoutly that he wouldn’t look at anyone else and would wait for Oliver.

    Then he’d been chosen as the Hogwarts Champion and suddenly Cedric wasn’t as eager to meet up. The letters had all but ceased, and Oliver knew why when he saw The Prophet’s story about the Yule Ball.

    “Brought Chang with you?” Oliver asked, his voice loaded with sarcasm.

    Shaking his head, Cedric slumped against the wall. To Oliver’s horror, tears began to slide down his face. “I’m sorry. I know I’ve screwed everything up, but it was just easier-” He broke off, a sob catching in his throat.

    Tentatively, Oliver took a step towards him, then another and another.

    “What’s happened?” he asked in a much gentler tone.

    “Second task,” Cedric muttered. “We had to save the person we’d miss the most from the lake.” He gulped. “I was swimming through this dark water, praying my Bubblehead Charm would hold and all the while terrified that I’d be too late.”

    “You weren’t though,” Oliver stated softly. “I read in the paper that you saved her.”

    “Yeah, yeah, I saved her.” Then, with his hand, he reached across and stroked Oliver’s cheek. “But as soon as I saw her, I knew it was wrong. It’s always going to be you I’ll miss the most, Oliver.”

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    Russia Snow
    Aww, you guys! Thank you SO much, this was such an amazing present!

    Firstly, if I send an owl to each of you will you send it back with those presents attached? Because those are the best presents EVER!

    Welshie/Alex: You have inspired me to read your Lucy Carter-Malfoy stories, so I will be adding them to my Summer reading list You have amazing choices in presents, and I look forward to the owl bearing my tickets =P Nice insertion of Draco, I love him to bits <3

    Minna-Baninna/Mini: Another very good present choice, he will look so good stood right next to my Alex Pettyfer cardboard cutout, although I'm not sure there'll me much space left in my bedroom for my bed... I totally loved this drabble, the insertion of the Sheep and Wool Centre made me smile as I know how hilarious you American's find it. XD I never even noticed how ridiculous it was until I tried to explain it to you haha. I'm not sure where you got your OC from, she's not like me in any way at all and it is in no way a Russia!Insertion...

    TM_Wandstick/Toni: Did you know about my midnight jaunt to M&M World in London last week? Because if you didn't... scarily good guess for a present! =P Here starts the drabbles featuring Gay!Cedric, but I can't even complain that much because I really love Gay!Cedric >.> This was so heartwarming <3 Oliver was well in character, but it sucked that Cedric was dead D= haha.

    TheCursedQuill/Sarah: Another Gay!Cedric drabble and another that I can't complain about because I love the way Gay!Cedric is written! (Oh, and WANT those tickets! But then to add T-Swizzle into the mix too... GAH, perfect day! Can you persuade her to spend the whole day with me at WWOHP and just get her to sing whenever I ask? Thanks =P) The emotion in that drabble was just <333, it made me want to grab them both and just give them a big hug!

    Madam Caroleeeee: (The whole time I was in London I was looking for him (Hotbloke)! But I couldn't find him, so I guess I'll have to settle for him by owl post ) Well, what can I say? You set an AMAZING surprise drabble competition for me, and then become the inspiration for over 50% of my drabbles to include Gay!Cedric. And as I said before, I can't even really complain because I FREAKING LOVE Gay!Cedric/Oliver. And it's all your fault.

    Unfortunately, I have to choose a winner. This is REALLLLY hard because I love ALL of these drabbles!

    It's a very close call but I'm going to have to go with Minna, purely because she included sheep and straight!Cedric

    So the WINNER of the coveted "Russia's Prize" is MINNABIRD! (15 Points)

    Second Place: TheCursedQuill (10 points)

    Joint Third: TM_Wandstick and WelshDevonDragon (5 points each)

    (Sorry you can't place, Caroleeee! D=)

    Gryffindor: 26
    Hufflepuff: 19
    Ravenclaw: 0
    Slytherin: 0

    Thank you all for entering, you made my birthday incredibly special <3

    ~Madam Russia xxxxx

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