Hi Sorted Members, Unsorted Members, and Guests alike

I'm Lily and I'm a mod and hopeful runner of the QSQs this year. If you haven't or are unable to see the thread in which we have been discussing this, then we've been wondering who would be interested in running the judging committees this year for the QSQs. If we can't get enough people, then unfortunately, the QSQs may not happen, and no one wants that!

The way that I've suggested running it is this: 2 people per committee (we're still working out the kinks on how committees will be divided) and one tiebreaker person if necessary. The tiebreaker person would have considerably less work to do and therefore, it is a better role for busier people

I'm wondering who would be interested in or able to participate.

If you're not able to vote in the poll (aka Unregistered Members or Guests) then please post in this thread instead.

Thanks guys and hopefully lots of you are secretly here!