Special SBBC Offer

With participation being so low, we're offering a special deal to garner some livelier discussions!

For the month of April, you can earn points for every discussion post:

5 points for your first discussion post per fic, 2 points for your second post for the same fic, and 1 point for every subsequent post.

This means if you post once for one fic and once for the other, you earn 5 points for each fic. If you decide to post again for one of the fics you will earn 2 points, and then post for the other fic you will earn another 2 points etc.

For example: If I post in Fic A once and Fic B three times, I will earn 5 + 5 + 2 + 1 = 13 points.

As per usual, you can also earn points for recommending fics.

To find the SBBC forum, click here.

To post in the SBBC forum you must request permission here.

Any questions can be posted in this thread

So spread the word within your houses and get posting!