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    Tiny question. What is so magical about spello-tape? What makes it different from muggle tape? I remember one instance in the books in which Ron tried to fix his broken wand, but it didn't work. I do know a little something: spello-tape is taken from cello-tape, my friend tells me, which is used in parts of Europe and Asia.

    But I don't understand why it was changed to spello-tape.


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    Spello-tape is just a pun. Like the Salem Witches Institute is a pun for the Women's Institute. I guess that it would be stronger than normal sellotape and hold things for longer.

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    Spello-tape may just in fact be normal tape, simply sold by wizards, perhaps a little bit stronger or like Tafka mentioned, immune to spells. I can't really imagine objects from direct Muggle production being sold at wizarding stores, yet wizards and witches will still need some everyday objects such as tape. Yet, being magical, instead of calling it Sellotape, they call it Spello-tape and it is produced by wizards, rather than Muggles.

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    We're never told what properties spellotape has, but I always thought it might be a bit like using waterproof tape on something that might get wet... you need spell-proof tape on something that might get magic on it, or it will come undone!

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    I think it's just a pun on the brand name Sellotape, which is pretty much a household name here in the UK. I wouldn't have thought it would do anything drastically exciting. If you want you could take the annoyances of sellotape and magic them away: Maybe Spello-tape is easier to find the ends of, or doesn't double up and get stuck in a sticky knot.

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    What I'm thinking, is that Spellotape might have the ability to mend almost everything (with the obvious exception of wands, probably bones, etc.)

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    I was always under the impression that Spellotape was easier to use and was immune to spells like others have said.
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    It's definitely stronger and stickier than regular Scotch tape (or Sellotape, in the UK), since Hermione Spellotapes her copy of the Monster Book of Monsters together to keep it shut (Ch. 6 of POA) and most of the other students had to use ropes or belts to do the same thing. Also, it's used to repair magical items, according to HPL, which means it must be spell-proof.

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