After this past month's lack of participation, as well as the non-hiatus membership being down to a whopping ONE person (who also did not complete their requirements for September), I'm at a point where I have to make a crucial decision about the future of this group.

As it stands, SPEW has one active member and two on hiatus, and that isn't enough to keep the lights on, honestly. It's with a heavy heart, because I never wanted this to happen under my watch, that I will be suspending all SPEW activity for the rest of the calendar year. The interest simply isn't there, despite my best efforts to give you all what you wanted as described in the survey, and disinterested reviewers aren't what this group is about. It should be fun, challenging, and something you look forward to doing — not that large onus on the 15th of the month that you have to 'get out of the way'. We lost that somewhere, and it's my sincere hope that absence will make the heart grow fonder.

Starting on January 1st, I will start sending out PMs to all current members and those who have been in the group for the past year, asking about interest in rejoining the group. If there are at least three people who would like to carry on with SPEW, I will reopen the group on January 16th; if not, I may close the doors until the summer when more people would be likely to join for the first time or old members might have time to come back.

Lastly, though, I'd like to thank you all for your efforts in the past, as well as your beautiful reviews. It's been a privilege guiding you all to enrichment, and I sincerely hope that January will mark the start of a new era.