In this thread, you will find any and all announcements from your SPEW Queen/Fearless Leader.

And I shall kick it off with a few things! First off, I have made a few changes to the SPEW Extended Rules. Please, check your LiveJournals and read the post thoroughly. Yes, it's long, but this is information that you need to know.

Second, the sadness is that departure has touched us. Our beloved leader for over a year and long-time SPEWer Jen/jenny b has left us, as has Mere/MerryD. I have started a goodbye/going away party thread for them, which will remain up the entire month of July. Please, drop in and give your best wishes!

Third, I bring good news! We will be blessed once again by Hannah/h_vic, who is returning from hiatus. She's been around longer than all the rest of us, so it's great to have a mix of veterans and up-and-comers in the group.

Lastly, though, is the best part. In the few months, some big, exciting changes will be coming to SPEW. We could do with some good old fashioned cage-rattling around here.

That's it for now! So, you lot should, er, post in the babble.