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Thread: SUMMER COMPETITION ~The First Picture of Summer~ RESULTS

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    SUMMER COMPETITION ~The First Picture of Summer~ RESULTS

    'Summer breeze makes me feel fine,
    blowing through the jasmine in my mind.'

    ~Seals and Croft

    Summer is a lazy season, the time when all we want to do is relax. However, your barmaid is feeling ebil and wants you to get back to writing, so I’m issuing this challenge for the Summer.

    Below is a list of pairings. It is NOT a ship list, (although you may view it like that if you wish). What you need to do is write TWO drabbles from opposing POVs about one subject. That subject is ... up to you.

    Well, sort of. You need to find a picture that represents summer and/ or holidays, then drabble it first from each persons’ opposing perspective. You must link the picture, so I can see it. This should be done by using photobucket, or something similar, and not linking to an external site.

    Here was how this worked for me, in case you need an idea. When I entered this challenge as a newbie, I found a picture of a strawberry and wrote one drabble about Minerva McGonagall and her fondness for the fruit and another about Sybil Trelawney who hated strawberries. The drabbles should connect in some way, but don’t have be based around the same event.(In my case, I had Minerva presenting the staff table with a large punnet of strawberries that she’d just picked, and this set off the respective reminiscence)

    • You have to use my list below
    • You have to write two drabbles
    • Both drabbles must be between 250-500 words each
    • All usual MNFF guidelines must be followed

    5 points for participation. (but only if you’ve followed the rules)
    Winner receives 15 points
    Second 10 points
    Third 5 points

    You may enter more than once but only one set of participation points will be awarded.

    If I receive too few quality entries, then the placings will be adjusted. Cake woman rules apply at all times. ***

    List of Doom

    Albus Dumbledore/Cornelius Fudge
    Lily Evans /Vernon Dursley
    Sirius Black/Severus Snape
    Bellatrix Black or Lestrange/Luna Lovegood
    MadEye Moody/Nymphadora Tonks
    Bill Weasley/Fenrir Greyback
    Pansy Parkinson/Hermione Granger
    Dean Thomas/Draco Malfoy
    Albus Potter/Lorcan Scamander
    Rose Weasley/Lucy Weasley

    Please take note of the surnames of the witches. You may write Bellatrix as a Black or Lestrange, but the others are very definitely single.

    Use this form for your drabble.

    PHP Code:
    B]Link to picture:[/B]
    B]Couple used:[/B]

    This competition is scheduled to close on 31st AUGUST at 10pm BST . However, as the summer is often a time when people are away on holiday, I may keep it open for longer, whilst running some smaller summer competitions.

    ****** Should the barmaids receive no quality drabbles, then we reserve the right to award neither place points nor participation points. You don’t want this fate to happen to you clickie
    So use a beta, drabblers. We can overlook the occasional typo or misplaced comma, but canon spelling errors or numerous mistakes – a big fat no-no.

    Ask any questions here


    ~Madam Carmerta~

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