This question has been bothering me for a while so I wondered if anyone else had any thoughts on it. Now, regardless of your personal opinions/ faith re- a higher power/ the possibility of an afterlife, there is definitely an afterlife and definitely fate within the Potterverse. I think JK said she consciously avoided specifically mentioning religion because she didn't want to upset people/ allow them to get the wrong end of the stick (or something like that) but do you think, considering the afterlife and fate definitely exist, that there is also definitely a God/ some sort of supernatural being/beings? (I think JK is Christian and they are, I think, very Christian books (though not in a preachy way at all) so obviously that influences it but I'm not sure).

Also- there's an afterlife. Is there any evidence within the books/ in interview canon of whether this is divided into heaven and hell? Or is there just one afterlife? Apart from everyone Harry cares about being together, what do you think this afterlife is like? I've read two fantastic stories on MNFF set in the afterlife- The Stones On The Riverbank by Sapphire At Dawn and another one years ago which I can't remember- I will edit in when I've found it.

Any thoughts/ superior knowledge will be much appreciated,