How Harry Potter Changed My Life
This challenge comes as a result of the suggestion from Virgil.

Hello everyone!

With the release of the final film on the 15th July, Harry Potter is reaching the end of an era (though it seems that with Pottermore, it might not all be over quite yet).

I think it’s fair to say that all of us here have been affected by Harry Potter in some way. We will all have got into it at different times – for some it will have been the films which finally drew them to the wizarding world, while others might have been around since the release of PS in 1997. We all shared a common desire to get more from the series, ultimately leading us to fanfic, whether as a reader or an author.

This challenge is a little bit different from other MNFF challenges – it is not focused on writing fanfic, but rather is about expressing exactly what Harry Potter has meant to you, and how it has changed your life.

You can express this in a variety of different forms, whether as a mini-essay, a poem or song or a letter (similar to Dear Mr, if any of you are familiar with that site, though it doesn’t have to be to Harry specifically). Entries should be 500 words or fewer and should be PM’d to me and not posted anywhere else. I will then post all the entries in this thread along with a voting link. The winner will be decided by an anonymous vote. Because of this, everyone, including mods is eligible to win points. In order to maintain the anonymity of entries please avoid using overly specific details (eg. You can say that Harry Potter has led to making some of the best friends of your life, but don’t name them as that might give you away) UPDATE: I'm worried that this catch may be making it difficult for some people to write their entries so I'm going to revise it a little and say not to worry too much about people being able to identify you. The vote will still technically be anonymous but people might be able to make educated guesses about who's who.

Please use the following form to send your entries:

PHP Code:
b]Title:[/b] (try to make this something a bit more original than just ‘How Harry Potter Changed my Life’, so that it is easy to differentiate on the voting.
All entries should meet MNFF submission standards and voters will take spelling and grammar into account when picking a winner.

You have until 9pm GMT on the 10th July (UPDATE: Please note the extended deadline) to submit your entries and the poll will then be open for five days, with the winner announced on the 15th July. Points will be awarded for at least first and second position, and if I think the standard is particularly high, I may also give participation points.

If you have any questions, please PM me.