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Thread: Rarepair: Colin Creevey/Cho Chang angsty plot bunny

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    Rarepair: Colin Creevey/Cho Chang angsty plot bunny

    *partially revives forum*

    I was trying to think of a good rare-pair that I could write a one-shot on, and I came up with this. But it's too angsty for me, so I decided to give it up for adoption.

    Characters involved: Colin Creevy, Cho Chang, DA members, Hogwarts staff/students
    Mood of plot bunny: Dark, angsty, hopeless, needy...

    Plot line: So, how do you think Colin and Cho could ever end up together? This is my idea. It's 1997/1998, the Trio are off looking for Horcruxes, and the Carrows are making life at Hogwarts miserable. The DA members have made a home for themselves in the Room of Requirement, where they resist and defend other students as as well as they can, under the leadership of Neville. Colin and Cho are both there, through whatever catalyst. Everyone is somber and depressed because, well, the whole war with Voldemort, students being tortured and what not (see - I'm terrible at angst). So, Cho is naturally upset a lot of the time, and through whatever set of circumstances (up to you), nice guy Colin comforts her. They grow closer, and Cho initiates the romance/physical side of things because she's so needy, and I can't see Colin refusing. She knows she's just using him, and that makes her even more depressed, so they keep it a secret. I imagine she breaks it off before the Battle of Hogwarts, but then Colin dies, so that'll probably have to be adressed. I suppose you can end it however you want.

    Other details: So, you can see that I never thought Colin or Cho would really fall in love with each other. It's just something that would happen when everyone is so depressed and are desperate for a little bit of hapiness. If you wanted to, you could even substitute some other guy in for Colin - like Seamus or Ernie MacMillan. I think most of it would be from Cho's POV, but it's really up to you. There should probably be some stuff going on in the background with the other DA members and Hogwarts student, too. The length is also up to the author. If you can see this happening at all, feel free to adopt this bunny. I'm willing to allow a very free rein with this one to take it wherever you want.

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    Toni, I'm in love! I'm trying to make a great return to fanfiction and this is my ticket in! I love it.

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