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Thread: Day 1 - ANYONE FOR TENNIS? - 100 word drabbles - RESULTS

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    Name: princessbipolar
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Nice Game
    Ratings/Warnings: None
    A/N: -NIL-

    “C'mon Hermione, it's just a game. ” Her childhood mate, Dan, chuckled.

    Shaking her head, the ten-year-old Hermione closed her eyes as she grasped the racket tightly. She was indeed afraid to witness the sight of her best friend hurling a tennis ball at her.

    “It's not going to kill you Hermione. Just relax!” Hermione's dad called out from the opposite side of the tennis court.

    “Here goes!” Dan served the ball at her.

    It took a split second for Hermione to feel the impact. She didn't hit the ball.

    She had hit her own nose with the tennis racket.
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