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Thread: Day 1 - ANYONE FOR TENNIS? - 100 word drabbles - RESULTS

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    Day 1 - ANYONE FOR TENNIS? - 100 word drabbles - RESULTS

    Anyone For Tennis?

    Here in this barmaid’s particular part of the world, everyone loves tennis for Wimbledon is upon us. To celebrate this, I’m setting a new 100 word drabble challenge. It will last for two weeks (the length of Wimbledon) and I will set a prompt every day. (I hope )

    The prompts won’t just be about tennis, or Wimbledon, but will reflect that quintessential Englishness of this particular time of year.


    • All drabbles must be exactly 100 words.(I will be checking on MSW)
    • All drabbles must conform to MNFF submission guidelines.
    • Drabbles that meet the above criteria will be awarded 1 point. (This is per person. You may enter as many times as you want but will only get 1 participation point)
    • The Drabble du jour, will be awarded 5 points.
    • Each prompt will be open for 24 hours.

    Prompt 1Tennis Racket

    Use this form for your entry.

    PHP Code:
    I will be closing this thread tomorrow at 2pm BST.

    Have fun!

    ~Madam Carmerta~
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    Name: Northumbrian
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Racket
    Ratings/Warnings: None
    A/N: Because I couldn't resist the image of my second-favourite couple in whites.

    ‘I look like an idiot, Hermione!’

    ‘You always look like an idiot, Ron.’

    ‘White shorts!’

    ‘It’s a very old fashioned club, Ron, whites only. And don’t shout.’

    ‘I have to shout, otherwise you won’t hear me.’

    ‘Then wait until I come out of the changing rooms, Ron.’

    ‘But, tennis!’

    ‘Mum and Dad want to show off their daughter’s fiancé, and where better than their tennis club. I’m ready, Ron. You look fine.’

    ‘Bloody Hell that skirt is short; I can almost see your knickers!’

    ‘For goodness sake, Ron, keep your voice down.’

    ‘Why? What’s wrong with making a tennis racket?’

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    Name: TM_WandStick
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Unwanted Exercise
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st/2nd years - none
    A/N: Very random, but it's the first thing that popped into my mind at the word 'racket.'

    “Come, Dudley, it will be fun!”

    A skirt and visor clad Petunia appealed to her thirteen year old son, whose face was covered in sweat despite the trendy headband he wore.

    “No. It’s too hot. I hate tennis!”

    “But Dudley, it’s good exercise!”

    “This is stupid. Take me home.”

    “Just one try, sweety?”

    Dudley screwed up his face. “I don’t want to!” he wailed. “I want to go home, now! I’m overheating!”

    He threw his racquet on the ground and pretended to weep, creating an awful commotion and making the other patrons stare.

    “Quiet that racket!” the attendant shouted irritably.

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    Name: AidaLuthien
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Hear and Obey
    Ratings/Warnings: first-second, none
    A/N: I'm still wrestling with this character, but somehow this prompt fit and got the muse talking again.

    Elizabeth tested the strings of her racket, feeling uneasy and cold in her tennis whites. She still wasn’t sure why her father had brought her to his exclusive club. He had taught her the basics at home... apparently he considered it as necessary a part of her education as reading and sums. She had never asked him.

    Of course, she never asked him anything. If he chose to send her to Hogwarts, half way around the world from Hong Kong, or bring her to play tennis, then she had to obey.

    The racket felt slippery in her hands.

    “I’m ready.”

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    Name: ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: The Raquet Racket
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st/2nd Years -- Implied Sexual Situations
    A/N: FYI, they're vacationing at a beach resort type thing over the summer.

    * * *

    Holidays were supposed to be relaxing, but whoever was waking him up with all those sodding grunts at six in the morning had other ideas. The tennis courts below were a constant early-morning disturbance. Annoyed, James Potter flung open the window to tell the people below to keep it down until a civilised hour. However, the court was empty.

    He shot an irritated glance at Albus, who was sleeping soundly, before returning to bed. Then the grunting recommenced. Curious, he put his ear to the wall separating his room from his parents’. And, to his dismay, there it was. “Ugh!”
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    Name: welshdevondragon
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: June 2011
    Ratings/Warnings: None-1st/2nd year
    A/N:* This will probably make no sense to those who have not read any of my three stories featuring Lucy Carter-Malfoy (which I’m guessing is most of you). So in my personal canon Draco Malfoy had a Squib twin sister- given up for adoption and raised by Muggles. They meet when they are both 19 and grow very close.

    In 2011 Lucy Carter-Malfoy needs to explain to her husband/ partner Daniel that she is from a family of witches and wizards. This is Wimbledon 2011 therefore hasn’t happened yet so this is probably AU And I suspect the Ministry/ Muggle-borns in the Ministry would be too pleased a British player won to punish Draco too much.

    Daniel had always been slightly suspicious of his brother-in-law, Draco Malfoy. After all, how many people, particularly posh people, had never heard of tennis?

    Now Draco was being enlightened and Daniel was trying to enjoy the match, despite the British player losing badly.

    Until Draco muttered something in Latin. Glancing down, Daniel noticed that Draco was holding a large twig, barely concealed beneath his jacket. Daniel frowned, turning back to the match.

    Now, the opponent was mysteriously incompetent.

    The match ended with the British player triumphantly waving his racket aloft.

    Lucy, and Draco, had some explaining to do.
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    Name: Maple_and_PheonixFeather
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Hermione Turns 10
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd, None
    A/N: I could totally see Hermione being a tennis player

    Hermione sat down at the kitchen table, across from a stack of presents.

    “Happy birthday, Hermione” Jean Granger greeted, flipping bacon.

    Hermione looked at her parents. “Can I open them?”

    “Of course, it’s not every day my little girl turns ten,” her dad answered.

    Hermione opened her presents one by one, and finally reached for the last one. She opened it excitedly, and held in her hand a shiny new tennis racket. “Wow!” she exclaimed. “My own racket! Daddy, can we go and play with it, please, please, please!”

    John Granger chuckled to himself. “Alright, but first eat your breakfast”.
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    Title: One Reason to Watch
    Ratings/Warnings: None


    I rejoiced the day Seamus’ Hogwarts letter came.

    I thought, Finally. Now, he’ll have to move out from in front of that sodding T.V. My baby will finally have a release from that brain-rotting, smut-box his father would insist on keeping.

    Yes, his first week back, and I believe my son is cured.

    But then I hear the familiar tattoo.

    “Ungh!” Thunk. Clop.

    “Aiungh!” Thunk. Clop.

    I round the corner and see both father and son transfixed. Before them, blonde hair and smooth, tan flesh bounce and flex in the sun.

    They turn to each other, nodding slowly, and grin.

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    Name: Apollonious
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Practical Muggle Studies
    Ratings/Warnings: None

    “Albus, you can’t be serious.”

    “Oh, but I am,” Albus said, grinning. “Tennis is a very engaging sport, Minerva. Muggles love it.”

    He stood across the net from her. He was dressed in white shorts and a brightly colored t-shirt; the combination was alarming.

    “I still can’t believe –“

    She was cut short by the ruckus that had erupted two courts over. One of the men playing there had served and nailed his opponent in the thigh. Now the two men were shouting at each other.

    Minerva sniffed disapprovingly. “What a racket,” she snapped.

    “Oh my,” Dumbledore agreed in amusement.

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    Name: Wendelin
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Educating Ron Weasley
    Ratings/Warnings: None
    A/N: Random enough.

    “It’s called football, mate. You kick a ball around, which is kind of like the Quaffle in Quidditch.” Dean explained patiently.

    “Tell him about that other Muggle sport, Dean,” Seamus grinned. “The one with the green balls and those things.”

    “They’re called racquets, Seamus. Tennis rackets. You dad is a Muggle too, isn’t he?”

    “Well yes, but …”

    “Anyway,” Dean said, turning to face Ron. “There’s this other Muggle sport called tennis played with racquets and balls. One person serves from one side of the net and the other tries to return the serve. Got it?”

    “Bloody hell!” Ron groaned.
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