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Thread: Animals at the Burrow

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    Animals at the Burrow

    I remember in the second movie that the Weasleys had some farm animals at their home, but it was never mentioned in the book. Although, from my own writing, I know there are many more details about my characters' homes and lives that a never mention just because it does nothing to further the story. I wonder if this is the same thing.

    Do you think the Weasleys would have any farm animals or other animals at the Burrow? What would they be?

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    I don't remember any mention either about animals in the book. Of course, they would have the ows: Errol and later Pigwidgeon. Other than that, I think you can pretty much do what you want and decide how you want animals at their house to fit into your story.

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    They definately have chickens, as Molly says that she wants Harry to "muck out the chickens" (DH 81).
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    I remember seeing pigs in the movies. I definitely think they probably would have sheep, cows, or horses, but do you think pigs would be possible? What about ducks and geese? What could be some other possibilities?

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    I really don't see the Weasleys owning that many animals. A few chickens is very different to a farmyard full, and I can't help thinking we'd have seen some mention of them during the wedding preparations if they existed.

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    Sounds good! I can see the practicality of having chickens for eggs, and maybe just one cow for milk, but I don't see the usefulness in many more animals.

    Thank you everyone!

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    Horses generally wouldn't be useful unless they were actively plowing things. Plus, when you have broomsticks, you don't really need hunters or thoroughbreds for riding.

    Sheep and cows need a fair amount of grazing area. I never imagined the Burrow to be up in the north where there's (in my limited experience) a lot of sheep and a fair amount of cows.

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    If the Weasleys had a lot of grazing animals, then they'd have kicked off the gnomes. The Weasleys aren't farmers and I think a few chickens is the extent of their livestock.

    Horses? I agree with Aida, what would be the point?

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    I would think, from a logistical standpoint, that animals other than a small flock of chickens would be impractical. Once the kids are off to school, the only one home all day is Molly. Arthur is off to work, which would leave her alone to take care of pretty much all domestic affairs. It seems a rather tall task for her to have to clean the house, cook the food, care for the grounds, deal with gnomes when they crop up, and look after her plants as it is, even aided by magic. Adding a stable full of animals would best even the inestimable Molly Weasley, since there's no way the family could have hired any help. And I would think Arthur wouldn't be caddish enough to let her work that hard.
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