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Thread: Idea: A Forum-Wide Essay Contest

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    Idea: A Forum-Wide Essay Contest

    In honor of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 2 coming out next month, my local newspaper is having an essay contest in which the topic is: "How Harry Potter Changed My Life" in 150 words or less.

    When I read this, I thought it was a great idea as a way to send off the final installment of the films, and then an idea struck me - we should have this kind of contest of the MNFF forums!

    So, anybody else think this would be fun? I'm not sure which forum this would go under - maybe in The Great Hall - so I just decided to post the idea.

    Lovely mods, what do you think?

    Best wishes!
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    I like this idea, too. Maybe it could be a part of Remus' Reflections?

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    I third this proposal (after my fellow robotic elf.) It seems like a great way to end our journey.


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    You'd like to know . . .
    Can I write one too? :-)

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    I wanna write too!

    Brand New Story!

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    Me too This sounds like an awsome idea!

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    I really like this idea. My only problem is that I can't do it in 150 words. I'd go on forever!

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    Mods and members alike, the suggestion has been noted Keep an eye on the forums over the next couple of days! I do love this suggestion, and it fits very well with the last movie in cinemas soon.
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