What fun! (or perhaps not)

A party in June. It could be a grand affair. A garden party, or a small celebration in the pub for your chosen character. Or maybe they don’t want to celebrate, preferring to forget the passing of years, but someone has lumbered them with this ghastly surprise.

Here are three Harry Potter characters with birthdays in June:

Draco Malfoy – 5th June
Dudley Dursley – 23rd June
Dobby – 28th June.

Your task this month is to write a drabble about one of these people on their birthday. You do not have to write from their POV, but they should be prominent in the drabble. It is about them, okay, so don’t mention Dobby in passing and think that will do, or I’ll cake woman you.***( see below)

And here is an additional prompt that you must use.
The birthstones of June are either ‘pearl’, ‘moonstone’, or ‘alexandrite’. The birthday boy needs to come into contact with one of these stones.

Once again there will be 5 participation points per entrant, but only if your entry meets the criteria.
First place will receive 15 points
Second place will receive 10 points
Third place will receive 5 points.

And now let me talk about cake woman ...

*** Should the barmaids receive no quality drabbles, then we reserve the right to award neither place points nor participation points. You don’t want this fate to happen to you clickie
So use a beta, drabblers. We can overlook the occasional typo or misplaced comma, but canon spelling errors or numerous mistakes – a big fat no-no.

All drabbles must be between 300- 500 words.
All MNFF guidelines must be followed.
Drabbles cannot be rated any higher that 6th-7th.

Closing date is June 30th 10pm BST

Use this form for your entry. Post your drabbles in this thread. Any questions? Ask away in the Ask a Barmaid thread, or shoot me a PM.

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Have Fun.

~Madam Carmerta~