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Thread: k5c's Banner Page

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    Thank you for welcoming me wendelin!

    Currently Available.

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    k5c's Banner Page

    Name: Kirstin (k5c on the threads)
    Age: 20
    Graphics program: Gimp 2.6
    How long you have been designing: About 1 or 2 months, haven't really kept count.
    Specialties: Hmm, have a look and decide for your good selfs?
    Fave Fanic Category: Romance (I'm a big softie really!)
    OTP: Oh I can't decide between Harry/Ginny and James/Lily!
    Any stories on MNFF? Sadly no, but I do enjoy reading many a fan fic!
    Payment: Credit would be lovely. And leave a comment here if you really love it I guess.
    Availability: Available, but at the moment may take a couple of weeks as I'm just finishing up at college.

    I decided after the positive feedback from Wendelin over in the Critique centre that I would have a go at creating my own thread so here goes...

    Examples of my work

    Character Banner:



    Banner Requests
    As I have only been banner making for one to two months I'm not sure whether I would be able to create story banner's just yet (you can let me know if you disagree!). So for the time being I'm happy to create banners for signatures etc! Just till I build my banner making confidence.

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    Hey K5c! It's awesome that you decided to have your very own banner thread As I've told you before, it's really hard to believe you've only been designing for a couple of months especially after looking at your 'It All Ends banner'. It's really good. Also, welcome to the KA! *Sprinkles confetti*

    PS- First post here!
    Banner by the wonderful Minnabird
    Author Page ~ Banner thread ~
    PI Accredition

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    I've really been inspired by the new posters for Deathly Hallows Part 2, which I'm both ridiculously excited about and slightly saddened by. It is definatley and end of an era!

    (Harry's version is in my first post)

    And here's two random ones I created while a little bored!

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    Hey! Just wanted to say I really like your banners! And that picture of Ginny... is that really Bonnie Wright?! omg she is gorgeous there! I always hated her in the movies because she just does not live up to Ginny Weasley in my opinion, but wow! I love that picture of her. That's what Ginny looks like in my head.

    I may have to come back and request if I can think of something I want I'm so hung up on this Ginny picture, I might just request something with it...

    Great work!

    PS You are totally ready to make Story banners.

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    Sorry to double post, just wanted to make sure you got my requestt.

    Can I please have a Gryffindor banner? With Ginny, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Neville, anyone else you want haha. I'd also like to have the Sword of Gryffindor on it. Thanks so much!


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    Hi there! I'm Ari. Welcome to the boards and the banner-making corner! I clicked your thread outta curiosity and am seriously impressed. :3 Your banners are so lovely. You have a great grasp on coloring already; hard to believe you haven't been at it that long.

    And I really love your current banner. Make more, ma'am! More!

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