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Thread: New Forum Glitches

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    I'm having a problem over in the Gryffindor area of the forum. Whenever I enter the Gryffindor section it seems okay, but if i click on a thread to enter it, the page expands to a huge size and there's no writing. The only items that appear are other members avatars that have posted within the thread.

    If you could help I would be very happy thanks

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    I hope this is the right place to mention this. I tried replying to two threads in "Poetry Anyone?" and I just get a message that says I don't have permission to access the page.
    The new,(well now only relatively new) forums are great, btw! It took me a while to get used to them, but...

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    It should be fixed now. Let me know if you have any further problems posting.
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    We're still getting intermittent post-jumping... and I've had an error where I get logged off for inactivity when I try to post, but then my post shows up anyway. I think both times the post also jumped, I don't know if it's connected.

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    Having just posted a very long reply to Jess' review thread and taking time to find links etc etc. I was rather annoyed to find a message on posting that 'your token has expired'. It asked me to hit the back button, but the post was gone. Is this a feature of using the Quick Reply feature?

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    I just received e-mail notification of a PM from MNFF wishing me a happy birthday. Now, I think my birthday was incorrect on the old boards, so that might explain it, but then the e-mail is in 'new forum style' (as in you can see the PM within the e-mail rather than having to go to the MNFF beta boards). Here however it says I have no new messages. Now, particularly since it isn't my birthday, I don't really mind and that's a pretty minor, unimportant problem but just thought I'd let you know.
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    I wrote about this earlier, but I'm having trouble again posting in the "Poetry Anyone?" threads.

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    As the mod for Poetry, Anyone? I hope it's okay if I answer keara96's question.

    keara96: The reason you can't post in PA is because you've been removed from the usergroup for not meeting your monthly requirements. You're welcome to submit a new usergroup request if you would like to rejoin us.

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    This isn't really a glitch, just something that is annoying me a bit.
    If I visit the boards then close the page, only to come back on later, all the unread post tags have been cleared, as has the What's New listing.
    On the old boards, they would stay as unread until I read or cleared them.
    This is bugging me because now I feel like i'm missing things.

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    This isn’t a problem with these boards, but with fiction side of the site. I collaborated with Chante’ (author name C_A_Campbell and thegirllikeme on the boards) on “Unspeakable” but I cannot reply to any reviews of that story. I’ve discussed this with Chante’ and she can reply to the reviews of the chapters she submitted. It appears, however, that neither of us can reply to my chapters.

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