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Thread: New Forum Glitches

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    I got a PM today, and it didn't show up on this forum...I had to go to the old ones to see it.


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    If it was sent on the old forums, then that's where it will be received. Please tell whoever sent it that they should move to the new forums.

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    I was just wondering, when I look at my profile, there is the usual Avatar and then there is a space for a profile picture. Are we able to change the Profile Picture? I can’t find any links for it.

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    Edit: Never mind. I figured out how to fix it. ^^
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    Like the new design it's easy to get used to! I have found that Dean's Corner is hard to use. It's not really a glitch but there's nothing that distinguishes the link from the rest of the text. You just have to poke around and find it. There's a chance it's just me too, if that's the case feel free to tell me I'm out of luck. I can be less lazy and use the real computer

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    Hello- I've just noticed- I was searching something in the Reference Desk, which I was sure I'd read before, and it said sorry no matches found. I tried searching words that were in thread titles etc and they said no matches found either.

    It might be my computer but maybe other people have experienced this problem as well.
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    When I post, the edit button isn't always underneath it. In my posts in my BA thread, I can find the edit button and edit my posts just fine, but I just posted in TheCursedQuill's Beta thread, and the edit button isn't there beneath my post.

    EDIT: I can edit my post here, too, but the button is still missing in the Beta Guild.

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    Like TM_WandStick, the edit button is unavailable for me. It only shows up in the Hufflepuff Library (which I moderate). Otherwise, everywhere else I can't edit my posts.

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    Like welshdevondragon, the search didn't work for me in the Reference Desk. I searched a thread for 'football', and I knew it was there because I typed it myself in a question, but it came up with 'Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.'
    It's not a big deal, but I thought I'd let you know that it's not an issue on just one computer.
    Thanks - the new forum looks great!

    EDIT: now my search isn't working in the Ask a Mod threads either - I searched for a word I saw in the first post and it still came up with 'no matches - try something else.'

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    While sending PM's, I got a notice that said I have to wait 60 seconds between sending PM's. It then told me that I'd be allowed to send a PM in 3300 seconds. This seems very contradictory. Thanks.
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