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Thread: New Forum Glitches

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    Great job!! You guys are awesome.

    So what exactly is the Visitor Messaging System and how does it work?



    PS. I am having an inconsistent time logging in. Sometimes it works, but it doesn't seem to stick. And there doesn't seem to be a log-in window on all the skins. Thanks again!

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    New Forum Glitches

    Hello everyone,

    I hope you're enjoying looking around our new forums.

    If you notice anything odd or encounter any problems, please feel free to contact a member of staff or post them in this thread. We'll all be online regularly over the next week or so to try and address any problems as they arise.

    Thank you and enjoy!

    ~ Roxy Black

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    Hey, I was wondering if we'd be getting an announcement telling us which avatars were made by who?

    banner by my mystery banner maker! :O

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    It seems like Gina's post is before your's, Roxy.

    Time Nargles again?

    Ronnie, Lyss, Becca, Andi, you guys are amazing. <3

    I'M BACK, BABY! *evil laugh*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sainyn Swiftfoot View Post
    Hey, I was wondering if we'd be getting an announcement telling us which avatars were made by who?
    I'm getting to it, BB. Give me a second.

    And I really don't hope we brought the time Nargles with us... <.<

    EDIT: It seems this way.... Darn it.

    OH, Rosie? I'm still a Slyth. Could you please put me back to my beloved badgers? Thanks!
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    Not that this is really a glitch, but if you click a link to a thread (eg. banners, drabbles) in someone's sig, it links back to the old forums. Dunno if that can be helped, though.

    Terri edit; Everyone's links will have to be changed in their banners. Right now, they have them links to threads from the old board. They are going to have to go in and change the destination of them to the url of this board.
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    Uhm, great board, even this old Arthur Weasley is getting used to it.

    One thing (feels petty for mentioning it), I noticed that some people have 'Senior Member' under their name, and I'm pretty sure I had it under my name when the board switched over, but it's not there now. While I'm hoping this means my time-turner has worked and I'm now 18 again, I'm not convinced.

    I also noticed that gmariam and sainyn swiftfoot aren't either. Both have been around longer than me.

    EDIT: When posting this, a message came up saying it hadn't posted and I needed to wait 30 seconds to make a new post. It was only because someone else was online and chatting on AIM that I knew this had posted.
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    I've also been having problems logging in... sometimes it'll work, sometimes it won't, and often the page will appear as though it hasn't worked but my username will be shown logged in at the bottom.

    Also, the fact that everything is centered bugs me. Is that intentional?

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    Hello! This is Hannah/coolh5000. I'm having issues logging on. I changed my password and have been unable to log on since, with either the new or old passwords. I used the forgotten password link to have a new password sent and I received the new password but it won't log me on. About 40 minutes ago I started getting the message that I had used up all log ons and was locked out for 15 minutes, and the message is still coming up when I try to log on, even though it's been well over 15 minutes.

    This seemed like the easiest place to let you know!

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    What Carole was saying, now, for some reason, I'm a senior member, and I'm pretty sure I wasn't before. Not that I'm complaining :P

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