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Thread: Extension Charm Question

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    Extension Charm Question

    I am writing a fic in which Hermione is coming back to England after fetching her parents from Australia. She is using her beaded bag and is stopped by airport security while her carry-on luggage is being X-rayed. The stress of finding her parents led her to forget that the bag may look a little odd to airport security because of the Non-detectable extension charm.

    How do you think the bag would look under X-ray? And what would the implications be for Hermione?

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    Oh ... hmm, just unbelievably big and cluttered with things. So the Muggles would be unable to comprehend how much is in there because it wouldn't have gone through the scanner.

    In her normal mind, Hermione could probably have cast some sort of shield/cover over the contents so it looked as if she was only carrying normal handluggage stuff, but if she forgot ...


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    I think that once she got to the line in front of the scanners, she might remember about having to put her extremely odd bag through them. Can you excuse yourself to the bathroom while in that line or does that look too suspicious? I dunno, if she could she might go cast a spell on the bag in the bathroom.

    On the other hand, there's a possibility that the Muggle machines wouldn't be able to deal with it; magic and technology don't seem to mix well. They could break down, or show just a blank screen, or something (I don't really know how they work). It might still make TSA (or...what's the equivalent in the UK?) suspicious, and either way they might have to take the bag aside and look through it by hand - which would obviously be a very bad thing, because they'd know for sure there was something very strange about it.

    Just in general, that sounds like a situation that could spiral very badly out of control if she doesn't handle it right...Hermione might need to use her skill with Memory Charms, worst case scenario. :/

    EDIT: Of course, now I think about it, the word "Undetectable" might mean by Muggle technology as well as the naked eye...

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