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Thread: The Third SPEW Summer Story Swap!

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    jenny b

    The Third SPEW Summer Story Swap!


    We haven't done this since 2008 because of the 007, and it's a fantastic exchange so I can't wait to do it again! I love it because it makes it feel like summer even when it's freezing cold here and I'm trying to stay warm under piles of blankets. Damn you northern hemispherians Your stories do not have to be specifically summer-related, feel free to request whatever you wish!

    Sign-ups run from now until the night of May 10 (for the Americans), and assignments will be sent out within a day or two.

    Stories are due July 24th, and will be posted beginning July 25th.

    Sign-Up Guidelines / Rules:
    • Post your request in this thread by Tuesday, May 10th.
    • Also include limits for what you're unwilling to write. Any ratings, characters, pairings, warnings or genres. Please try to be flexible with your limits/requests.
    • Requests should not contain anything inappropriate for MNFF.
    • Do not request a fic if you are not absolutely sure you will be able to take the time to write one for someone else. If you have to pull out due to unforseen circumstances, then please notify me as soon as possible so that I can arrange for another story to be written.
    • I will send out assignments on May 11th.
    • This is a SECRET swap. Don't let anyone know who you're writing for. If, of course, you use a SPEWer as your beta then they might figure it out, but they're forbidden from saying anything either.
    • Use this format for your request post:

      Limitations: (On what you can write)
      If possible, include a couple of characters, pairings and prompts that you would like to see written. Please, nothing too complicated or specific; writers need room to work.

    Submission Guidelines / Rules:
    • The story must be beta'd. There are no exceptions. Don't PM to ask if it's really mandatory, I'll say that it is.
    • All stories should be rated appropriately for the person recieving it [meaning their taste, not their age.] If you're writing for someone who does not generally venture into 6th-7th Years / Professors, then do not write that kind of fic. Also, this pertains to content and warnings, as well.
    • If you wish to include smut and you know the person you're writing for will enjoy reading it, then you may write it.
    • When submitting your story, please include this header:
      <b>Warnings (if any):</b>
    • If desired, please also include a note from you to your recipient.
    • Stories should include all HTML tags [<i>italics</i>, <b>bold</b>, etc;]
    • Stories should be PM'd or emailed to me [Jennifer / jenny b] by the due-date.
    • If your story contains any words that may be editted by the forum censor, you must email it to me, or else make a very obvious note to me at the top of your PM, so that I can edit before posting.
    • If you email it to me, please send it as an attachment. Do not put the text in the body of the e-mail. (If you need my e-mail address, either PM me or use your stalking abilities to find it on my profile/LJ/somewhere.)

    Stories must be submitted by July 24th.

    They will be posted starting July 25th.

    This thread is for requests only; if you have a question, PM or IM me.

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    Character/Pairing(s): Hmm, I'm generally open in this regard. I like minor characters that we know decently well. Anything Oliver Wood is fine by me. I also adore major characters from Trio Era and forward. I'm not entirely keen on Weasleys (so sue me!), but I adore Harry, Hermione, Neville, and company! Most Next-Gen is fun, as well. My yay!pairings are as follows (and not in any particular order): Oliver/Katie, Harry/Hermione, Harry/Katie, Draco/Katie, Scorpius/Rose, Scorpius/Albus, Scorpius/Random Weasley cousins, Albus/OC, and maybe some Albus/Rose if it's not mishandled. I'm pretty open minded.
    Prompt(s): Please, for the love of Prongs, no Dramione. My supply of sick bags is low from hockey playoffs. I tend to lean toward non-canon things that can technically fit into canon. E?WE? is dandy, as well.

    And as for actual prompts... I'm not going to lie, I appreciate good smut in any genre. Just don't make me spork out my eyes or give me an anatomy lesson, lol.

    But some prompt thoughts: listlessness, paltry, renegade, facade, remember, fault. Use any three of these words or any derivations thereof (tense change; part of speech change; i.e. listless, remembered, faulted, or even memory)

    Limitations: I'm okay at writing canon pairings if I have to, but it's really not my thing. I find Dramione to be particularly vomitous, and anything involving Snape is just... eww, especially Snamione. I have NO PROBLEM whatsoever with student/teacher, but Snape is just icky to think about with anyone, especially a character I like. Marauder Era eludes me on many levels, and fluff is also not a strong point of mine. I tend not to write childish themes like teenage wangst or 'OMG, he dumped me, so my life is ovahhhhh' stuff; adult themes are far more my thing.

    And if anyone asks me to write a squicky pairing involving crossing species or age boundaries of more than 30 years or just anything horrible to mentally behold, someone will be getting AKed. /meany-pants disclaimer
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    I'm no longer active, but my inbox is always open. I'd love to hear from you!

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    *bounces* I'm so excited!

    Character/Pairing(s): Characters: I'll read anything about anyone. I'd prefer not to read about the Trio, though. Marauder Era is my favourite, but Next-Gen is growing on me. Minor characters from Trio Era are fine.

    Ships: James/Lily is my OTP, but I also really like reading them shipped with other characters like James/Sirius or Lily/Regulus. I also really like Lily/Narcissa, but I realise that's a bit harder to write. Subtle Sirius/Lily is wonderful. I also like Dean/Luna, Draco/Astoria, Rose/Scorpius, Albus/Scorpius, Neville/Hannah, Alice/Frank, Narcissa/Lucius, Lucius/Bellatrix...

    Honestly, though, you can put a bunch of character names in a hat, pull out two and write a believable story about them and I'll love it.

    Prompt(s): I would like it to be a bit summer-y. It doesn't have to be set in summer, but should include (at least) one of the following: strawberries, sunshine, or daisies.

    Open or unhappy endings are lovely. I like steamy scenes (as in yes, smut! but nothing too graphic, please). I also like warmth (but not fluff).

    Optional prompts:

    One-word: rivers, stars, friendship, emptiness, smooth, jealously, fear, and denial.

    Songs (I can add links to lyrics if wanted): "All the Way" -- Indigo Girls, "Longshot" -- Antigone Rising, "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" -- the Beatles, "Hallelujah" -- Rufus Wainwright, Leona Lewis, whoever, and "Don't Stop Believing" -- Journey

    edit: back with.....Pictures! (all are from Blue Landscape Sunshine Kiss Girl Forks

    Limitations: The Trio and Snape. I can try, and probably succeed with Ron and Hermione, but I seriously fail at Harry and Snape. I also don't write Ginny well. I can try fluff, but it probably won't be very good.


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    Character/Pairing(s): I’ll read anything except Snape/ Anyone or Drinny (?) or Dramione. Just no. He’s pretty firmly Asteria’s in my head My favourite pairings are Molly/ Arthur and Lucius/ Narcissa. I don’t really like Harmony but there are exceptions to that “rule”, so go for it if you want to. Basically I’m happy to read about any characters but Slytherins are my favourites

    I don’t like fluff. But, like with Harmony, there are exceptions but they are rarer. I like dark/ angsty best (this does not mean it has to be an unhappy ending) and if you’re good at black comedy yes please Any ratings/ warnings but preferably something that has a bit of weight (yeah, that’s why I don’t like fluff...)

    Prompt(s): Fire, blood red, sailing, creation, loss, the sea. Ignore or accept

    Songs prompts: (Since others are doing this I might as well) Current songs I’m getting obsessed with at the moment: “Bluebells” by Patrick Wolf, “City with no children” by Arcade Fire, “Slow Show” by The National, “Devils’ Spokes” by Laura Marling - In fact any song fic based on a Laura Marling song. This may mean you have to listen to all her songs but it won’t be a waste of your time- I promise. Feel free to take any of those to your heart/ ignore them all together.

    EDIT (since the deadline hasn't happened yet): My amazing sister just recommended this fantastic band to me, and if someone else doesn't write a story in some way inspired by the song "Hooting and Howling" by Wild Beasts, then I will. I'd be very grateful if I don't have to.

    Limitations: I will write any rating/ warnings but not too keen on fluff, but am willing to try anything else although I do like minor characters. Also I’d prefer not to write any of the Trio as the main pairing/ characters. Anything else goes.

    This sounds like fun!
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    Character/Pairing(s): Krum/Hermione or Percy/Audrey are my preferences, but I’m okay with pretty much any pairing, as long as it’s done well. (Though under no circumstances should Snape be in any pairing that is requited (so please don’t have any characters head over heals in love with him)) Also, I’d really, really like if the story fit into canon.

    -I very much like open endings.
    -I’d prefer if vomit inducing lovey-dovey scenes were not included.
    -I’d love for it to be set in late spring (i.e. May, early June).

    Apart from that, do what you like (within reason).

    Limitations: I’d really prefer not to write smut, and I’m probably not great with super-duper emotional stuff. Oh, and please, no romance with Snape.


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    Character/Pairing(s): I love all of the following equally: Harry/Hermione, Teddy/Victoire, Scorpius/Lily, Scorpius/Dominique, Bill/Fleur, George/Angelina, Theodore/Susan, Blaise/anyone ( ).

    It doesn't have to be set in the summer, but preferably not the winter time because that will just make me depressed. I like reading stories with imperfect endings, but not so depressingly sad that I can't sleep for weeks. NO FLUFF would be very much appreciated . Couples with problems are cool. I'm good with any rating or warning (except AU unless it's very very minor/not necessary to the plot).

    Here are some weird prompts I threw together just in case you want a guideline but HONESTLY SINCERELY don't feel like you have to use them:

    -Marrying the wrong person
    -Strings of pearls
    -The Summer of '69 by Bryan Adams (though it doesn't have to be '69, it can be any year--and it doesn't have to include the whole having-a-band thing )
    -Underwater…and if you accidentally read that underwear then I'm fine with that as well...
    -Memories are better than reality
    -Parties gone awry

    Limitations: Not to sound like an echo here, but I'd really rather not write Snape/anyone. I also don't think I'm a good Dumbledore or Luna or Draco writer. I'd prefer not to write a teacher/teacher (and 'teacher' only pertains to Trio-era teachers, not if one of the main characters from the Trio-era decides to be a teacher) romance, but student/teacher is fine with me.

    Other than that, though, I'll take any rating/warning.

    Thank you to Hokey for the beautiful banner. And thank you to everyone who nominated and judged --I'm so grateful to you <3.

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