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    Name: Minnabird
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    Title: Endings and Beginnings
    Word Count: 492
    Ratings/Warnings: mention of character death
    A/N: I've been meaning to write this thing for so long. Also - why am I so obsessed with the WWN now?


    The fourth-year Gryffindor boys were all gathered around Nathan Crowley’s battered wireless.

    “Good evening.” Lee Jordan’s voice over the radio sounded uncharacteristically solemn.“Thank you for tuning in for this special Victory Day edition of Potterwatch. But first, a moment of silence as we remember those we lost in the war that ended a year ago today.”

    In the staticky silence, Dennis Creevey thought unhappily that he could never stop remembering.

    Dennis felt like he’d lost an essential part of his soul when Colin had died. The pair of them had always been inseparable, with Colin always playing leader. Everything had been an adventure with Colin around. Dennis hadn’t been surprised to learn that Colin was a wizard; he always could bring magic to life. What had surprised him was that he was a wizard, too. His parents had just laughed and said he’d wished it into being so he could follow Colin to that school of his.

    Dennis had wondered, in more morose moments, if his magic would eventually disappear without Colin around. It felt like everything else good had.

    Next year he’d have to start thinking about the future. He had no idea what he wanted. Oh, he and Colin had talked about it plenty: they’d be a dynamic journalistic duo, Dennis penning the articles – he had a way with words, Colin said; he’d always been the one to talk Mum round when they got into trouble – and Colin taking the pictures.

    He’d never planned for a future without Colin.

    Lee Jordan’s voice had come back on while Dennis was thinking, but he had been tuning it out. He jerked back to attention when he heard his brother’s name, followed by “Dirk Cresswell.” A list of the dead, he thought. He’s dead.

    Why did it still hurt so much to think that?


    “Good evening, and thank you for tuning in to Potterwatch.” Lee Jordan smiled, though his audience couldn’t see him. “As Friday is Victory Day, we would like to take a moment to remember the dead.” He let the silence drag on for about ten seconds, and then he spoke again. “The end of the war was a beginning of a new world for us all. Now, I would like to announce another ending and another beginning. One of our regular correspondents, Alicia Spinnet, will be leaving us for good today to manage the Ballycastle Bats. Good luck, Alicia,” he added to her.

    “Thanks, Lee,” Alicia said, grinning. “I’ll miss this, but I never intended to work in radio all my life.”

    “We’ll miss you too,” Lee said. “And to all of you wondering who will fill Alicia’s place, I’d like to introduce our newest correspondent: Dennis Creevey. Welcome to Potterwatch, Dennis.”

    “Thanks, Lee,” Dennis said. “I’m glad to be here.” He wondered, for a moment, what Colin would think of him now, pursuing a career neither of them had dreamed of.

    He grinned. Colin would be proud.
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