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    Russia Snow


    PROMPT 8!

    Welcome to The Three Broomsticks Easter 100 word Challenge!

    It was Easter last week, and you know what that means! Not only will Madam Russia be stuffing herself with chocolate for a good few days, but your barmaids have devised a very special Easter 100 word challenge for you.

    I, Madam Russia, will be your resident Easter bunny and every 2 days I will be dropping drabble prompts in the form of different kinds of Easter eggs.

    Each kind of egg will be accompanied by a SHORTexplanation which you should use as your prompt to write a drabble of between 90 and 100 words. (no more than 100)

    2 participation points will be awarded to each author who submits a drabble. You may enter as many drabbles as you like for each prompt, but participation points will only be awarded once per egg type. A winner will be chosen from each prompt and will receive a further 5 points, and if you manage to complete all 9 prompts, you will receive another 5 points for your house.

    There will be 9 prompts in total, prompt eight is as follows and you have until 10pm BST on 3rd May to complete it.

    PROMPT 8:
    Egg Type: Chocolate Egg
    Drabble prompt:A characters favourite. (It could be a favourite person, or pet or food, ANYTHING, as long as it is a favourite of your chosen character)
    HINT: Be careful to use the British spelling of favoUrite in your drabbles to please your British barmaids

    You may use any characters/eras, canon or non-canon. Write whatever you feel like!

    It is not necessary to include the egg, or an egg of any kind. Nor is it necessary to reference Easter, you can write whatever you feel like, as long as it centres around the phrase underneath the egg type.

    PHP Code:
    Here is the form for your drabble:
    B]Word Count:[/B]


    Lots of Easter love, The Barmaids xxxxx

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    Name: Lia
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Eyes
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd Year/None
    Word Count: 92
    A/N: Lord, my character is a depressing bloke.

    He loves how her eyes soften when they fall on him – caring, warm, inviting. It's her eyes that draw him in and make him lose his train of thought, his ability to breathe. It's those eyes of hers that make him feel alive, wanted, loved. And then she gives him a look – the kind of look that takes him all at once, settling behind his lungs and spreading out through his chest with a sort of warmth that might just feel like peace. If he only knew such a thing…

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    Name: LollyLovesick (Lovisa)
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Watching
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd / none
    Word Count: 100
    A/N: Yeah, this is Snape and Lily if that wasn't obvious....

    It had been months since he’d had the chance to look at her. But here she was, standing inside Flourish & Blotts, flicking through a book that was being advertised by the shop.

    His breath quickened as he watched her from behind a shelf. Her beauty always amazed him when he hadn’t seen her in a while; how gracefully, yet childishly she tucked her hair behind her ears, immersed in the book; how her upper left dog-tooth stuck out over her lower lip when she smiled.

    Her gaze never faded, though. It burned him every time he closed his eyes.
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    Name: eyeofthetiger
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: September the First
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st/2nd Years
    Word Count: 98

    Everyone has a favourite day of the year. For some people it’s Christmas, for others it’s their birthday. For Sirius Black, it would always be September the first, the day when he got to leave for the only place he called home. It was the day where he got to go back to his regular maraudering self (not that he wasn’t when living at Grimmauld Place, not by a long shot. It’s hard pulling a prank when you’re the only suspect.), but best of all September the first was the day he got to see his friends again.

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    Name: Alex/ welshdevondragon
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Bluebells
    Ratings/Warnings: None.
    Word Count:88
    A/N: Short and sweet, both very unusual for me.

    “Don’t tease me, Theo. What is it?”

    “It’s––here.” He handed her the present awkwardly, unable to meet her eyes.

    Lavender unwrapped it, slowly and carefully. Theo heard her gasp and looked up. She was staring in disbelief at the perfume he’d bought her.

    “Do you like it?” he asked, nervously.

    “I––how did you know it was my favourite?”

    “Well,” he said, looking into her face and smiling for the first time, “it would have been far too simple if your favourite perfume was lavender, wouldn’t it?”
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    Name: k5c
    House: Gryffindor!
    Title: Happy To Be Home
    Ratings/Warnings: None
    Word Count: 100
    A/N: I just love the Potters!

    It had been a terribly long day at the Ministry. He was just happy to be home. He walked in through the front door and a tantalizing and utterly mouth-watering smell filled his nostrils. He took in a deep breath, and sighed, a smile gracing his lips.

    Treacle tart …his favourite.

    He wandered into the kitchen and found a heart-warming sight. James and Albus were setting the table and Lily was standing on a chair, helping Ginny prepare the meal.

    “Daddy, we made treacle tart today!” Lily called happily, running into his arms.

    He was definitely happy to be home.

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    Name: Maple_and_PheonixFeather
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Blue
    Ratings/Warnings: None, 1st-2nd
    Word Count: 99
    A/N: Wow, aren't I in a romantic mood

    Blue had always been her favourite colour, ever since she was a little girl. It was the colour of the blanket she slept with every night, even after she went to Hogwarts. It was the colour of a clear sky on a beautiful day. It was the colour of happiness.

    Blue was also the colour of his eyes. She smiled as her mother tied the blue sash around her white dress. She walked out into the sunshine, to the end of the aisle, where he waited for her at the other end.

    Blue had always been her favourite colour.
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    Name: MadEyeMaddy
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Summer
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd
    Word Count: 97
    A/N: Teddy/Victoire if you didn't figure it out.

    It was his favourite time of year; the Weasley family reunion. They had gathered here at Shell Cottage ever since he could remember. The sun and the sea set a cheerful mood among them all, filling everyone with warmth. But for Teddy the warmth came from not the sun, but from someone who seemed to bask in its very presence.

    Her hugs were light and familiar, but something had changed; he could feel it.

    “Hi,” she said nervously, searching him with her soft blue eyes.

    And he burst, finally confessing what he was holding in for years.

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    Name: thegirllikeme/Chante'
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Favourite Taste
    Ratings/Warnings: 3rd-5th, Slight Sexual Situations
    Word Count: 99
    A/N: I wrote Neville/Hannah. Wow, I surprise myself sometimes.

    Hannah set dessert before her boyfriend. He looked up sharply, and she knew she had brought him out of dark thoughts.

    “Lemon posset,” he acknowledged. “It’s my favourite.”

    “Mine too.”

    He tried it, his eyes resting on her intensely. She turned to hide a blush, taking a bite of her own dish. “I should have added more cream.”

    Realizing she had a spot of lemon posset on her face, she grabbed for a napkin, but before she could wipe it away, Neville kissed her. His tongue trailed over her lips, wiping away the spot.

    “No,” he said, “it’s perfect.”

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    Word Count:100
    A/N:Sometimes, it's not so much about pleasure....especially for Ron and Hermione.

    These socks are too small.

    Until a few weeks ago, he'd never even worn them. The cuffs have always been a bit tight.

    She‘d said, “I made these for you,” and placed them on his lap. And he’d murmured a thanks then shoved them in his bag, like they were nothing special.

    Then, he hadn’t appreciated the fact that they were truly hand-made, and that, perhaps, she had been thinking of him as the yarn passed through her fingers.

    The seams dig in right under his toenails- a sort of bonus torture. He’d wear them every day, if he could.

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