Do you think wizard and witch's bodies work the same way as Muggles? Would a Squib have a "muggle" body or a magical one? I read, years ago, one story which conjectured that the reason some people were magical was an enlarged cerebrum, which, I'm guessing (I stopped biology a few years ago but-) would affect the hormones and therefore chemical balance of the body differently. So would a Squib have a smaller cerebrum and therefore behave like a Muggle?

Also - this is a somewhat moral dilemma, but do you think there would be a magical cure for currently incurable diseases, like HIV or cancer? If so would the magical community pass it on to Muggles in some sort of way or not?

There is some overlap between Muggle and Wizarding diseases, but how far would this extend? (like would it only apply to colds, rather than more serious things?)

Also in the case of contagious Muggle diseases, would they be passed on to magical people or would there be some sort of resistance to it?

Sorry for rambling questions- this has been distracting me all morning and would like to hear what you all think. Thanks in advance!

Alex x