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    Russia Snow


    PROMPT 6!

    Welcome to The Three Broomsticks Easter 100 word Challenge!

    It was Easter last week, and you know what that means! Not only will Madam Russia be stuffing herself with chocolate for a good few days, but your barmaids have devised a very special Easter 100 word challenge for you.

    I, Madam Russia, will be your resident Easter bunny and every 2 days I will be dropping drabble prompts in the form of different kinds of Easter eggs.

    Each kind of egg will be accompanied by a SHORTexplanation which you should use as your prompt to write a drabble of between 90 and 100 words. (no more than 100)

    2 participation points will be awarded to each author who submits a drabble. You may enter as many drabbles as you like for each prompt, but participation points will only be awarded once per egg type. A winner will be chosen from each prompt and will receive a further 5 points, and if you manage to complete all 9 prompts, you will receive another 5 points for your house.

    There will be 9 prompts in total, prompt six is as follows and you have until 10pm BST on 29th April to complete it. (We're giving you an extra day due to a special prompt being set on Friday)

    PROMPT 6:
    Egg Type: White chocolate egg
    Drabble prompt:The innocence of white
    You may use any characters/eras, canon or non-canon. Write whatever you feel like!

    It is not necessary to include the egg, or an egg of any kind. Nor is it necessary to reference Easter, you can write whatever you feel like, as long as it centres around the phrase underneath the egg type.

    PHP Code:
    Here is the form for your drabble:
    B]Word Count:[/B]


    Lots of Easter love, The Barmaids xxxxx

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    Name: welshdevondragon/ Alex
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: To Have A Heart So White
    Ratings/Warnings: Character death. 3rd-5th years.
    Word Count: 99
    A/N: This is dark, even by my standards. Also any Shakespeare-ites may notice I was revising Macbeth today, as both Rodolphus and Bella paraphrase quotations from that play.

    The first time Rodolphus tried to kill, the Mudblood’s nose had merely bled. He had shivered at the sight, the red seeming vicious and so much of it, pouring from the face. He had expected Bella to snort dismissively, and cast the charm herself, as he had seen her do with ease.

    Instead she drew a small dagger and slit the Mudblood’s throat. The blood washed over her hand, and she then held his tight, whispering in a voice filled with disgust and derision, “Your hands are red, but you should be ashamed to have a heart so white.”
    Banner by Minna.

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    Name: Lia
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: White Edges
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd Year/None
    Word Count: 99
    A/N: A happy drabble for once. If I was permitted to write more, it would have lost its innocence. Here's hoping that the next prompt allows me to be dark.

    He dreams of dappled sunlight playing across the bodice of a soft, white dress that he slides reverent hands over like a whisper through delicate silence. The fluid folds hug her frame and drape like falling water to her knees. There's an innocence to his touch, as he traces the fabric's white edges with fingertips that skim along the low dip at her back, following up the line of her spine to her neck. Her hair is loose and falls down her back in waves, woven through by long, slender fingers that hold her still and make her his.

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    Name: CoolCatElly
    House: Hufflepuffle
    Title: Healing
    Ratings/Warnings: None, 1-2nd
    Word Count: 99
    A/N: As the flist requested, this drabble contains no weddings or fluffy kittens.

    “Hermione, come look!”

    Hermione sniffed irritably, peering out over the towers of books stacked in front of her. Ginny was next to the window, looking excited.

    It was snowing.

    “Look at the grounds,” Ginny urged as she joined her.

    And then she understood.

    A soft blanket of snow had completely concealed the ruined battlements. The grounds had lost their war-torn look. It looked the same as it had for her first six years at school. Covered in white, it was easy to pretend that everything was okay. That the last year had never happened.

    The healing had begun.

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    Name: AidaLuthien
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: White is Death
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd, character death
    Word Count: 93
    A/N: Yes, I made the innocence prompt dark... sorry.

    Zhu-ge Liang never understood the Western obsession with white as symbolizing innocence. Albus had tried to explain it as white being connected to purity, to cleanliness, and to some kind of essential uncorrupted nature, but while he understood the concept intellectually, it still made no sense psychologically.

    White was not innocence.

    White was death. White was mourning. Wearing snow white showed the deepest of tragedies, not the celebration of marriage. White was the end of innocence and the acceptance of death.

    So when he heard about Albus’s death, he put on all white.

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    Name: LollyLovesick
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Blank Slate
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd/none
    Word Count: 100
    A/N: My first drabble. It was harder than I thought!

    They say that the minds of children are like blank slates. I guess it’s supposed to mean that children are innocent. That they’re born with nothing and can be taught anything.

    Watching my son playing out in the garden, I’m not so sure. It’s been too long now and he hasn’t displayed any sign of magical talent. He is simply born without it and it’s nothing one can be taught. It’s not his fault, but he can’t go to Hogwarts. And he doesn’t know yet.

    I open the kitchen window and call: “Argus, please come inside. We need to talk.”
    Banner made by mahogany_wand

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    Name: Minna
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Memory
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd years, probably, but mentioned character death.
    Word Count: 100
    A/N: I've been itching to write Dennis, oddly enough. Glad I finally got around to doing it, even if only in a 100 worder.

    “Who’s that, Daddy?”

    The little boy’s chubby finger pointed at a photograph of two boys standing stiffly in matching white outfits, looking as if all they wanted to do was run off and get mud all over their nice clothes.

    “That’s me, when I was your age,” said his father, pointing at the shorter of the two, “and that’s your Uncle Colin.” He felt a pang of memory as he indicated the taller boy.

    “Where’s Uncle Colin now?” the boy asked, confused.

    “He’s gone where your grandpa went,” Dennis said, and wished, briefly, that Colin could have met his son.

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    Name: k5c
    House: Gryffindor!
    Title: His little angel
    Ratings/Warnings: none
    Word Count: 99

    “Anything wrong love?” his wife whispered.

    “When did our little girl grow up?” he asked as his daughter and new son-in-law danced, as if in a world of their own.

    “When she met the man of her dreams and fell hopelessly in love.”

    At this he turned and found that Ginny had a mischievous smile upon her lips. He could not help but grin back. Ginny’s eyes softened as she placed her hand in his.

    “She may be a woman Harry, but she will always be your little girl.”

    He sighed, nodding. Lily would always be his little angel.

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    Name: Gwen
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Stains
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd years
    Word Count: 96
    They run about the garden, chasing a butterfly. Audrey runs after, urging them to slow down, trying to save their frilly white Easter dresses from the mud left by last night’s rain. I stand at the sink, peeling potatoes, and watch through the window. Audrey must know that she can only prolong the inevitable. Sooner or later, one of them will slip and besmirch herself. There will be tears and a hurried retreat from the garden, but the stain of the fall will never be quite erased.

    Much like the stain still left from my fall.

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    So many awesome drabbles! Wow, you guys!

    Name: thegirllikeme/Chante'
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: To the Sun
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd, none
    Word Count: 100
    A/N: This is very vague, but 100 didn't allow me much room to elaborate. In my mind, this is Andromeda, if you don't catch that by the I once was Black.

    Oh, and I blame Ted Dekker (an awesome author) for the play on Black and White, though I didn't paraphrase or copy any of his work.

    The flower seeks the sun and slips through the slits between the boards of the porch, going where no other flower has gone before.

    And I wish I was as brave as that flower.

    I once was Black.

    The flower who dared to chase the sun spreads out its pure white petals.

    And I think I will be that flower.

    But now I am white.

    I pluck the daisy and weave it into my hair. “To the sun, little flower.” I step off the porch and into the unknown, a suitcase in my hand and a dream in my heart.

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