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Thread: Rowena Ravenclaw's Horcrux - Round Robin

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    Rowena Ravenclaw's Horcrux - Round Robin

    Hello all. I had an idea to start a round robin on one of the Horcruxes so that is what this thread will be about. It will focus on Rowena Ravenclaw's horcrux (I hear all the Ravenclaw's cheer). I have decided that her horcrux will be a quill due to the fact that she was the smartest of the four Hogwarts founders. It will be a quill that never runs out. This will focus around destroying this one horcrux. The location of this horcrux will be up to which every poster gets to that point first.

    But before we continue, there are two rules: the post must be entered as a quote and it must be between about 150 -500 more, no less. Sorry for this but this is due to the fact that some post only enter a few sentences. Plus 150 words isn't alot at all.

    The other rule is that the next post must follow that post before it. It has to make sense.

    Have fun!

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    Here you go!
    “I’ve got it Harry! The final Horcrux is a quill! Rowena had a quill that never ran out of ink. It is blue and yellow, with a bird near the tip. Voldemort probably hid it in the Riddle house. There is said to be a sitting room that has a cupboard that can’t be opened. We just have to get there and destroy it.” Informed Hermione.

    The Trio was looking for the final Horcrux. So far they were the Locket, the Snake, the Diary, the Ring, the Cup, and now the Quill. How would they destroy the Quill? That was the real question.

    “How did you come up with that, Hermione?” Ron asked. Hermione calmly explained it to the boys. Ron and Harry barely understood it, but they learned to trust each other. A few words that they made out were ‘Arithmancy, Rowena, Trust, and Mark.’ They didn’t really care how she knew, as long as she could help them with the destruction of the Quill.
    I hope you liked it! Good Luck with the next section.

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    "Are you sure it would be in Riddle's House?" asked Harry. Hermione frowned a bit. "I mean, no offense but Voldemort is well aware that Dumbledore has visited that house because of the events that occured there a few years ago."

    "Yea...i suppose you do have a point. I'll go look some more," she said leaving the room. They were at Grimmauld Place taking a break from the horcrux hunt. By now, most Order members had known about their hunt and had provided as much help as they could. Mrs. Weasley insisted that a few come along but Harry denied her request. Yes, they did need some help most of the time but Hermione had always managed to surprise them in some way. The cup was the hardest to capture for when Harry touched it, it sent him into a deep sleep. Everyday he slept, something ate him from the inside but after a few days, Hermione had managed to brew a potion.

    The snow swirled around outside through the night. It was twelve midnight when Hermione had barged into their room, carrying a book in her hand. Harry immediatley shot up, raising his wand.

    "Lumos!" he cried.

    "Calm down, Harry. It's only me. This time, i'm sure i've found the location of the quill. Listen to this: 'After years of trying to tear down the house, the ministry officals finally gave up. It seems that Ravenclaw's house had been enchanted so that it would never be destroyed. A few ministry officials who tried to invade the building never came out. It is clear that Dark Magic has been used against it.' It all makes sense," he cried, beaming.

    "So you think the Horcrux is hidden at Ravenclaw's house?" asked Ron also getting up and letting a wide yawn escape him.

    "I'm positive. There are enchantments and most likely dangerous creatures protecting it. Ravenclaw's spells and Voldemort's combined," she said. "It all adds up - what I told you before about Arithmancy and her Mark. Maybe the quill is still hidden in a cupboard there. We'll never know till we reach there...Harry...this is going to be hard."

    "I know," replied Harry. There was a long pause then Harry asked something that he had forgotten to.

    "Hermione...where exactly is Ravenclaw's house?"
    Sorry that i kind of changed it up but I just meant to edit my post and post before anyone else did to start it off but it still flows.

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    Hermione let out a long sigh. "Harry, that's the problem. No one knows. There have been sightings all over the place... some old witch saw it in Scotland, a young boy saw it in London, the list goes on. There was even an old ministry officer that claimed it was hidden on the Hogwarts grounds."

    Harry started flipping through the book. "Umm, Hermione, it says here that they tried to tear it down, and people were lost inside it. We someone obviously knows where it is."

    "Come on Harry, use your brain," she chided. "Rowena was the brightest witch of her time, arguably the brightest ever. She charmed the house so that it switches locations. One month the house will be in London, and the next it could be anywhere."

    "Oh that's helpful," Ron answered. "Now all we have to do is search all possible areas that her house might be. With all the sightings it could take ages."

    "Well, then I guess we should start soon."

    "Bloody lunatic," muttered Ron.
    Lets see what we can do with this. Cheers!


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    "Well," said Harry. "If we know where it was less than a month ago, we can start there and once we're in, we'll have to stay till it switches again won't we?"

    "Exactly!" said Hermione. "That way, we'll have more than a month to destroy that horcrux without getting lost again."

    "Are you two our of your mind?" yelled Ron. "We can't go walking into a house that no one knows its exact location. We don't even know anything thats in that house. There could be...dragons in there. And your willing to just go in?"

    They both looked at him like he was crazy.

    "Ron. That's the whole point of this mission. We never know what awaits anywhere that we go in. Voldemort's plan is to keep whoever walks in there long enough to get there and most likely kill them himself," said Harry. Ron opened his mouth to retort but closed it.

    "I'm going to go look for anything that says where the house was seen last," said Hermione and she bounced out of the room. Harry smiled watching her leave. She was always the enthuasim of their missions.
    Hope you liked...lets keep this going. I like where its going.

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    Okay, so I stumbled across this accidentally. Is it still going? I suppose that if it's not allowed, some mod will just come and lock it, but I'm going to continue it regardless! (Great idea, by the way ...)

    "Harry, are you serious?" Ron protested. He knew it was useless, that it was already settled, but he was the one who always objected to their plans -- at first, anyway.

    "Come on, Ron," Harry said reasonably. "It's not going to be that bad. We're not going after something dangerous. It's just a house. That's all. A house. It's not like we're going to be hunting Lord bloody Voldemort himself!"

    Ron flinched at the utterance of that name, mostly out of habit. He'd gotten somewhat used to hearing it lately, but one didn't just overcome a lifetime of fear.

    "Oh, all right," he muttered. "You've got a point there, mate." He stood up and stretched, his lanky form looking even longer, if it was possible, and his too-short pyjama pants riding even higher on his ankles. "I'm hungry. Wanna go get a sandwich or something?" he asked, his stomach growling to prove his point.

    Harry chuckled. "You're always hungry, Ron."


    Harry yawned. "So, nothing."

    "So ... are you coming?" Ron asked again.

    "Nah. I'm too tired," Harry said through another yawn. He stretched back out on his bed and pulled the covers around him. "You go on. Maybe Hermione would like a sandwich."

    "Yeah," Ron said, brightening. "She's got to get hungry doing all that research. I'll go ask her."

    Harry chuckled sleepily to himself as Ron left the room.

    *** *** ***

    After pulling all the books that might mention Ravenclaw's house off the dusty shelves in the library, Hermione Levitated them down to the kitchen. It was much warmer down there, she rationalised, and she would have easier access to hot chocolate and biscuits. She had just settled the books on the table and pulled out a chair when she heard someone else enter the kitchen.

    She whipped around, pulling out her wand, only to find Ron standing in the doorway.

    "Merlin, Hermione, you're jumpy!" Ron said. "Who'd you think it was? A Death Eater? How would they even get in?"

    "Ronald!" Hermione scolded. "You scared me! You really shouldn't sneak up on people like that!"
    There you go! Notice how I have Ron and Hermione alone ... at night ... c'mon, people, I expect something really good here!

    ~ Abigail

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