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Thread: Fluffy/funny Lily/James or Maraudera fic

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    Fluffy/funny Lily/James or Maraudera fic

    Hey guys, so I've read basically every Lily/James one shot and I'm pretty much obsessed with them. If you have any suggestions for some longer fics that'd be great. Preferably not with anything too dark or too au and also I'd love some funny marauder fics. I know that's a lot of specifications but I've read almost everything else. Anyways I'm rambling now so anything you could suggest would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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    I would defiantly go with A Different View on Love by helz_belz if you haven't read it yet. Enjoy!

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    Um, Have you read Gmariam's fics. She writes a lot of James/Lily.
    Link to author page.

    Or *coughsplutter* mine here.


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