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Thread: Sorting/ Organising previously homeschooled/ educated abroad students in DH

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    Sorting/ Organising previously homeschooled/ educated abroad students in DH

    In DH when the law comes in meaning all British children need to be educated at Hogwarts, do you think those who were not eleven but had previously been educated at home or abroad were re-introduced to Hogwarts? There wouldn't be that many of them but you'd think there'd be some for whatever reasons.

    Do you think they would be Sorted privately before hand or just with the other first years? Or, given all would have to have a Pureblood relative to still be attending Hogwarts, just get sorted into the house their parent/ parents were or which was most common for their family? Is it possible the Sorting Hat might refuse to sort them if they weren't eleven/ twelve?

    Also I know pastoral care at Hogwarts isn't great, even under Dumbledore, but do you think any attempts would be made, other than asking a prefect or someone in the year to look after them, to get them accustomed to Hogwarts?

    Any ideas/ suggestions would be much appreciated.
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    I imagine that they would have to, and I've had a plot bunny about one of these students for ages. I can't imagine why Voldemort would want those students to remain away from his influence when he could have them at Hogwarts. It might be a different story with children in foreign schools as opposed to those who had been homeschooled, but eventually at least, he'd want every magical child in Britain (who isn't a Muggleborn, obviously) educated at Hogwarts.

    In my planning, I have these students (there are about five of them, three being siblings, so really, there's three families who have chosen not to send their children to Hogwarts) being Sorted in the Headmaster's office after the feast. I'm sure the Sorting Hat would sort them; it talks to Harry when he's twelve years old, so it isn't programmed to only read the minds of eleven year olds. I guess the students could be sorted with the first years, but I've read far too many Mary-Sue-transfers-to-Hogwarts fic where this happens to want to do it in my own. I also think that they wouldn't want to draw too much attention to the changes in rule.

    The care thing... In my fic, there's nothing, really. The students in their houses are told to look out for them, but there is nobody assigned to specifically look out for their welfare. I imagine that the students of the houses would be more than willing to look out for their new classmate, though. I don't think that having someone officially assigned to the student would be beyond the realms of possibility, though. However, given the situation at Hogwarts during this time, and the teachers that have power, I don't think anything else would have been done for them. They've got bigger things on their hands.

    Sarah x

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