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    Simply Being
    Title: Don't Tell
    Word Count: 306
    Ratings/Warnings: Mental Disorders

    Remus apparated in the middle of a quiet street, a single piece of parchment clutched in his hand. He focused on the phrase in his head, and a quaint home appeared in front of him. He strode forward and knocked on the wooden door, glancing around him carefully. Moments later, a redhead opened the door and pulled him in.

    “Did you bring the ingredients, Remus?” Lily asked in a soft whisper, “James is upstairs trying to get Harry to nap.”

    “Yes, of course. But Lily, if you’re having this problem you really need to tell him…” Remus argued.

    “He doesn’t need this right now, Remus. Actually, neither of us needs this...and you promised not to let it slip!”

    Remus sighed and nodded. It felt strange keeping a secret from Prongs, but he respected Lily. Anyway, if this would help Lily he could certainly keep one tiny little secret. He pulled a few vials out of his coat pocket, and Lily surreptitiously slipped them into her robe pocket.

    Remus decided to broach the subject again, “If it makes you feel any better, Lily, I know several other wizards who use a mood-lifting potion on a regular basis. With these dark times, it’s quite common. You’re not alone.”

    At first, Lily seemed a little miffed at Remus’s comment. He was relieved to see her shrug her shoulders and reply, “Well, thanks Remus. I really do appreciate this. And I promise, I’ll tell James soon. But not right now. We’ve been stuck in this house for a few months, and with the Prophecy hanging over our heads I’ve been feeling…”

    Remus suddenly reached in for a hug, and the two friends embraced. “I’m here for you, and so are James, Sirius, and Peter. We all are.”

    Lily grinned. It was her first genuine smile in a long, long time.

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    Title: Into the Night
    Wordcount: 466
    A/N: The Queen was curious as to how someone could pull off an environmental issue. I hope this one does it.

    It had been years since she had been to Shell Cottage. Eleven years to be exact. Luna didn’t know exactly why she had come back, but there was an annoying buzzing in her mind that told her to do it. She already checked with her father if nargles were able to come into the brain and control it, but he was quite confident that wasn’t possible. Nargles don’t have the capability to know what parts of the brain to control anyway.

    She had asked through Ronald if it was all right to visit Bill and Victoire. He replied saying they would be delighted to have her in their home. So she took with her a fan from China (one of the recent places she had been for a certain project of hers – looking for an Erumpet; Hermione said there were none at China, but her father had said that they’ve helped in defeating the Huns) and a box of Swiss chocolates that Rolf had brought from his recent trip. They loved it, especially the fan.

    When she entered the house, a very familiar smell hit her. She looked towards the window near the yellow cupboard in the kitchen, as she had always done when she was in the kitchen eleven years ago. There it was, a single tulip on a vase, white as snow. It was strange, she thought, how one tulip surrounds a whole room with that scent. Perhaps the Krinkles had found the smell enticing and had spread it all over. There was once a tea cup there, a habit Bill has when he wakes up and drinks tea rather than coffee. Luna had thought it was odd that there was one lone flower in the vase basking in the sunlight. Surely, Bill makes a lot from working as a Curse Breaker? But then again, Fleur had a simple, but beautiful taste; for a person in her visage, she was happily content to have a small, home-y cottage beside the lulling waves of the sea.

    The sea. Once Luna had taken tea time with Bill and Fleur, she decisively walked out to the backyard. She took slow steps, taking in the moment of suspense and wait, then there it was: the sea.

    She cried.

    It had turned darker, black as night. The trees near looked like they were dying, seeming as though it was the worst of winter. The sand was like Hermione’s first try making treacle tart – burned and crusty-looking. The sea was like the sky fell down when all was asleep and brought with it the sorrow of the lonely and the heartbroken.

    Bill came up from behind her and put his hand on her shoulder. “I saw in a newspaper at the nearest Muggle town. They call it an ‘Oil Spill.’”

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    Hope I'm doing this right. . .

    Paige: Was Innocence a story that simmered in the back of your mind for a long time, or a rapid brew of recent inspiration?

    It was a rapid brew of recent inspiration. I was writing it for a TTB Monthly Challenge. The prompt was something along the lines of writing something that would make the barmaid cry, not the prompt about Remus and Lily's friendship (which is more than not thought to be in that prompt). The limit for the drabble is 800, and when I wrote it, I didn't keep in mind the length of the story. I went about 200 words more. I figured that the story can't be justified by only less than 800 words, so I made it into a one-shot instead.

    Are you working on another story? What's your writing schedule, early morning, late at night, any random moment . . . ?

    Yes, finally, I found some inspiration, and I'm now writing another story. I'm not sure if I'll be going through with it all the way since it's working out to be long. Long term things do not favor me. My writing schedule. . . any day, any moment. When I'm not hanging out with friends or going around places, I write (and hope to get better at it).

    I hope you didn't think my review too harsh. I almost didn't hit the submit button, I worried you wouldn't take it as the truth spoken in love . . . or at least a whole lotta like.

    You review was lovely; I welcome any kind of concrit. I don't consider anything too harsh at all unless statements aren't explained with sense. To be honest, I was really surprised that you took the time to write a review about it. I mean, I don't think I've done much to improve by a long shot, but I definitely think I improved. . . even though by a little. That's why I cringe every time I see my first story. Anyway, thank you so much for reviewing and reading! I will, of course, take up your advice and corrections.


    I hope it's helpful- and I'm in awe that this is your first fanfic.

    It's helpful, all right. Thanks a lot for writing a review! And, good golly, that's flattering. Thanks so much.

    What made you choose to write about Marauder Era?

    I was relatively new to fanfiction, and my current daze then was the Marauders. I've always been intrigued with Harry's parents, so I mostly read Marauder Era at the first few months. Thus, I wrote about James and the gang. Another reason is that the message I was trying to convey fits the best with Remus's, erm, dilemma.

    How long have you been reading fanfiction/ writing it?

    I've been reading for nearly a year now. I started writing on July. My first fan fiction was a drabble for TTB. I'm very proud to say that it won first. After that, it was the validated one-shot, then more drabbles. When school started, it just trailed off. I completely stopped during winter, due to my athletic commitments. At the middle of April, I started writing again. It felt good to be back.

    Do you write OF? Which do you prefer - fanfiction or OF?

    Yes, I did write OF. I wrote it on a very boring summer break. It was called Ancients. Hm, this is bringing back memories. I'm going to go read that after this. XD

    I prefer. . . . fanfiction. I think it's because it's easier for me since there's already a defined world with organized laws (with magic and within the wizarding community). I tend to be drawn more into sci-fi and such, so if ever I write OF, I would have to create this hidden world with whatnot's. More's the work.

    That's all.

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