Title: Don't Tell
Word Count: 306
Ratings/Warnings: Mental Disorders

Remus apparated in the middle of a quiet street, a single piece of parchment clutched in his hand. He focused on the phrase in his head, and a quaint home appeared in front of him. He strode forward and knocked on the wooden door, glancing around him carefully. Moments later, a redhead opened the door and pulled him in.

“Did you bring the ingredients, Remus?” Lily asked in a soft whisper, “James is upstairs trying to get Harry to nap.”

“Yes, of course. But Lily, if you’re having this problem you really need to tell him…” Remus argued.

“He doesn’t need this right now, Remus. Actually, neither of us needs this...and you promised not to let it slip!”

Remus sighed and nodded. It felt strange keeping a secret from Prongs, but he respected Lily. Anyway, if this would help Lily he could certainly keep one tiny little secret. He pulled a few vials out of his coat pocket, and Lily surreptitiously slipped them into her robe pocket.

Remus decided to broach the subject again, “If it makes you feel any better, Lily, I know several other wizards who use a mood-lifting potion on a regular basis. With these dark times, it’s quite common. You’re not alone.”

At first, Lily seemed a little miffed at Remus’s comment. He was relieved to see her shrug her shoulders and reply, “Well, thanks Remus. I really do appreciate this. And I promise, I’ll tell James soon. But not right now. We’ve been stuck in this house for a few months, and with the Prophecy hanging over our heads I’ve been feeling…”

Remus suddenly reached in for a hug, and the two friends embraced. “I’m here for you, and so are James, Sirius, and Peter. We all are.”

Lily grinned. It was her first genuine smile in a long, long time.