Aware that the challenges have been lacking in TTB for a while, your barmaid has decided that now is the time to let loose with a new monthly challenge.

April 1st is, of course, April Fool's Day, but I doubt it was the only day the jokers of Hogwarts played their jolly japes and pranks. So ... let's cheer up April and write a few tricks of our own.

You may write in one of three eras

Next Gen

Your drabble must include either a Marauder (or all of them), a Weasley twin (or both), or James Sirius Potter (because I reckon he's the joker in the pack). However, they are to be the victim of the prank. It has to take place at Hogwarts or Hogsmeade. If you write Marauder Era, you may use Peter or Remus to prank James or Sirius, but not vice versa.

Use this form for your submission:

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B]Word Count:[/B]
All drabbles must be compliant with MNFF submission guidelines and must be between 300-750 words.

Points ...

Because there have been precious few competitions recently, I am giving FIVE points for participation to each entrant. You may submit more than one drabble, but you will only get one set of points.

First place will get a further 15 points
Second place - 10 points
Third place - 5 points.

EDIT: This competition will close at 10PM BST 30th April.

Mesdames Carole and Russia - now both Gryffindors, apparently

Madam Russia edit: It's the best way to be