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I am not getting e-mail notifications for reviews or validations. Can somebody look into this, please? Thank you!

EDIT: Another problem I seem to be encountering-- I just posted my chapter, but a certain character, "—" is refusing to be recognised. I submitted the chapter anyway, because I don't know how to correct that.
Other members are also having issues with notifications not being sent, so we're looking into that already (but still haven't quite figured out what it is yet). But we are working on it.

As for the missing em-dashes, I looked at your chapter and don't see the proper characters either. That's odd, as I've always used the same dashes in my own work and never had issue. You can go through and manually replace them. If you use a Windows OS, then you can make one by using Alt0151 (yes, with the zero in it), or with a Mac OS, use Alt dash/underscore key. You could also try to resubmit the chapter and see if this has remedied itself and was only a solitary glitch.