When I post a new chapter of a story and press preview, not every time but very often, the preview comes up blank, with a note saying that I have to post the text, even though I just did. Often when I copy and paste the text again and press preview the second (or, sometimes third) time it comes up, so it only takes a few moments longer. However this has been happening a few months and I was wondering if it was happening to anyone else/ whether it's a glitch which could be easily solved (like I said, it only takes a few more moments so it's not that important, it's just annoying and I expected it to stop after a while but it hasn't).

Also for some reason when I highlight text within an Editing box, it won't let me the first few times, instead highlighting the whole page rather than the specific text box (whether that's the story/ chapter notes or end notes). Sometimes it won't let me write/ make changes to the text box, although after pressing refresh a few times it usually does. Now this may very well be a problem with my computer, rather than your servers but if it isn't my computer, would it be solvable?