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Thread: Asking Lily out

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    Asking Lily out

    A lot of fanfiction stories about Lily and James say that he was always asking her out. Does anyone know if in the books it says anything to back this claim up?

    If it is true, when did James first start asking her out?


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    It doesn't really say in the books anywhere when James started asking Lily out, but I think it was during or after fourth year. However, Lily ignored him because she thought that James was very arrogant.

    James and Lily actually started going out during their seventh year, when James had become less annoying and arrogant.

    Hope this helped!


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    We only know that he asked her out in the fifth year after the exams, although he probably had asked her before because she very quickly says no. Plus Snape tells her at some stage that James fancies her.

    I would say that he'd definitely asked her before that day after the DADA exam, but I wouldn't have him pestering her from first year. I think, to be honest, it's pushing it to have him asking her every week from fourth year - he'd only have been 14/15 and I'm sure he'd have got bored and moved on to someone else.

    He doesn't sound like the sort of boy who would pine over a girl, his ego was too big.

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    I agree with Carole. Along with the reason she gives, James sounds genuinely shocked at how she rejects him, which I think shows that this was the first time she'd really had a big go at him and said things like that to him. If he'd been asking her out every week since fourth year, she'd have snapped much earlier.

    Personally, I think he had only fancied her for several months at that point in fifth year.

    Sarah x

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