Okay- looking through the forums the consensus seems to be that Peter had been a Death Eater/ spy for a while before Lily and James died.

The Fidelius charm was cast immediately before their death- I think it's less than a week or something like that.

SO for over a year Harry Potter was alive, protected by the Order yes, but not protected by a Fidelius charm? So why did Peter not turn over their location to Voldemort before? Indeed Voldemort knew about the prophecy before Harry's birth so why does he wait until what, according to the prophecy, is the only threat to him, is nearly a year and a half old before actually attempting to kill him? Surely, given how by all accounts everything else was working in Voldie's favour, this would be top priority? So why the delay?

I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but it's confusing me.
Alex x