Aaa, Soraya, you talk too much. AKA your inbox is full and I can't send you my lovely revised review.

And Cambridge? I live in the States and I know what that is (and the only other college I know from abroad is Oxford lol). That’s impressive, Alex! And Dinny, engineering? I wanted to be an engineer when I was nine…not sure what I want to do now. Unlike you oldies (not really) I’m still in ninth grade, unsure what that is for you guys. Something like year ten. Ah well…someone can translate =D

And the nicest thing about home…being fourteen I’m kind of stuck there for the next four years with little siblings trying to delete my stories. But I still like it and I can’t imagine not having one. My mother is a fantastic cook, so her food for one. This computer, since it has all my files?

And Alex, lol. You can be Alex, and the other Alex can be Deathlex so we have no confusion (just kidding just kidding just kidding!)

And I totally missed SPEW while the boards were down. I kind of went into MNFF withdrawal, although I managed to start writing a new story while it was down, so that’s good. You should all review, especially Soraya since she’s betaing it.

That's all that I missed, I think. LOL.